Could Y&R’s Tracey Bregman be The Sexiest Soap Actress Alive?


I have to be honest, I don't really know what was said in The Young and the Restless star Tracey Bregman's interview with TV Watercooler, because I couldn't stop gawking at how incredibly, sextastically hot Bregman is. For reelz, yo; Bregman don't crack!

No seriously, I did listen as Bregman discussed what her hopes are for Lauren Fenmore storywise, appearing on The Talk with Peter Bergman (Jack) in character and as themselves, her thoughts on soaps moving online, the real-life Jabot cosmetics line and much more. Take a peek after the jump!

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    I wish she was on more! I love Lauren. A Lauren/Jack affair would be nice—Michael and Lauren need a shake-up in their marriage.

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    I couldn’t disagree more. Y&R needs at least one stable couple. That’s Lauren and Michael. They represent how two immature, destructive people can mature and grow into loving, responsible spouses.


    Tracey is spectacularly beautiful. It’s a shame that since she’s not on contract that some primetime TV producer hasn’t snatched her up. Imagine her on Mad Men or Justified. She has such a great range as an actor that she could do almost anything from villain to heroine to comedienne.

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    I am a gay man, so I am certainly not qualified to evaluate Tracey Bregman’s level of sexiness, but I have always enjoyed her and found her to be very underrated on this show. But she earned my eternal respect when she managed to turn Maria Bell’s sh*taceously bad doppleganger story into something that was at least…..somewhat sugary.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Alstonboy, what does being gay have to do with being able to see if someone’s sexy? I can easily see Tracey is smoking hot and sex on a stick, just like I can see that Joshua Morrow should be sopped up with a biscuit and melted butter. LOL ;-)

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    I think Tracey is beautiful, but honestly I wouldn’t define her as “sexy”. I guess I was trying to avoid trying to state that honest truth. But then again, I have never looked at any woman and said “Hey, she’s sexy……” I think Tracey is very attractive and has a great body, but I don’t think she’s “sexy”…….

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    I didn’t watch this, cuz I don’t watch THE TALK. (And won’t watch the CHEW or whatever else crap OLTL is being replaced with)

    What I love about “Lauren” at least, is that….SHE AND MICHAEL ARE STILL EFFING TOGETHER!!! Whoo hoo!! LOVE THEM.

    And now I assume she’ll have an affair with Jack. SIGH! ERRRR…..

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    I don’t like Michael and I think he drags Lauren down. It’s too bad Brad is no longer on the show because Lauren/Brad would be awesome!

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    I think that gay men (including alstonboy) are quite able to notice if a woman is sexy. Myself? I think Ms. Bregman is interesting looking but I don’t think of her as being beautiful nor really all that sexy most of the time (even though she sometimes can be). Are there any sexy women in Genoa City? Are there any sexy men who ever get to show that they are?

    I also agree with AlistairCrane on Michael. Something really just bugs me about him. He kind of reminds me of when his half sister was being played by one of those shrieking earlier actresses. I think Michael is a male version of a harpy plus he seems always to bend to Victor’s demands. Maybe if Jack and Lauren couple and Kevin dupes Chloe, Michael and Chloe would make a good couple to go off into the background together.

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]I don’t like Michael and I think he drags Lauren down. It’s too bad Brad is no longer on the show because Lauren/Brad would be awesome![/quote]

    they tried Lauren with Brad, remember she gave him a heart attack

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    Yeah, I think Tracey is beyond gorgeous and one of Y&R’s most underrated players. As for sexy, I’ll stick with daytime’s number one man whore Joshua Morrow ;) .

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