Will Franco Destroy The JaSam Wedding on General Hospital???!

Now this is one guest I am glad to see register for the upcoming JaSam wedding! TV Guide's Michael Logan is exclusively reporting goofy madman Franco (James Franco) is coming back to General Hospital this fall, just in time for Jason Morgan's (Steve Burton) nuptials with Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco).

This development, coupled with spoilers of Liz (Rebecca Herbst) leaning on SuperJase in the coming weeks, has this card-carrying Liasonite holding on to hope that someone will stop this disastrous broom jump. Although, I must admit the proposal stuff was sorta cute and Burton, Monaco, Kirsten Storms and Nancy Lee Grahn all did solid, heartfelt work. I know, I know, my fellow Liason lovers, but it was romantic, even if I don't like the pairing!  Anyhoo, hurry up, Franco and bust this shiz up!

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    As talented as this gentleman is and for the publicity he has generated for GH,(however much), I am hoping this is his “Swan Song”. (No pun intended-I know that was really bad.) 0:)

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    Jamey I disagree with you about Jiz. Could anybody tell the what the big deal is about Liason? And could Franco stay away from my Jasam wedding and go bother Sonny or somebody.

    Can’t Saint Liz lean on Lucky not Jason because Lucky helped raised Jake.

  3. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    Can’t Saint Liz lean on Lucky not Jason because Lucky helped raised Jake
    Lucky’s too busy crying every five minutes for my Lizzy Beth to lean on him. Sam can share! She’s had SuperJase to herself for far too long! LOL

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    James Franco is wacky, unconventional, kinda weird, kinda creepy, kinda geeky….
    Both the actor and the character. :love:

    So why do I like him so much?

    I look forward to his return. I actually don’t want to see Jason and Sam get married unless they throw a few monkey wrenches into the mix. Why should get a TOTALLY uneventful wedding when noone else in Port Charles does?

  5. Profile photo of GHFan777

    While I agree with you in principal Jamey…as a fellow Liason fan…I almost sort of want this wedding to happen. Marriage is the kiss of death on this show…the sooner Jasam married…the sooner this horrible couple will be over with.

  6. Profile photo of JasamForever

    Jasam will not be over with after the wedding, it will just bring more storyline. They are still trying to have a baby. It least hopefully, Jasam will get what Laison never did in one respect.

    I don’t mind Franco. I just hate his return is around the Jasam wedding, but I guess we have to have that soap drama. I for one, am looking forward to it, especially with a new writer.

  7. Profile photo of EricasEvilTwin

    What is that I smell >>sniff sniff>> oh its the scent of Liason desperation LOL

    Sure Franco will muck up the wedding, but like much of the angst JaSam has faced, it will only make them stronger because they will overcome it together.

    I also would say that until they know the fate of GH, I cant imagine GW breaking up JaSam – if the show is going to end in a year, I could see him ending with the birth of the next Quartermaine heir (and when the show returns online my guess is the kid is suddenly like five LOL) I seem to remember a lot of the Liason fans saying that any Q heir is important to the canvas and that there is SOOO much potential story that was lost with the death of Jake. While they shouldnt have offed Jake, the JaSam child brings back all that potential….and the good news too is that Sam wouldnt bar monica from seeing her grandchild. Shes always liked monica and if anything she would encourage that relationship.

  8. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    One can only dream that the boredom that is JaSam will be brought down by Franco, that or Franco announces that he really has Jake forcing them to put the unholy matrimoney on hold.

    While I agree with you Jamey that the engagement was romantic, I also agree with the poster who mentioned that marriage on this show is the kiss of death.

    And for the poster who asked what was so special about Liason maybe its the same thing that JaSam fans see in their couple….it’s all subjective and I’ve been subjected too long to the ride-or-die chick and the Borg.

    I for one cannot wait to see Carly get on her high horse about the upcoming nuptials

  9. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    I don’t see why they keep bringing him back. I may be wrong but I don’t think his visits have helped the ratings and every visit in the past has screwed up the pacing/continuity of the show. I always thought it was a Fruza wank that they had the guy on.

    The only reason I can see for having the serial killer come on at this point is they want to unload some dead weight from the show. So who is GH planning on killing now? Is there a mass exodus planned?

    The only reason I’d be glad he was on would be to tell Liz that Aiden isn’t her kid and that he switched them at birth. Too bad Liz just had a DNA test run, although the chances of a DNA test being tampered with on a soap makes it still a viable option. I”m sorry, I know its just a baby, but giving Liz 3 kids wrecked her, and Jake should never have been the one to be killed. I’d like to see Liz move on with just her and Cam at this point. Lucky and Liz are boring, and I don’t want Elizabeth pining for Jason if he’s going to marry Sam. She deserves better than what she has gotten from GH for the past 2 years. Its past time for Elizabeth Webber to rise like a Phoenix from the ashes of her GH storyline and reinvent herself. At the very least, I’m hoping GW at least puts a stop to EW being the GH screwup.

  10. Profile photo of mipeony

    While I hate anything having to do with Franco on GH, how wonderful would it be if Jax were to rescue/”kidnap”(however one would view it) Joss from Carly and take her away forever while Franco was in town??? Franco would be the perfect scapegoat, and since ole smartypants Jason and his computer geek Spinelli can never seem to quite pin down Franco, Jax could get away with it for years without the unholy trinity figuring it out! Yeah, I know it’s just a fantasy, but that’s how I would write it!

