More Necromancy Please: Kim Delaney Wants to Come Back to All My Children Too!

By the time All My Children ends its network television run on Sept. 23, there will be more not-quite-dead people and/or ghosts roaming around than on Vampire Diaries, True Blood and Torchwood: Miracle Day combined. The latest former Pine Valley denizen to make noise about wanting to come back is Army WivesKim Delaney, whose beloved heroine Jenny Gardner Nelson blew up on a jet ski over two and a half decades ago.

Delaney told ABC Soaps In Depth she'd love to reprise the role, that is if Lifetime—which Delaney says prevented her from attending the recent Daytime Emmys—would let her!

 "I'm going to work on it," she insists. "It's a good idea. And there's still time. I should call [AMC creator] Agnes Nixon."

Oh come on Lifetime! If Michael Bay doesn't have issues with Josh Duhamel heading back to Center City's neighboring 'burg as Leo, you guys can let Opal's (Jill Larson) beloved Jenny come home. Heck, the more dead people in Pine Valley, the merrier! Watch a clip of Jenny blowing up on that jet ski below.

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    Jamey, there’s a typo in the 2nd paragraph. It should say prevented her from “attending” the Daytime Emmys.

    I really hope they pull this off. Kim Delaney is one of the most successful AMC “graduates” of all time, and it would criminally insane for anyone to deny her the right to return to the show that launched her career.

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    I don’t think it matters how she comes back. Most of her fans will gladly accept any appearance from her, ludicrous as it may be. And Dixie was also established as dead, even appearing numerous times as a ghost and in other non-living forms, and she was brought back, so anything’s possible.

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    When I am 80 and don’t know my own name I WILL remember being 7 and watching Jenny pass away. It was such a shocker.

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    love love love this idea! i don’t care how ridiculous the ‘back from the dead’ shenanigans are. i think it’s actually brilliant. david could have a whole facility filled with ‘dead’ characters.. i think it’s a great way to get the show back to where it once was. bring back the dead one by one.. you can get months of story out of each return! let’s remember that this is a soap opera, and what we love about it is the absurdity of it all, right? just sit back and enjoy the ride. i know i am, amc and oltl are on fire right now! :love:

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    I remember the jet ski accident like it happened yesterday. I had just graduated from H.S. and was such a huge AMC fan. For me the show was never the same after Kim left. Yeah, it’s unrealistic to see all these dead people running around Pine Valley but dammit I want to see one final glimpse of my old favorites before the show leaves ABC.

    Things have changed alot since the 80’s but Greg or Tad should’ve at least tried CPR to revive Jenny.

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    Wow. Jenny’s death WAS a shocker. I remember being stunned and heart broken. I never watched AMC regularly after that. But with spoilers and message boards being what they are today, soaps just don’t keep things like this under their hat anymore. Try to remember the last time you were really shocked or surprised by what happens on a soap.

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    Lord knows I love my Jenny Gardner. I cried like a baby when she died, called my mother at work and even had her crying a little. ALL MY CHILDREN was a family soap and we all loved the Jenny/Greg romance. I also became a fan of Kim Delaney. I followed her to NYPD Blue and felt very proud of her. With that said…

    I just don’t know if I would want Jenny Gardner back alive. First off, she died YEEEEARS ago. Secondly, and to me most importantly, the Jenny/Greg love story is such an integral part of AMC’s history, one of the things that longtime AMC viewers such as myself still talk about to this day, and it took place during what was a golden age of sorts for AMC. To bring Jenny back to life of all people would almost be as cheapening of a storyline as the reversal of Erica Kane’s abortion. Again, with all that said:

    If they decide to bring Jenny back, I will not be upset. I will look forward to those reunion scenes because Jenny was loved by so many. Hell, even Erica was very kind to her and back in those days, Erica snapped at everyone. The thought of Jenny being reunited with her best friend Jessie is making me tear up just thinking about it. Lord, this thread got me thinking back to that day we lost her:

    (In my funeral black dress, hat, and handkerchief): LAWD NO! NOT MY JENNY! NOT MY JENNY! WHY LAWD! WHY! TAKE ME! TAKE ME!

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    Jesse was “dead” for 20 years, was seen as a ghost twice, and turned out he’s alive and well, I mean if they could pull that off, no doubt Jenny could still be alive, remember guys nobody really dies in soaps.

    I said bring Greg back as well, I don’t think he ever remarried, so he and Jenny can reunite, as well as with Opal, Tad, Jesse, and Angie. Make it happen.

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    Sometimes I think that stars feel pressured. Just like visiting the home you grew up in, it can be a good experience or not. I am not into returns in a big way. I would have rather Julianne Moore NOT return. It was like they are afraid to offend. She walked in door, said hello to those there and satdown. Went to commercial. Buildup for nothing. I say live with the past memories. Unless someone is gone a short time like Annie on AMC. Otherwise, I think if a show is ending (or going to internet) I would rather just continue the stories.

    A lot of soap fans watch Army wives. I actually watch it. I didn’t know she was on amc.

    Stars are never going to say anything neg. It was their start for some. I just can’t picture myself going back to where I worked decades ago. It would be strange. That is my opinion.

    I also see Zack returning although I prefer Grif and Kendall. Oh well. I am sure they are going to appease the longtime fans. So be it.

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    Jamey Giddens

    @Pumpkin, I like returns when a show goes off, but only if the characters are alive. I for one think it’s silly to wrap a show with a half a dozen returns from the dead as part of a sci-fi plot, but I keep reading that a lot of fans are happy, so I guess we’ll just have to grin (cringe) and bear it. Bring on Grandma Kate!

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    Angie Lucy

    I cut my soap teeth on Jenny’s death. I cried. I prayed–literally went on my knees and prayed through tears. This of course inspired the great talk from Mom about real people and TV people so I would know that the girl who played Jenny was actually still alive somewhere. I’d hate to have that wonderful moment of “Ohhhh” rewritten, so please bring Kim D. back as a ghost. Maybe Jenny could appear to Jesse and Angie and let them know that she has their little girl and everything will be okay.

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    I love Jenny! She, Greg, Jesse and Angie were the bomb! They are a big reason why I LOVED AMC back in the 80s! I would love for Jenny to come back, however it may be possible!

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    Ms 45

    Maybe she could come back as a ghost to counsel Jessie after Angie finds out about the horrible baby switcheroo! IMO, Jessie and Jenny were the greatest soap supercouple that never happened (never allowed to happen due to all the Enid Nelsons of the world at the time).

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    I would love to see Jenny return! I don’t remever her first go around but my parents were big Greg and Jenny fans and I love all the clips of seen of Jenny with Jesse. Smarten up, Lifetime!

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