Soap Stars Get ‘Dirty’ For E! Reality Series From Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos!


First Prospect Park makes a deal that could save the ABC soaps by taking them online, now comes news that E! has picked up Dirty Soap, the much-buzzed about reality series about soap starlets! From Executive Producers Kelly Ripa, Mark Consuelos and Amber Mazzola, the eight-episode series will follow the lives of real life soapers Kelly Monaco (General Hospital), Nadia Bjorlin (Days Of Our Lives), Kirsten Storms (General Hospital), Farah Fath (One Life To Live), JP Lavoisier (One Life To Live), and Galen Gering (Days Of Our Lives). 

Check out the full press release below!

(Los Angeles, CA, July 28, 2011) – They’ve been killers, ghosts, homeless, prostitutes, prisoners and even murder victims – but it’s off the set of their famous soaps where the real drama begins. Featuring a drop-dead gorgeous ‘who’s who’ of daytime television – Kelly Monaco (General Hospital), Nadia Bjorlin (Days Of Our Lives), Kirsten Storms (General Hospital), Farah Fath (One Life To Live), JP Lavoisier (One Life To Live), and Galen Gering (Days Of Our Lives) – “Dirty Soap” is a titillating look at these stunning thespians as they navigate high-profile careers during pivotal moments in the industry and deal with their own real-life drama, which often rivals that of their daytime counterparts. Executive produced by Amber Mazzola’s Machete Productions and Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos’ Milojo Productions, the eight-episode, hour-long series, “Dirty Soap,” premieres September 25 at 10:00PM ET/PT only on E!

The “soap bubble” is a small and intimate world and this cast of characters has played extremely significant roles in each others lives for years. They’ve been co-stars, best friends, worst enemies, boyfriends, girlfriends, and everything in between. Working together on set and spending time with each other in their down-time, they have formed substantial bonds and created a pseudo “soap family.” In the series we see them all begin a new chapter in their lives – some have left the soap world, some are doing film, some are focusing on family, and others are simply trying to determine what would be the best next move. Romantic relationships are tested when one person’s career rockets forward and the others is stuck at “go.” Jealousies arise as actors attempt to jump from one soap to another, and arch rivals must find a way to coexist in this sudsy microcosm without ripping each other to shreds. The softer side of these heartthrobs is also exposed as they interact with their families – one beauty meets her biological father for the very first time and another tearfully sends her brother off to the United States Army flight school. All the while their goals are clear – to grow their careers and to keep their hearts and heads above water in Tinseltown – where it’s so very easy to drown.

“The soap industry is at a defining moment and the time is ripe for a series that goes inside this iconic world and explores the unique bond that these actors share,” said Lisa Berger, President, Entertainment Programming, E! “No one knows the inner-workings of the soap community better than Kelly and Mark, and it is exciting for us to work with them, in addition to some of the reigning kings and queens of soap featured in the series.”

“We’re very excited to be behind this show for E!, and having met on the soaps we know all too well how much work and dedication it takes,” adds Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos.

Meet the Cast:

Kelly Monaco, a dazzling brunette beauty, is most famous for her starring role on the daytime drama “General Hospital” and being the first champion on “Dancing with the Stars.” In the mid-90’s, Kelly landed a recurring role on “Baywatch” and after numerous roles in film she eventually was cast as ‘Sam’ on “GH.” Kelly recently ended an eighteen year relationship with her high-school sweetheart and is cautiously getting ready to jump back into the dating pool in LA…but is she really ready to let go of her troubled past? One of Kelly’s best friends is Kirsten, who she met when Kirsten joined “General Hospital.”

Kirsten Storms has been acting since she was a young girl. A star on the Disney Channel, appearing in the hit movie franchise “Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century,” the bubbly blonde has been on set most of her life. Things really took off for Kirsten when in 1999 she landed the role of ‘Belle’ on “Days Of Our Lives.” Kirsten is currently enjoying a successful run on “General Hospital.” Happy in her career, she is trying to figure out what happened between her and her former best friend and co-star Farah Fath – the duo hasn’t spoken in over three years. Will they be able to repair their old friendship? Kirsten is also working through some family issues; she has been on the outs with her immediate family for quite some time and just as she begins to make amends, her brother must leave to go to the United States Army flight school.

Farah Fath is a southern gal from Lexington, Kentucky, who was crowned “Miss Kentucky Preteen” in 1995. In 1999, Farah went to LA for her first audition and in less than a month she landed the role of ‘Mimi Lockhart’ (whose character was best friends with Storms’ ‘Belle’) on “Days Of Our Lives.” After 8 years on “Days” Farah moved to NYC and joined the cast of “One Life To Live.” Now, she is now bi-coastal and back in LA for a few months, looking for her next gig and preparing to live with her actor boyfriend, JP. Though she loves him, Farah needs some answers from JP – is this relationship serious or not? Once back in the sunshine state, the blonde beauty must face her “frienemy” Kirsten Storms, but luckily she has the help of her friend and former colleague, Nadia Bjorlin.

