Greg Vaughan to be Gentleman Caller For Some Good Christian Belles

My my, sir. I do declare that The Young and the Restless and General Hospital alum Greg Vaughan (ex-Lucky) has been cast in ABC's Southern fried, midseason soap Good Christian Belles! The actor tweeted:

Just joining the new ABC series Good Christian Belles as Leslie Bibb's Ex-Husband…as Bill Vaughn … YEP, VAUGHN ….

Not only am sharing the same name as my character, but it's based in my home town / state …. DALLAS, TEXAS! ;)  

   Start day of filming August 1st !!!!!

Based on the novel Good Christian Bitches by Kim Gatlin, Good Christian Belles centers on Amanda Vaughan (Leslie Bibb), a reformed, debutante rattlesnake, who returns home to Dallas to nurse her wounds after a nasty divorce. Steel Magnolias playwright and screenwriter Robert Harling is adapting Gatlin's book for television. Vaughan's character is the ex-hubby of the title heroine. Congrats to Vaughan on playing…a Vaughan! Good Christian Belles premieres midseason on ABC. 

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  1. Profile photo of Marezi

    I am crying. I never ever get what I want. EVER

    I never get Greg in my bed.
    I never get Greg back on GH.
    I never get a hug from Greg as evryone says he is the best hugger and smells so damn good.

    I never get Greg in my bed.

    I am happy for him and I might have to check this out.

    On a happy note since it is Dallas based story does that mean they are filming it here? maybe I can get to see him.

  2. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    Ooh, alston, I love him clean shaven too… he’s so beautiful, it’s ridiculous to look that good! the man takes the wind outta my sails! *faints* :love: lol

  3. Profile photo of DynamiteKiddo

    Ya, SO effing hot! I want to puke for so many reasons every time I have the misfortune of seeing Jonathan Jackson play Lucky. Ugh.

    Love Leslie Bibb, so this is great news for me. Greater news would’ve been him on GW’s GH, though!!!!!

  4. Profile photo of tedew

    alstonboy … I wouldn’t really call that peach fuzz but it does make a hot man look even hotter.

    I’m not sure right now if Diego was a good or bad guy but the hot guys who played hot bad guys on Y&R have gone on to good prime time careers (Eddie Cibrian, Kevin Alejandro, etc?).

  5. Profile photo of got2luvmel

    I was already gonna watch this show to support Kristin Chenoweth, but I’m super excited for Greg, way to go! He looks delicious either way, the man is simply YUMMY!

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