The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Katie Takes a Trip to The E.R.!

Steffy/Bill/Katie: Doc Hayes wasn't joking when she told her daughter and Liam she will rat them out to Mrs. Spencer. Tayor spills the beans to Katie about finding Bill and Steffy in her room. Katie is crushed when she finds out and Bill admits he's in love with Steffy.

All the stress, due to Bill's admission, causes Katie to end up in the hospital. Meanwhile, Steffy brags to Liam that she finally has Bill all to herself and he's giving Katie her walking papers. Ridge and Brooke rush the the E.R. to be by Katie's side. They find out things don't look good for the youngest Logan sibling.

Brooke/Donna: The Logan sisters hoe-check Dollar Bill and demand he ante up the reason why Katie's in the hospital.

Bill: Big man realizes his stepping out on Katie wasn't a smart move and decides to stay with her.

Steffy/Katie: The Forrester hellcat is devastated when she finds out she won't be the clean up woman for Bill after all. Steffy creeps into Katie's hospital room and the two have a serious bitchfest!

Ridge/Taylor: The chiseled one detects Doc is hiding something from him. Ridge and Taylor have a serious showdown when all is revealed.

Amber/Marcus/Dayzee: What is going on with these folks? Ms. Moore is called out by the concrete rose when she starts flirting up a storm with Marcus. Amber then realizes she has feelings for Marcus, only after he moves out of her apartment. 

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    it’s about time someone “ho” checked Steffy and it’s about time that Taylor put Ridge in his place instead of trying to put him back into her bed.

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    You are absolutely right. Sarah Brown and Heather Tom battled it out over Younger Actress Emmys back in the late 90s (Sarah won those rounds!), so it only makes sense for them to battle it out onscreen for a man. Both are kick ass actresses and Sarah deserves the airtime and meaty material. But at least DAYS will HOPEFULLY be rectifying B&B’s mistakes and giving Sarah a story that is worthy of her enormous talents.

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    I just hope days doesnt squander SJB the way they did TB. I tuned in thinking I would give DOOL a chance strictly for TB and couldnt take her doing pretty much nothing but endlessly lurking for about a week. I gave up. I tuned in to BB SOLELY for SJB and while they squandered her, at least they gave her the rape story and I thought that had some nice moments. Not sure I am going to stick with bb – although I have so far – but thats mostly for the amazing Susan Flannery. I am disappointed that they had stephanie orchestrate such a lame lie and then out herself. UGH. And now with her sucking up to babys breath brooke – its enough to make me crazy. I sort of feel jipped that I tuned in for sjb and then they didnt use her, so I want to make sure if DOOL is going to get my post AMC viewing slot they actually put her front burner.

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    I thought to that SJB needs someone dynamic to play off of or its like she doesnt know what to do with herself. She put so much out there and Jack Wagner was just like acting opposite a sponge. Had she been with DD I think it would have been FIYAH.

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    All those spoilers sound great.
    Steffy character is evolving into a younger version of Brooke.
    I have to agree that Marcus needs to be recast.

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