Nadia Bjorlin is a woman of many talents. Besides being breathtakingly beautiful, she is an accomplished opera singer with many accolades under her belt. Nadia didn’t have to wait long for her big break in acting when, just weeks after she secured an agent, she auditioned for the role of mysterious young opera singer ‘Chloe’ on “Days Of Our Lives.” She nailed the audition, landed the role and moved out to Los Angeles. She has played ‘Chloe’ on and off since 1999 and has also had guest starring roles on “Two and a Half Men,” “CSI,” and many more. Now, Nadia is leaving “Days” to begin her career in film. Nadia has been living with her boyfriend, Brandon, for the past few years. They are both actors in transition mode – the big question is: what will happen if one of their careers takes off, and the other goes nowhere?

Galen Gering is currently a major character on “Days Of Our Lives” playing Alison Sweeney’s love interest. He was raised by hippie parents in sunny southern California and in his late teens he moved to NYC and enjoyed a successful modeling career. Galen landed a role on “Passions” in 1999 and has been melting women’s hearts ever since. The soap star has been married for the past 11 years to his actress wife, Jenna, and the couple has two sons.

JP Lavoisier grew up in small town Pennsylvania and studied at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His rugged good looks helped land him a role on “One Life To Live” in 2002 and he has been a soap stud ever since. For the last four years he has been dating Farah Fath, though he seems to have no plans to “put a ring on it” any time soon. In fact, he left his last girlfriend because she wanted more than he was able to give. What is going to happen with Farah when she clearly has marriage on the brain?

This is another major win for the soap game as far as I'm concerned. This show will likely receive tons of PR from E!, including coverage in all the mainstream glossies and crossovers on E! staples like E! News, Chelsea Lately and The Soup, all of which will benefit the struggling genre we love so much with oodles of free publicity. Cannot wait for Dirty Soap to premiere Sept. 25 at 10 pm EST!

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  1. Profile photo of jlafferty23

    Steve Burton also mentioned at his event that he will be appearing on the show because Kelly taped some stuff around set with him there.

    I’m very excited for this!

  2. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    This sounds interesting. Hell, some of the plotlines they teased are better than anything on AMC last year. I didn’t know that Kelly broke it off with her longtime boyfriend or that Kirsten is on the outs with her family and that things are still tentative with her and Farrah.

    One thing is that, even though I read the sopa mags, I like not knowing all the salacious details of the soap actors I watch. I wonder if I will “love” or “hate” anyone more or less based on their portrayals.

    Galen sticks out like a Dorian Lord hat in this cast . It’s almost like he is taking the talk-to / teen soap parent role in this.

  3. Profile photo of tinamax10

    OMG, this sounds AWESOME. I’m so curious about this series because it is so neat to see soap stars in a ‘reality-like’ setting. Just getting to know them more – I can’t wait for this! Thanks Kelly and Mark!

  4. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    I love stuff like this, I’m a total soap junkie, and have been one since I was kid, lol. Stuff like this is my crack. Anytime soaps or soap stars are mentioned in anything, I have to check it out. I’m glad it got picked up! I love all the people involved too (I like JP too… eh, lol… but he was pretty much a gimmie with Farah being involved, lol), so I’ll DEFINITELY be checking it out!

  5. Profile photo of Bourgeois Nerd
    Bourgeois Nerd

    “Rugged good looks”? I mean, when he’s not orange, JPL is a handsome man if you go for his type, but I don’t think “rugged” when I look at him. Funny, though, how he basically IS from Llanview, PA.

  6. Profile photo of Soap_fan_forever

    Eeek I was so hoping this would get picked up!!
    I will admit I am completely shocked it did though…its not exactly jersey housewifes or following brad pitt.

    I will def. be watching this!! All of my favs except for Nadia:p

    It sounds like it will be really good.
    I love love Kristen storms but I had no clue that she hasn’t talked to in Farah in ver 3 years:o Also by following her twitter I always thought she was super close to her family…hmmm

    Either way can’t wait!!:D

  7. Profile photo of LizzieVee

    From various reports I read from Steve’s recaps of his FCW event, he said he was not happy to see the cameras and they all had to sign releases because footage was being taken at the large gathering they had. He said no one knew the cameras would be there. He also said he was not going to be a part of it because he doesn’t like how reality shows are done and how they are edited. So, will be interesting if he will be on or not.

    Not sure if I will watch either way. No one interests me, though I do like Nadia. and, interesting that Farrah and Nadia will be on it because they have been let go from their shows.

    Oh, and I also think that Kirsten and Farrah have an on again, off again relationship since they were both on Days. Back then they were inseperable. And it didn’t help their shows were on different coasts. Maybe things are better since both shows are in CA.

  8. Profile photo of jlafferty23


    Please don’t lie, I was at Steve’s event. He said he was uncomfortable with the cameras being there at first, but eventually agreed to it because he supported Kelly and Kirsten.

    He said he just didn’t want the editing to make soaps look like a joke but he was assured by Kelly and Kirsten that it wouldn’t.

    He said he supports them 100% and will be appearing on the show a few times. Little cameos.

  9. Profile photo of GHFan777

    SB will allow them to show him on their show as long as he gets paid. Money in his pocket is the bottom line for this man. No money no Burton….so you better believe they are paying him for whatever snippets from the show they get.

