DC #632: Funky Cat

On today's Daytime Confidential podcast Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, Jillian Bowe and Melodie Aikels discuss the latest All My Children, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, One Life to Live, The Young and Restless and The Talk news and storylines, including:

Jamey’s report that Sharon Osbourne is leaving The Talk on CBS is confirmed. Will AMC have a Dynasty inspired broadcast finale and is General Hospital a part of the Prospect Park licensing deal.

Casting news was everywhere this past week. Sarah Brown joined Days of Our Lives. General Hospital recast Kate Howard with Kelly Sullivan. Stuart Damon is returning to Port Charles. John Loprieno and Andrea Evans will reprise their One Life to Live roles as Chord and Tina.

What storylines were the hottest topics for the DC gang? Dixie (Cady McClain) breaks free on All My Children. Taylor (Hunter Tylo) finds her spine on The Bold and the Beautiful. Jason proposes to Sam on General Hospital, as Brenda leaves town. One Life to Live’s two Todds face off in Llanview. Echo (Kim Zimmer) kidnaps Dorian (Robin Strasser). Sharon is sentenced on The Young and the Restless.

All this and much more on today’s Daytime Confidential podcast.

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18 Responses

  1. Profile photo of Smitty

    I would get rid of Brooke and Donna Logan from B&B and from Y&R i would get rid of Tucker, Cane, Genaura, Falcolm, and Sofia. That’s just my opinion!

    My Hunter Tylo is showing up and showing out as Dr. Taylor Hayes! I screamed at the TV when she told Stephanie, Brooke, Ridge, and Thomas that she wasn’t signing over Stephanie’s 25% back to Ridge! It was AMAZING! LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

  2. Profile photo of Tmaddy32

    OH good god if Cutter is CJ macking on his Aunt Jessica….Poor Jessica is like a prev rader….

    B&B is great right now between Taylor manning up and Bill giving into stefho…

  3. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    My problem with the idea of PP’s soaps going seasonal is that I can be a fickle TV watcher. The reason I’ve watched soaps for as long as I have is because its on daily and I know eventually it will geet better and I’ll fast forward throught the crap without removing the show from my DVR. But what if the show has a bad season then I have to wait 6-8 months for a new season? Will I bother to turn in again, or will my apathy take hold? I love that the soaps are on daily, its why they are much more entertaining for me to watch than 13-20 episodes a year of a primetime show.

    And this is not me complaining about PP at all; I am very grateful that OLTL will have the opportunity to continue. And it’s all spec for right now anyway. I just hope that I have it within myself to watch if the show is only on a few months of the year, or one only once per week. I’m afraid it would feel like my best friend who moved across the country. Sure at first you call,text, email, but once your life goes in different directions, the freindship suffers for the lack of contact.

    Spidey Sam Forever!

  4. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    Characters I HATE and would get rid of?


    Colby: (can’t stand Natalie Hall!) and her boyfriend, Asher, who offers about as little to the canvas as she does!!

    Randi: (Denise Vasi is still dreadful, and I hope she doesn’t follow the show when it migrates online!)


    Steffy: I wouldn’t get rid of Steffy, but I would have someone snatch a good knot in her ass and put her through hell!!!!

    Marcus: Well, I would recast the role because Texas Battle makes my teeth itch.


    Siobhan: Horrible accent, dreadful character, why should I care again?


    Don’t like all these newbies. Most of them do nothing for me.

    Get rid of Rama, Deanna, NotJack and bring back Trevor St. John. You can also get rid of Messica, who makes me want to vomit with her righteous indignation.


    Get rid of Cane/Caleb.

    Send Genevieve Spencer back to GH where she belongs. As I have said, I enjoy Genie’s performances, but she’s in the wrong town. CLEARLY. And we don’t need anyone or anything to prop up Cane’s tired butt. Colin might as well go back to GH and tell his daughter, Robin, to stop being such a power-hungry prima donna.

    Chloe, SyPhyllis, Nickclueless, Tricktoria, Sharon, Victor—ALL make me want to run them over with my car. I don’t want them gone, but I would like them to be “unassassinated.” Or on the backburner, where I only have to see them twice a month, although even that would be too much.

  5. Profile photo of Restless Vixen
    Restless Vixen

    Dare I listen to a DC podcast entitled “Funky Cat” after the ending of the last one from Larry Flick’s radio show…

    *sticking my big toe in* Here goes nothing

    And yes, I know I have a dirty, filthy mind ;-)

  6. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model


    if we could recast Randi with say Daphnee Duplaix (ex-Rachel #4, OLTL, ex-Valerie, Passions) then I find the character could work. But with the current hair model in place we ain’t gonna get nothing.


    Steffy could be recast with Heidi Mueller (ex-Kay #3 Passions). Somehow I know that actress would work. She has range and knows how to be that vixen in training.

    Marcus okay with Marcus a good recast could be with Donn Swaby or Charles Divins (both played Chad on Passions). Donn would be preferred because he is the type of actor that can get an Emmy, but i’d settle for Charles because he could at least act better than Texas.

    As for the rest of the soaps they could due to get rid of all the ones you suggested.

