Good Day LA Dishes With Alison Sweeney, Lauren Koslow, Eric Martsolf and Salem Newcomers Sarah Brown and…Nate Berkus?!

Good Day LA was on the set of Days of Our Lives to cover the soap opera's big, September festivities and managed to run into a couple of not-so-newbies to the TV game. General Hospital superstar Sarah Brown, who was recently cast in the serial as mogulette Madison James and talk show host Nate Berkus—who is making a cameo—were both on hand, as well as DAYS' leading lady Alison Sweeney, Eric Martsolf and Lauren Koslow. I must admit, all these Salem Fall Fest teases are starting to get me pumped about DAYS again. Check out the fun interview after the jump!

On The Set of "Days of Our Lives" :

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    She was recently on the Rachael Ray show to promote her new book, and seemed to be kinda stiff and robotic on there as well. I hope that being a “big primetime star” (quote, unquote!) is not causing her to lose her former charm and humility, because that would be a real shame.

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    Regarding the FOX LA clip, I didn’t notice any shade from Alison Sweeney and thought every one seemed fine. The interview seemed most focused on Nate Berkus but I guess he’s the “biggest name” in that bunch.

    I agree Jamey about getting a little amped about DAYS 2.0. I am a little less enthused about Sarah Brown joining the cast. Not because I don’t love her acting but I cannot remember the last time a soap effectively introduced a new character. Also, not a big fan of the name Madison. LOL. We’ll see. Perhaps, she’ll be chem-tested with Eric Marston or James Scott. Hmm.

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