Two Snaps: Days of Our Lives’ Louise Sorel Goes IN on Ken Corday!

You just don't mess with Louise Sorel! The soap veteran spilled the tea on her firing from Days of Our Lives via a blog for Soap Opera Digest. Sorel revealed how she was cruelly terminated from the soap opera, without so much as a personal word from showrunner Ken Corday! The actress stated:

I have been terminated. Told I am no longer needed, scram, easily replaced, not necessary. I have not been actually contacted by my employer. So I am speaking for him. This person who is not present and who clearly feels it is not necessary to communicate with me in any shape or form, except of course, by check. Since he owes me for the time he is not using me and contractually he must pay up. I am actress. This just happens to be my profession and in truth it is like any other job when it comes to the hiring and firing routine.

Shame on it all. It is bad enough a thespian of Sorel's stature got the pink slip, after packing up and moving from New York, but not hearing it from Corday himself? Guess he was busy on the links. To read more click here!


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    Forgive me for repeating what I posted about this yesterday:

    It’s heartbreaking that an actress of such grace, mature beauty, and talent would be treated like that. As a kid, I first saw Louise Sorrel guest-starring in a re-run of The Big Valley, the 60s TV western, which also starred Linda Evans. I then became her lifetime fan when she played Augusta Lockeridge on Santa Barbara.

    Many people, maybe she herself, might disagree, but I always felt that the role of Vivian on Days was unworthy of her. I’m sorry to see her go, but I hope she turns up somewhere else that can truly showcase her dramatic talents.

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    Getting rid of Louise Sorel, in my opinion, was a mistake and very stupid. I have always loved Louise and her flawless portrayal of Vivian Alamain. But she really needs to just suck it up and move forward. The writers were at a loss for what to do with her for most of her stint, and with Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn coming back, there simply isn’t enough money to go around for all these veteran actors.

    She’s been in this business long enough to know that jobs come and go….people get fired. It’s the awful truth. Unless you happen to be Eric Braeden, Jeanne Cooper or Susan Lucci, you have no REAL job security in daytime television. She was wronged by Ken Corday, but others have been wronged as well and lashing out in the press makes matters worse more often than it makes things better.

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    alstonboy, you’re right about there being no real job security in TV, but I think she could have been fired in a more dignified way. Actors are not cattle, despite what some of the executives in the business have said for years.

    Days stupidly brought Louise on in an effort to duplicate the success of their original buried-alive story. Once that story played out, terribly I must add, they had no idea what to do with her next.

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    If this is indeed true, I am disappointed in how Mr. Corday chose to terminate Louise. Characters come and go in the world of soap operas, and I am supportive of the changes Corday made, but he should have handled the firings in a better way. The truth of it is that Vivian is not part of the new version of DOOL and so Louise is no longer needed. No one wants to lose a job, and Lord knows Louise can act with the best of them, but had Mr. Corday handled things more professionally, I believe Ms.Sorel wouldn’t be as bitter.

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    Hey, NO, Louise was being used and now since the ratings are taking a dive and Kenny boy let Higley ruined the show he wants to make changes. I don’t blame her for going off and I wish more actors speak out about how they feel being used and discarded like yesterday’s trash. Vivian could have a great impact on Salem, but the writers ruined her character and like love vivian, it is not Louise fault that the writers failed to go over the history of the character and made her relevant again, smdh at this mess. Go head, Louise, still love Vivian Alamaine.

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    Well, she ain’t ever coming back now and I won’t really miss her. I don’t think Vivian should have returned in 2009—the show completely moved on from that kind of role in the decade that passed between her last appearance and return.

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    Louise was bitter when she was let go in ’99 so I’m surprised she even came back and also not surprised that she’s bitter again.

    The Vivian who returned in ’09 was too homicidal and dull and didn’t resemble the Vivian who left Salem in ’00.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Louis Sorel has more talent in her little finger than say Drake or Dierdre. Let’s keep it real here. I know they are needed back. But we need to be reminded that she is a shinning talent acting-wise. But it is sad that she was let go this way. So go ahead and let it out!

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    It’s sad because you’d think production and the writers would fight to hang onto her, despite Higley’s misuse of her (though, I don’t think she was as mishandled as most fans). But they scrapped her, two soap superstars (CC and TB), a longtime actress (NB), and a newbie (FSM) . . . it’s a bummer all around, but it’s show business. LS has, forever, been a really, really poor sport. If she didn’t outburst all over the place in ’00, maybe I wouldn’t be so inclined to roll my eyes at this. The biggest shame is this is how you’re often remembered, too–so many are professional about this so the unprofessional ones stick out (recently on “Days,” Kate’s boys, Austin Peck and Bryan Dattilo reacted very poorly to being released, too).

    It’s totally dumb to not use LS till whichever cycle is up, though–if you’re paying for her, USE HER!!!