    Especially for Y&R, just give me Victoria Rowell because it takes all of them to even come close to equating her talents.

  7. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    Daphnee is TOOOOO old to be Frankie’s wife. LOL! Heck, I’d buy her as his MOTHER before I’d buy her as his wife. There is a shortage of viable African American females in their 20s throughout daytime history, so I don’t know if I could pinpoint any actress to play his love interest, other than Chrystee Pharris from “Passions,” who I am Facebook friends with and she informed me that she was THISCLOSE to being cast Lily on Y&R back in the day, but the deal fell through. Chrystee even told me that she’d be open to returning to soaps.

    Or they could hire Cathy Jeneen Doe, who played Simone 3.0. She was a pretty good actress. But something tells me that she might have moved on after “Passions” ended.

  8. Profile photo of Camp is not a sustainable model
    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @:Alston Boy. She doesn’t look older than 25 still. And she is generally still cast as a 20 something. I’d say go with her. She looks young on screen anyways.


    Well as for former Simone hummm Cathy could work, but she is 30 years old and Daphnee is only 34. Both would be too old age wise but this is entertainment older actors always play younger people if they look it. Remember Kelly Rippa was no teen when she was on AMC. And Denise Vasi is 28.

  9. Profile photo of Dueler312

    Well, that’s because no one wants to watch the talk shows. They want to watch their soaps. and ABC’s new pet shows are not going to get there either. The only show I think that Sharon hasn’t left is America’s Got Talent. Mass disaster at AMC ending? That’s bound to get people online to see what happens. I will have to say, nice comparison with David with the Dimeras from Days, Jamie. OLTL is really on fire right now, with what they are doing. It is really amazing. Some stories really aren’t worth watching, but the others are great. And ABC is going to soon realize that no one is not going to want their new talk shows. The only thing they want is the soaps. I so can’t wait for Cord and Tina, and also can’t wait to see which of the two Todds is the real one.

  10. Profile photo of luverica

    I think the DC crew misses the point as to why Victor Newman and Sonny Corinthos are disliked by many, which kind of confuses me because you all have made this exact point in previous podcasts. It’s the way they’ve been written by most writers that have the two of them getting away with damn near everything despicable thing they do. They get away with far more than most other daytime villains or characters like Erica Kane who isn’t a villain per se but can definitely go toe to toe with villains and do villainous thing herself. Speaking of Erica, she’s spent more time in jail than Sonny and Victor together. Victor and Sonny get away with a lot and it gets tiresome.

    In Sonny’s case, I don’t’ think it had to do with just him being a mobster and the societal stigma that goes with that, and rightly so, but seriously, would it kill the show to have this man get some significant soap opera timing jail time. Are we to believe that a police force led by Mac Scorpio, and previous chiefs like Anna Devane, are incapable of putting this man down. It’s no coincidence that Claire Labine wrote Sonny well considering she created the template on a well written mobster with the character of Joe Novak (played by the great Roscoe Born) on her baby RYAN’S HOPE. If I remember correctly, that man did not win them all and it made his character all the more interesting.

    I’m not a regular DAYS OF OUR LIVES watcher and never have been but it is my understanding that Stefano DiMera didn’t win them all. Neither have Edward or Tracy Quatermaine and some of other characters that you compared Sonny and Victor too.

    Sorry for going on so long but the Victor/Sonny worship is a sore topic for me because I think its weak writing to have them get away with as much as they do. I came up through the school of Agnes Nixon and Ms. Agnes did not play that. Erica, Adam, Palmer, Phoebe, Janet, Liza, and yes even David, lost as much as they won. If we pull prime time into this, J.R. Ewing got shot twice, Alexis Carrington got an annual butt kicking by Dynasty’s sweetheart Krystle, and both J.R. and Alexis were two of the greatest television villains ever. C’mon DC. You all know why Victor and Sonny are disliked by so many.

    Other than that, thank you so much for giving me back to back new episodes (DC and Pop) to listen to. It made my weekend.

  11. Profile photo of soapbaby

    ^^ luverica, you stated your case perfectly and I agree 100%. I consistently complain about the fact that a character like Sonny is that there is no conflict, he always gets away with his crimes. This whole custody s/l on GH was a complete waste of time because you knew Sonny and Carly would win and that Jax would lose. I think there is more drama when s/ls are balanced and that is what also frustrates me with Victor Newman. I love me some Victor Newman but I hate that he always triumphs over Jack Abbott. I hate that Victor got away with bringing Patty back to Genoa City and that she manipulated Jack, nearly killed Summer and killed Colleen. As result, he won Colleen’s heart! Sometimes, the writing for these characters GOES TOO FAR and is not compelling to watch.

    Regarding characters I would love to see swallowed up in an earthquake to never return, Cane Ashby tops the list. What a shitty character that has been retconned 5 or more times since he showed up. The character drains every scene he is in of any life. Ugh.

  12. Profile photo of Islandof1

    Agree tolliveramc! I’m still waiting for one of the Ford brothers to leave!


    AMC: Greenlee
    B&B: Bill
    GH: Lulu & Dante
    OLTL: Bobby
    Y&R: Adam

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