Kim Zimmer Dishes Walking Out on Oprah

Kim’s Zimmer’s I’m Just Saying: Three Deaths, Seven Husbands and a Clone, My Life as a Daytime Diva is turning out to be the must read book of the summer and so are her interviews promoting it. TV Guide’s Michael Logan caught up with the One Life to Live and former Guiding Light star, who talked about her book and walking out on Oprah during a commerical break for The Oprah Winfrey Show.

TV Guide Magazine: I love the anecdote about how you got so mad at Oprah when you appeared on her show that you walked out during a commercial break — and then she came running after you and learned a big lesson about how not to treat her guests! Priceless.

Zimmer: Yeah, but I watched her last two or three episodes when she ended her show and it was like, "Oh, f–k! Now she's Jesus Christ!" And I'm claiming in the book that she learned something from me! I'm thinking, "Oh, man, her people are gonna come after me!"

Zimmer also didn’t mince words about the end of Guiding Light.



TV Guide Magazine: On that subject, few would argue that Wheeler was a disastrous force who killed any hope GL had left, but do you really think there would have been a different outcome if P&G had hired somebody else? Wasn't the writing on the wall long before Wheeler came along? When P&G dropped its programming chief, Mickey Dwyer-Dobbin, and chose not to replace her, the company relinquished all power to CBS Daytime. Nobody fought for the P&G soaps like Mickey did and suddenly the shows had no defender. Wasn't that the beginning of the end?

Zimmer: I do think that was the case. P&G was ready to get out of the business and CBS didn't give a s–t about GL or As the World Turns. Still, that's no reason GL should have fallen apart the way it did at the end there. The fans will probably come after me with machetes for writing in the book that the show should have been cancelled two years sooner. We should have left the air with our heads held high when GL was still a strong and traditional soap opera. Because what we turned into — in my opinion — was s–t.

Check out the entire must read interview at TV Guide.


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    I have a love/hate relationship with Kim Zimmer. Sometimes, I want to hug her and applaud her for her brutal honesty, and other times I want to wash her mouth out with soap and tell her to get over herself. I can’t stand when celebrities can’t censor themselves when doing interviews and drop four letter words like they are candy at a Halloween party. You won’t catch Erika Slezak or Susan Lucci behaving so tackily.

    She’s like a modified version of Eric Braeden, only without the misogynistic undertones and the indirect condoning of violence against women.

  2. Profile photo of THEBEST

    Say what you want about Kim, but I agree. CBS should’ve just canceled GL back in 2007, leaving it with some kind of dignity. They still had a studio & sets. Plus, that’s the year they won the Outstanding Drama Emmy and they turned 70. That would’ve been the perfect year to end the show…

  3. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    This seems like the dishy book to read. I may get it before Susan Lucci’s. I somehow think Susan’s will be boring because she is so politic. Definitely her perogative. Has anyone read it?

  4. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    An Emmy for Jul, the woman is none of those things. She earned every penny she was making at GL. If it weren’t for her being there, it would have ended a long time before it did. She was the star power. She is not homophobic eitehr. I wish people would stop saying that. Just because her son wanted to leave ATWT doesn’t make the woman homophobic. As far as lying, she does stretch the truth sometimes….. Or rather she Reva Shaynes the truth….
    This woman just happens to be one of the all time great actresses on daytime tv ever. Show more respect.

  5. Profile photo of harlee490

    @marknsprmo THANK YOU, I love Kim, abrasive yes at times but she is honest, and I hate the comment about her son at ATWT, she has been in this business to long not to have some gay friends. She did have the star power for GL. While a lot of other vets (which made me sad) was regulated to “window dressing” Reva always had a story line and Kim always gave everything regardless, how silly the story was she performed and why she did win another Emmy in ’07. I much rather here her and some hard facts then someone gloss over and kiss butt.

  6. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    appleridge I am sure noone including KZ herself would ever say that GL’s entire history revolved around Reva Shayne. However a goodly part of the show has her mark on it. And before that, she was sometimes the ONLY thing worth watching as Nola Dancy on the Doctors. GL had some very good years in the 1970s long before Reva Shayne. And had some good years in the 90s when KZ was away. However in the last several years at GL, Reva and family was the center of the show. I also loved Gus and Harley but they often got off track with the story. In the last two years when the show went to hell in a hand basket, Zimmer stuck it out and tried to make the best of it along with a handful of the vets.
    Kim is an old school New York gypsy. She is ballsy and out there. Much like her beloved heroine Reva Shayne. She is hardly the first actress to say what is on her head. Alot of the older stage actresses were like that.
    Anyone who knows anything about Constance Ford (Ada, AW) would tell you that she was loud and scary. The old school actors were hard drinkers, hard core, hard smokers, extremely liberal, free spirits. The press in the past was not at liberty to discuss that and had to clean up the language when they interviewed these people. The only difference is that now the writers don’t clean it up.

  7. Profile photo of tessamg

    In the full interview I don’t know she’s b*tching about with her role on OLTL. She came back to a show that already had two veteran actresses and got some juicy stuff to play. In fact some argue she monopolized the show for awhile at the expense of Roxy and others. As Jamey said on a recent podcast, those veteran actresses on GH and other shows wish they had her role.

  8. Profile photo of Jorpa

    [quote=An_Emmy_For_Julia_Pace_Mitchell]What a greedy, selfish, lying, homophobic biotch.[/quote]

    You’re still jealous of her aren’t you? You should walk a mile in her shoes…

  9. Profile photo of SoapArmageddon

    I like to give actors the benefit of the doubt but when they’re as self-aggrandizing as Ms. Zimmer, I draw the line.

