Will Franco Bust Up The JaSam Wedding on General Hospital or Not?


It looks like someone forgot to tell James Franco he was returning to General Hospital this September. Port Charles' oddest visitor since Casey The Alien told Access Hollywood while he would be returning to the soap eventually, he had no idea about the Sept. 20 airdate reported by TV Guide.

Buzz from the set is the GH brass was in fact told by Franco's team he'd be making appearance this fall, and they're just as shocked by his apparent cluelessness as we are. I guess we'll just have to stay tuned to see if Franco busts up JaSam's wedding after all. Personally, I'd get more excited over a visit from one Blackie Parrish.


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    Sounds like a classic case of the right hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. :~
    As much as I admire him, however and whenever he returns, I’m hoping they bring his “story” to a satisfying conclusion. 0:)

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    ^^ Why? I like the idea of him recurring for as long as the show remains on the air. GH needs a good recurring villain who pops in and out of storylines.

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    Isn’t it about time Blackie was released from prison? If I remember correctly that’s how they ushered him off the show… sending his character to prison. I’d love to see him come back for a visit, but all the characters he was involved with are no longer on the show. SIGH.

    Surprisingly, I liked the stupid Casey the alien storyline better than any of the Franco visits so far.

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    Blackie was sentenced to 2 years for involuntary manslaughter in 1983. So he has been out for 25 years :) There are no Webbers left on canvas for him to interact with other than Liz and Steve…. But I think Liz is too young and I don’t remember Steve being around back then… Then again, I was only 7 at the time…..

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    Alistair: Maybe,(and please I’m speaking only for myself and trying to be “objective” if that’s possible with regard to the overall show), it seems that his character takes so much attention and focuses it on essentially one other character-Jason. (No offense to Jason fans.) The writers could have linked a couple of dropped threads when Ronnie D. was run down(way back when), and involved more PCPD people, casting the story “net” over a wider berth.
    That said, I’ve never gotten the sense that Mr. Franco has ever requested or expected special treatment. He strikes me as someone who, bottom line, is more interested in applying his craft in as many mediums as possible.
    It could also be that I’d like to see him “stay” over a longer arc of time as opposed to him just “popping up”. However, with his schedule, that type of deal/contract probably would not work for him.
    Hope I made sense…enjoy your day!

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    Didn’t John Stamos make a walk-on cameo as himself once in the 90s? I could have sworn I remember an episode of GH where a couple of ladies at a restaurant see John Stamos and notice his resemble to Blackie. Am I crazy?

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    I don’t know if you are crazy but when Lucy and Scotty were in LA with his wife who died of cancer (name?) they did have an encounter with John Stamos. I don’t know if he was playing himself or if they referred to him as a Blackie look a like. I don’t know that Lucy or Scott ever knew Blackie. I do remember that scene. I love me some Uncle Jessie.

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    Why do we need Franco to break up the Jasam wedding??? I would love to see Jason change his mind!!! Now that I would watch and not f/f through.
    A girl can dream…..

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    When GH eventually goes off the air, they need to bring back John Stamos as Blackie Parrish and Roseanne as Jennifer Smith!

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