John O’Hurley Dances His Way Into Erica Kane’s Life on All My Children

Soap vet-turned-Seinfeld's J. Peterman-turned-Dancing With The Stars hoofer John O'Hurley is making a return to the Land O' Suds. ABC Soaps in Depth is reporting the veteran of Loving, The Edge of Night, Santa Barbara, The Young and the Restless, As The World Turns and General Hospital will be adding All My Children to his resume in an upcoming arc opposite Erica Kane herself Susan Lucci. In a bit of Six Degrees of Soaperation, O'Hurley is the ex-husband of AMC alum and recent returnee Eva La Rue (Maria).

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    Noooo!!! God, I have hated this man on so many shows. The last thing AMC needs is a new character in it’s last 2 months on TV, regardless if it’s going to the web or not. We have so many exciting vets coming back in the next few weeks, but yet they want to waste time on John O’Creepy.

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    I have thought John O’Hurley was impossibly handsome since Loving. And when I say handsome I mean Leo DiCaprio and George Clooney handsome. He may lack the gravitas of those 2 but I believe the right role would have changed the trajectory of his career.

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    TV Gord

    And Johns Callahan (Craig Hunt) and O’Hurley (Steven Slade) co-starred in a major storyline together on Santa Barbara! Who else remembers them growing up together at an orphanage with Ethan Asher (Leigh McCloskey), Derek Griffin (James Healey) and Cassandra Benedict (Karen Moncrieff), and they all got mixed up in a great storyline with Mason Capwell (Lane Davies)! I’m vague on the details, but I remember it being a great story on that great show!

    As I recall, Steven, Ethan and Derek thought Cassie was murdered by Mason Capwell in their youth…but it eventually turned out that Cassie wasn’t dead at all. Dang, I wish I kept that storyline on VHS!

    I remember when Eva left O’Hurley for Callahan…wondering how awkward that must have been…

    Funny…O’Hurley’s Steven Slade originally arrived in Santa Barbara as a film maker, too…

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    Hmm … given his hair color, I’d have thought O’Hurley might play Eric Kane in flashbacks.

    Speaking of John Callahan, I find it interesting and rather sad that, given all the comebacks on AMC of dead characters/long gone actors, his Edmund doesn’t seem to be included. Of all the pointless deaths on this show over the past decade, his and James Kiberd’s Trevor jumped out the most to me.

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