    As for the show…I normally do not watch any reality TV (other than talent reality like American Idol, SYTYCD, Dancing With the Stars)…but I will check this show out as I am interested…I wish them the best also :-)

  10. Profile photo of mr.sam mccall1
    mr.sam mccall1


    Please don’t lie, I was at Steve’s event. He said he was uncomfortable with the cameras being there at first, but eventually agreed to it because he supported Kelly and Kirsten.

    He said he just didn’t want the editing to make soaps look like a joke but he was assured by Kelly and Kirsten that it wouldn’t.

    He said he supports them 100% and will be appearing on the show a few times. Little cameos.[/quote]


    Thanks for saying this cause I was like thats not what the man said. And he is in the show and wants to support KeMo and KS

  11. Profile photo of Nat Guy
    Nat Guy

    This could be good. It seems like the behind the scenes drama is sometimes better than what’s happening on the actual shows. The FF/KS frenemy thing sounds particularly interesting.

  12. Profile photo of edenpark

    I have no interest watching JPL and FF but I would be happy to have a look as I like the four remaining actors.

    I am just surprised that Kelly and Mark didn’t include any AMC actors as it is the soap they are coming from. Would have loved to follow Brandon Barash and his girlfriend who is playing Colby on AMC. A romance between 2 actors on 2 different soaps (on of which ending soon on regular network), that would have increased my interest.

  13. Profile photo of LizzieVee


    Please don’t lie, I was at Steve’s event. He said he was uncomfortable with the cameras being there at first, but eventually agreed to it because he supported Kelly and Kirsten.

    He said he just didn’t want the editing to make soaps look like a joke but he was assured by Kelly and Kirsten that it wouldn’t.

    He said he supports them 100% and will be appearing on the show a few times. Little cameos.[/quote]
    Saying I lied was totally uncalled for. I said I read several reports saying that and one those reports came from a person who was at his event also and was there for the entire weekend. I know I wasn’t there and relied on what others said but I didn’t make any of it up.

    Still not something I care to watch, even if he does appears on it because I really don’t care for who they cast in it. And while Steve may support them, because that’s the type of person he is, he supports everyone, like someone else said, he wouldn’t do it unless there was $$ in it for him.

  14. Profile photo of Ms 45
    Ms 45

    I’m in, though this will probably be the death knell for FF and JPL’s romance. I hadn’t heard she was on the outs with KS. Wonder why? Whether you’ll watch or not, whether you like reality TV or not, this is good for daytime because it raises its mainstream pop culture profile. A good antidote to all the clueless talk about daytime being dead, old hat, for grannys, etc.

  15. Profile photo of Jamey Giddens
    Jamey Giddens

    SB will allow them to show him on their show as long as he gets paid
    So…he should let them film him, use his likeness and profit from ad revenue for free? LOL Of course he would want to get paid. Why shouldn’t he, or anyone else for that matter?

  16. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    I’m not a reality show fan other than some of the more well known talent shows but this one sounds like fun and I love KM and KS so I’ll definitely be checking it out!!

  17. Profile photo of GHvetfan

    I don’t watch reality shows because they are simply not based in reality. I like the competition shows like DWTS and Idol but I just cannot find interest in the Kardasions or Jersey shore. This sounds like that type of manufactured reality. I have no interest. I understand the “if you can’t beat them, join them” part of this. Reality is partly responsible for the struggle of scripted TV. Reality is cheaper. I hope this doesn’t hurt their careers in the long run while giving them a quick paycheck.

  18. Profile photo of GHFan777

    You missed my point….Of course people should be paid for work…My point was I read the same recap from GHFCW the other poster mentioned…that SBu at first did not want to be on this reality show…that he had a lot of reservations about it…but then he changed his mind…I am sure he changed his mind because he found out what he would be paid for allowing them to use the footage. This new show would be required to reimburse him for using his name and image. That would only be fair..but I am sure if he didn’t like the dollar amount they offered, he wouldn’t be going along with it.

    SBu is very motivated by the mighty dollar. He can’t even tweet without including something that promotes making money for him in some way. He is not like the other actors that tweet to just be nice…he always has some personal agenda. I don’t blame him…he should strike while the iron is hot…He has no idea how much longer he will be the stud in demand.

  19. Profile photo of BigDede

    I will watch this but this is 100% fake. First we have seen dozens of pictures of Kelly and her new boyfriend who she has been with for at least 2 yrs. Second Kristen talks about how close her family is all the time in her interviews. Third, everyone knew about her “feud” with Farrah but they made up when Farrah came to LA. They gave an interview talking about how close they have become again. But like I said again, I will be watching.

  20. Profile photo of Mel_O

    Oh, this will definitely be great for soaps! I can’t wait to watch it. Also, I wonder who the bitch of the show will be (I have a hunch it’ll be Kirsten)?

  21. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    why is this blog became about Steve burton??? LOL
    Every actor wants money its life Im sure Kelly KS FF don’t do it for free..

    Im looking forward to see this TV show interesting to see the life behind the cameras and if it can create the buzz its good for soaps!!

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