Sarah Brown Chats About New DAYS Role

TVLine caught up with former General Hospital and The Bold and the Beautiful star Sarah Brown and talked to her about her upcoming role on Days of Our Lives as Madison James.

TVLINE | Days has a bit of a fall “revival” on tap, including the return of Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn (as Marlena and John). How does Sarah Brown fit into it all?

Very happily, I can tell you that! I know they’ve brought back a lot of their most beloved characters from the past, and they’ve brought me in to sort of fill a space of “the new femininity.” The landscape of television is changing to reflect what’s actually going on in the country and in the world, where less and less women are staying at home and more and more women are holding power positions. My character, Madison James, is coming in to represent that.

My favorite tidbit from the interview, that Brown’s will not miss TV shows are HBO’s Boardwalk Empire and Game of Thrones.

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    Not looking forward to seeing her on Days, but nothing’s going to ruin my excitement about Carrie/Austin and John/Marlena!

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    I hope the new writers will do right by Sarah. I love her and always have. Tamara’s talents were hopelessly wasted by Dena Higley’s INCOMPETENCE. I hope this will not be more of the same foolishness. I am going to give these new writers the benefit of the doubt.

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    I love Sarah but why can’t Days or any other soap introduce and write a rootable heroine. I am so tired of all these shows and their definition of “new femininity” being in your face aggressive ” bitches”. I am a young women and sorry I don’t know real life women like this. None of these soaps have a clue about the “new generation” of women, strong, ambitious, yet soft and still a little idealistic. This generations feminist isn’t anywhere near to what these shows think strong women are. I actually liked her character on B&B but I thought Sarah was completely wrong for the role. I am waiting for my daytime version of “Alicia Florek”, Juliana Marguiles’s character on The Good Wife.

    Even with that I will give her a shot. Unlike Tamara, Sarah at least has talent. But I kind of cringe when I think of 2 scene chewing actresses, Sarah and Allison together in scenes.

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    I will be FFing through her scenes. I find her performances too brash and domineering. They’re too in-your-face and unsympathetic. From the character description and casting, this is not the kind of character I like.

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    Congratulations to Sarah Brown on her new role. I hope that Days is successful in improving its storytelling and ratings.

    Why judge her or her character before either an airing on Days???

    Also, a big THANK YOU to and its continued coverage of soaps! The more mainstream press soaps get the better!

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]Not looking forward to seeing her on Days[/quote]

    me either! I don’t understand why they couldn’t have cast her as a legacy character like Sarah Horton instead of a new character

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    [quote=josstheguy]Why judge her or her character before either an airing on Days???

    Sarah is not a newbie. She has already been on two soaps in three different roles. We know what we’re getting with her. And it ain’t my cup of tea.

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    I love Sarah.
    I am so sorry that Guza couldn’t write her better when she came back on GH and of course had to pair her with Sonny when Claudia and Nik would have been great together! Such a missed opportunity… But I admired her for saying ENOUGH and leaving.

    I followed her to B&B but B&B is really atrocious to me, I have tried many times but I cannot root for any girl there except Stephanie. And then she got less air time and I stopped watching.

    I will give DOOL a real try again for Sarah. But from what I have seen lately, DOOL has been a pure disaster (get Tamara Braun out of the screen please!). At least they have James Scott as a pure delight to the eyes and the ears but except that… Hoping that SJB’s talent will help improve the show.

    If not, I would be more than happy to see her back as Claudia on GH as long as it is not to pair her with Sonny again. I like Tamara but SJB is such a stronger actress to me… JMHO of course!

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    I don’t see how Madison can have a backstory with Sami. Sami has been on the show steadily for 18.5 years. She must be a grade school chum of Sami’s from Colorado.

    It would be totally hilarious if she’s a Jamie Caldwell recast though.

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    Wiggum: You never know what the writers will have up their sleeves.

    Penny to a pound that we find out sooner or later that she ISN’T who she says she is….

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    Throwing this out there: What if SJB’s character is a recast of Leann Rimes’ Madison, the young runaway who befriended Eric Brady in 1998? Hmmm…….

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    I always liked the Kate/Sami business dynamic when Sami blackmailed Kate into a position at Titan, so Madison could lead to some interesting interactions.

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