Washington Post Compares Victoria Newman to Rupert Murdoch?!

Okay, this is awesomeness. A blogger for the Washington Post referenced a storyline from CBS Daytime's The Young and the Restless in a piece about the News Corp. phone hacking scandal! When discussing allegations that British tabloids like Rupert Murdoch's now defunct and disgraced News of The World made practice of bribing elected officials, Genoa City's own Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) was cited.

A partial nod must go to the soap opera The Young and the Restless, whose character Victoria Newman was arrested on her wedding day for allegedly bribing a foreign dignitary. Television and Murdoch and ’round-the-clock FCPA conjecture — it’s a welcome publicity storm for the FCPA bar. 

Thank Soap Jesus they weren't watching the day Genie Francis nearly bit off Tristan Rogers' bottom lip, or they'd be using it to discuss a story on marital cannibalism.

Photo of Rupert Murdoch by PR Photos

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    Maybe we can look at it as “Any publicity is good publicity”? We may have to hope those who’ve never watched don’t have any idea what’s good and what’s not. 0:)

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    I agree that this publicity definitely is a plus for the daytime and soap opera community, but I wish it were being bestowed upon a more deserving character and actress. Victoria Newman is not one of my favorite Y&R characters, and Amelia is actually one of my least favorite actresses in daytime, so I admit to being biased. ;)

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    Believe it or not, mainstream, Washington DC journalists DO watch soaps.

    I’m one of them.

    DC Politicians – Victor Newman, Erica Kane, Bo Brady, Victoria Lord, Sonny Corinthos = Same kinda dramas, different characters.

    Tracie P.

    But the soap community knows me as World Turns TV

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    Hmm, Rupert Murdoch is similar to Victoria Newman? He doesn’t comb his hair, either? Does he run home to Daddy every time there’s a crisis, especially when said crisis is usually orchestrated by Daddy?

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    I also doubt that Mr Murdoch is often duped by the lies and manipulations of those most close to him.

    (By the way … who is that ghoul with the weird tie next to the lady in red in the collage at the top? Oh wait, maybe it used to be Ronn Moss???)

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    [quote=richalan67]As I have said many times before, I LOVE my Amelia Heinle. She is one beautiful lady and plays the character well.
    great PR for the show![/quote]

    I am fan of Amelia Heinle (Victoria Newma). Just as all fans who voice opinons of actors, should being a fan of some and not of other give me the right slams others, but what do I know I am a fan of Victoria Rowell as well. H)

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