    A lot of her fans keep making excuses for her about yanking her son off ATWT just before the gay storyline got going. I don’t buy that silly excuse about the kid going to school.

    When kids that age get into the acting business, their parents, especially parents in the business, know they’re going to have to put off their education. And lots of them find a way to do TV and movies and still get an education. The timing was highly suspect.

    Having said all that, I wouldn’t call her homophobic. Maybe, she was afraid of her son being typecast as gay.

  10. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I think Peapack could have worked IF when it started the sound was better, IF the cameras weren’t so fucking jumpy, and IF there weren’t the close up shots going up actors’ noses. Also, IF they had told compelling story. Kreizman was already out of ideas by then and Ellen didn’t give him 3 other headwriters until a few months before the cancellation notice. In my opinion, once the show had 4 HW’s it was for the most part solid until the end.
    I mean shit I would hope so if you have that many people as headwriter.
    Those are my thoughts as a viewer.

    As an actor, I know filming in Peapack was a whole other kettle of fish as my 6th grade teacher used to say based on what people like Kim and others have said. They could have been treated better. That’s a fact.

    The cancellation was inevitable but at least if Peapack and the stories had been better from the beginning those last 2 years wouldn’t be regarded with such disdain.

  11. Profile photo of giftofamber

    I actually preferred the Peapack setting once they figured out how to account for filming w/different cameras and sound issues. I thought Guiding Light had plenty of dignity when it left the air & I wish we had it back. I always used to fast forward Josh/Reva/Jeffrey, but I like Echo so far.

  12. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    did it ever occur to anyone that her son might not have been emotionally ready at 15 to be a gay icon? She might have just been “yanking” her son out of atwt because of his express wishes. At 15, that seems extremely likely and also very understandable. That is alot of pressure and takes alot of maturity.

  13. Profile photo of appleridge

    I for one dont care about the atwt thing KZ was guardian and in legal right to pull her son out

    Its her damn additude

    Being drunk on the set of GL, which could have affected production. Wishing Death on GL two years earlier. You know Kim your not the only employee that GL had. Others had families too. Were u gonna cover their bills for them. So ignorant.

    In the video interview i posted she clearly states that she coulda walked off gL if she wanted to. If she hated it so much, she should have. The life of an actor is not known for security. I know some say she may not have the had the money to walk. Well sorry that is her own fault. She should have saved up because hating something but willingly staying there iMHO makes u bitching about it look like u are the biggest hypocrite there is. Especially when she could have legally walked.

    And whats this crap about OLTL and her Echo return not being what it is. The damn show became about her for months and months. They rewrote major history for HER. Maybe she should go complain to Leslie Charleson & Jackie Zeman at GH and hopefully they will reality check her.

    As for the dressing room, Kim is not on contract. Non contract players do not have permanet dressing rooms thats an ABC Policy. They use dressing rooms of contract players that are not there the days they film.

    Whats with her going to FV and cussing him out like that. Oh I respect him so I can talk to him like that. BS

    Kim this is not the 80’s and u aint Reva no more and will never be again

    GROW UP!!!

  14. Profile photo of maxsmom

    I dont like Kim Zimmer and this interview simply reconfirms my feelings. She denies an addiction to alcohol, I wonder if she’d say the same about the spotlight because it seems the only reason she remained on GL and signed onto OLTL is time in front of the camera, if there were any doubt about her motivation, the money and dressing room complaints seal the deal. She is right about the dressing room notice but bringing it up in an interview as an example of mistreatment reeks of divadom in it’s worst form. She’s never shared a dressing room? There are hundreds of people who were told they were losing their jobs but let’s shed a tear for Ms. Zimmer having to share a dressing room and let’s cheer her moxie for confronting the exec. prod. because it’s high time the little guy got a voice and stood up for what’s important.

    I can’t disagree that her return was botched by RC though something tells me KZ and I would be at odds over the reason esp. since once again my favorite, Roxy is offscreen while Echo is on, I keep waiting for the announcement, “Today the role of Rex’s mother will be played by…..”

  15. Profile photo of Dariclone

    [quote=Llanview76]Anyone who walks out on “holier than thou” Oprah is awesome![/quote]
    They’re aren’t enough words in the *universe* to express how much I agree with this!

  16. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    She just went up in my book.

    I’m one of those that doesn’t get the big shit about Oprah. She’s not God, she hasn’t cured Cancer.

    She’s a person with millions of dollars that donates alot of money, I would expect nothing less from someone with money.

  17. Profile photo of aveRex

    You’re delusional if you think Oprah gave a fuck about Kim Zimmer walking out on her show. When you compare the two, well, there is no comparison. Money and clout rules and Oprah has enough of both to clone ten Kim Zimmers and cage them in a fucking zoo and have them fuck themselves, eat each other and then die a miserable death. I’m not an super fan of either them (Oprah or Kim Zimmer) though I respect their work and contributions to their fields. Just saying…

  18. Profile photo of aveRex


    I never said anything about KZ being homophobic and really could care less if she is. More than half of this fucking world has either an irrational fear and/or dislike of homosexual people (definition of homophobia) and there’s little chance of that changing. those of us who are gay have to just deal with it and move on with living the best we can. we’re not, never have been, and likely won’t be equal in this society, but many are fighting for change and i wish them luck.

    my comment was regarding Zimmer stiffing Oprah by walking out on the show. my belief was that Oprah didn’t lose any sleep over it.

  19. Profile photo of gregger

    Again, HOMOPHOBIC is the last word I would use to describe KZ. I worked with her and her husband AC Weary for years. She is not homophobic at all.

    Do you care to explain why you feel she is homophobic or are you going to be a shit-stirrer and write nasty garbage about people while hiding behind your screen name and someone else’s photo?

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