  11. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Franco has been spreading himself so thin there isn’t much left for me to love and love him I did before the first GH visit. I gave GW until Labor Day to win me over, I may have to extend that to Halloween.

    Ravennite, you’re the opposite of Franco, your too few dropins make me miss you all the more.

  12. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Well Thanks maxsmom (I think I’m blushing) but I must thank “The Twitter” since I follow Jamey I saw him mention this and I raced right over to post something

  13. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    And for the poster who asked what was so special about Liason maybe its the same thing that JaSam fans see in their couple….it’s all subjective


    Exactly. It’s all subjective. Anyway, I’m already involved in another fanbase war that I could actually WIN! Gotta put more stock into it for the time being, lol, no need to add more to the pile with my continued Liason/JaSam debates unless it’s an actual triangle, which I don’t really see happening anytime soon…

    That said… UGH! to Franco. I love James dearly, but I’m just not a GHFranco fan…

  14. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Geesh!!! Not the least bit concerned. It’s a SOAP OPERA! It’s supposed to have drama and humor and love and this will provide all three! And love will win in the end with a beautiful coming together of two soul mates in a magical wedding!!! JaSam!!!!! :love: :love: :love:

  15. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Oh Raven, “I dont care how you get here just get here if you can”–Oleta Adams version

    by the by, Jason would have to return to the Jason I loved, and I want to speak of myself in the third person to make it clear that Maxsmom wants Jason to return to the Jason Maxsmom loved. I can’t speak to what the Jason anyone else loved, loves, hates, or couldn’t give a fig about would do. That said, Liason would only work for me with my Jason.

  16. Profile photo of maxsmom

    Fan4now, I miss the OLTL recaps(Luke/Jamey/Jillian are you listening) but I dont know if I could stand the Todd vs. Todd, Roger vs. TSJ, TnB vs. TnT debates, TSJ’s announcement of his departure gave a peak and it might make Liason vs. Jasam look like a tea party.

  17. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    ACK! You don’t want to get involved, maxsmom, TRUST ME! You already see me going off on twitter as it is, lol! I think every other board, except this one, thank goodness, there are folks quickly aligning themselves with T&B v TnT once again … I don’t even think it’s about the men anymore, funny enough, they’re irrelevant unless they mention one woman’s name over another, or more than once.

    JaSam/Liason is really like a picnic, a break from my daily crazy. TnT & T&B were vicious back in the day. Out of all the wars I’ve been in, I think that was/is the worst, lol. So yeah, thanks, Todd/Todd, once again, it’s now less about YOU men and more about your women folk!

  18. Profile photo of Teach19

    Ugh Franco again!!! If he is back to disrupt the Jasam wedding I might just tune in. If not then why, why, why is he back???
    I really thought GW had a brain might try and go back to the greatest triangle GH has ever had—Jasam vs Liason. I hope he realizes what he has before GH is off the air!

  19. Profile photo of BornSoapStar

    Bless you Jamey Giddens!!! Loved your post! While not a fan of Franco’s previous appearances…if it’s to bust up the Ja1.5 wedding then I’m all for his return. As a fellow card-carrying Liasonite since 1999 I totally agree with you. Garin better go big or go home and continuing to recycle Ja1.5 or LL2 is not a good start.

  20. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    Sassy – -I don’t know what your issue with him is but he adds nothing to the show. He is a gimmick and a distraction from the regular characters and stories. In my opinion, he has never moved story forward. I think it is great that GH actors can say that they worked with a movie star at the end of the day but they can do that in any acting workshop in L.A. Why must we suffer? His stories are all silliness and if I was a fan of Jason and Sam, I would worry that he will be the focus of their wedding day. Will he grab the bride? Will he taunt Jason about Jake? Will Jason leave to track him? I like soap weddings and I like the angst that is usually included with guests and past loves. It is all soapy goodness. I don’t think Franco is needed. Will they include my fave part of a wedding where they ask if anyone present knows a reason why ……..? Will he be that part? This just gives me an additional reason not to watch. Truth be told… I would already watch with finger on fast forward waiting to see if the wedding is stopped.

  21. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    I have to agree, see no need for Franco to come back. He did nothing for the show the first 2 times; however, if he’s back to break up the wedding then I’m for it! LOL!!

    And, regarding Sam and Monica’s relationship, let’s not forget that the elephant is still in the room and Edward and Monica don’t know what their potential daughter-in-law did in regards to keeping them away from their grandson when she was spewing out Jason’s life it too dangerous for a child and all she did to keep Elizabeth’s fears of his dangerous lifestyle warrented. I’m sure Guza had no plans on going anywhere near it but Wolfe might. When they find out, I’m sure she won’t be getting the daugher-in-law of the year award.

  22. Profile photo of aforeverliasonfan

    Oh please let Franco run off with Sam never to be seen again!! PLEASE..

    Lets hope GW has something like that planned, can’t abide Jasam or a farce of a wedding for them either.

    I hope if Franco comes back that he has baby Jake! THAT would make me want to watch Franco’s return… he’s whacked out enough to have taken Jake since Jason didn’t “VALUE” him… and that would be a great SL for a lot of the canvas… I’d watch for it. But I won’t watch Jasam marry, gag…

  23. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    [quote=GHvetfan]Sassy – I don’t know what your issue with him is but he adds nothing to the show. He is a gimmick and a distraction from the regular characters and stories. In my opinion, he has never moved story forward. I think it is great that GH actors can say that they worked with a movie star at the end of the day but they can do that in any acting workshop in L.A. Why must we suffer?[/quote]

    I agree!

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