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    [quote=david46208]Louis Sorel has more talent in her little finger than say Drake or Dierdre. Let’s keep it real here. I know they are needed back. But we need to be reminded that she is a shinning talent acting-wise. But it is sad that she was let go this way. So go ahead and let it out![/quote]I don’t agree that Drake Hogestyn & Deidre Hall are needed back, though I do agree LS has twenty times more talent in her little finger than D&D! LOL. IMO, Crystal Chappell, Michael Sabatino, and Louise Sorel were really big WTF?!? rehiring’s. The Alamain’s were so long dead at that point. But they did it, and I think everyone, new and old viewers, adjusted to them. With main legacy characters, Bo and Jenn on screen, there was so much they could’ve done with resurrecting Lawrence and tying him into Jack’s disappearance . . . that would’ve been a riveting stunt that the current audience would relate to and that would feature vets who’re on screen NOW.

    The show has proven that J&M aren’t needed and the current canvas is so different from when they were on . . . big mistake rehiring them, IMO. Hopefully it’s short-term because they drive me crazy and surely cost too much for the show’s current budget. I love Austin & Carrie, but I’m struggling to figure out how they’ll work out . . .

    IMO, we only needed Jack, Philip, Stephanie, and Nathan back . . . maybe some others. But “Days” should be keeping it current. It’s the only soap that’s been unsuccessful at passing the torch to a new lead generation, and rehiring Hall, Hogestyn, and Ashford . . . even Clark and Muldoon . . . it’s only going to add to the problem that we need a viable younger lead cast . . . maybe Clark & Muldoon will do something and really get Sweeney and peers to finally fully lead the show instead of B&H, J&J, and J&M.

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    still completely devistated over seeing Louise leave again…but frankly speaking as Vivian’s number one fan…her first day back was the best material she had after that it was all down hill….just watching her first day back in that hat “find her, I will deal with her..” was the best but then they backed off and put maggie with victor (stupid) and never had Ivan, never had Kate, never had Celeste, you know she had friends when she left salem…higley wrote her like everyone hated her even stephano..weird..there were so many storyline possibilities left for her but they ruined her…i hope one day she returns again as a villian and why her stupid son is staying and she is not is beyond me…oh well i vowed to quit when deidre hall left but then they brought back my vivian no i dont know what to do…

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    Louise Sorrel is drama personified. Love her and her outthere self. I hope that some cable network decides to rip off Betty White’s show and hires her. I have watched her since Star Trek when she played that beautiful android that fell for Captain Kirk. She was very much the forerunner for Data in STNG. And ofcourse my all time favorite role she played, Augusta on SB. I think her time on Days has been shaky at best. First of all, they did not make much use of her comic timing, or grandiosity. She was very much toned down. I much prefered her the first time around when she was the grand dame with her entourage. I wish her good luck. By the way, most of us do not get fired by the president of the company but rather by our imediate supervisors, so I am not sure why a tv actor feels the need to have the executive producer and owner of the company fire them. Ego maybe?
    I find it difficult to identify with people who feel entitled to certain things just because they are on tv. Ten percent of the people normally employed in this nation are out of work. Where is the outrage for those people?

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    I don’t even watch DAYS, and feel bad for Ms. Sorel (I am a fan from having seen her on other daytime shows). Any number of older actors and actresses are more and more finding themselves on the sidelines when audiences want an interaction of generations on their shows. I know money is always an issue, but there certainly has to be some way to keep older cast members onscreen sometimes.

    We just watched some reruns of “Night Gallery” recently, and Louise was in one of the very first episodes. She was gorgeous! You don’t lose that kind of bone structure.

    Maybe it’s time for her to do a memoir! I bet she’s got some doozies of stories!

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    Ms 45

    If Ken Corday was a classless jerk, why shouldn’t she tell the world what she thinks? Not politic? That’s her call. If they want Dorian back in Llanview Online and Robin doesn’t want the gig, I hope they give LS a call.

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    Joss, wtf are you bitching about now? Heartlessness? Suddenly I’m “heartless” because my faves are coming back and a character I despise is leaving? GMAFB! Get off your high horse and STFU.

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    I liked Louise Sorel’s Vivian first time round. This time it was almost a charicature of the old Viv. Ditto, Crystal. I love Crystal’s work usually, but the writing of DAYS hasn’t made me want to tune in for months now. And since locally, DAYS & AMC are on at the same time, DAYS lost out as I started to tune in to AMC which has vastly improved.

    Both Sorel and Crystal Chappell were brought back by Gary Tomlin. It’s not much of a surprise that with Tomlin gone, Sorel and Chappell wouldn’t be far behind (though I can’t remember the timing of things if Tomlin went first or Crystal, Louise, Nadia got fired first). Either way, when you get fired, it’s usually the case where you’re at least given notice, especially for a veteran performer.

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    Louise Sorel is incredible. She has every right to be angry. And even when writing this blog post she was more concerned about the crew than herself. She is a truly high class lady.

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