Oprah Wants You to "OWN Your Life" Oct. 10


TV Guide's  Damian Hollbrook is reporting Oprah and OWN will debut OWN Your Life featuring the best of The Oprah Winfrey Show. The Mighty O revealed the information at the Television Critics Association, and calls the new show "teaching tools." OWN Your Life is being touted as a class and will showcase coursework on Oprah.com and an online class. The show will premiere Oct.10 at 8 PM EST and run Monday through Fridays.



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Given OWN's crappy ratings, Ms. Winfrey better create a killer line up to attract eyeballs. Her network seems to carry the same old reality crap available elsewhere with a few exceptions. OWN needs scripted programming. Look at the success VH1 has had with Single Ladies. Why not invest in a 10 or 13 week series?

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She should have taken on the soaps. Perhaps Oprah bit off more than what she can chew with OWN - plus pissed off millions of soap fans with that haphazard announcement.