Jeff Branson Heads Back to The Young and the Restless

Who killed Diane Jenkins (Maura West)? That’s what Ronan Malloy returns to Genoa City to uncover. According to Soaps in Depth, Jeff Branson is reprising his role as Nina’s (Tricia Cast) son Ronan. How long will Ronan be in town?

Branson's mum as to how long he'll be sticking around this time, but Soaps In Depth hears that he'll be on the scene for approximately three months — and hopefully even longer!

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    I hope they don’t waste him on Heather again. If his return is only for about three months, I honestly have to say – why bring him back at all??? Either get him on contract and give him a good story or leave the character the hell alone. Better yet, write for the cast you already have MAB and don’t bring in someone new for about a months or even twice, if you can… -.-

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    ^ITA. I really don’t think he should be back. He obviously does not want to commit to the show and that’s hard to write for a long term story. Either sign him long-term, or don’t hire someone who thinks Y&R is a side project. And please, don’t put him with Heather. Anyone, but her.

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    Oh God, another 3-month stint. Make him COMMIT or recast. Better yet, expose Ronan as a fraud and say the real Aidan Lansing is still out there (hopefully raised as JT Hellstrom…).

    Oh well, his return had BETTER lead to more screentime for Nina!

    If Victoria were played by a better actress, I’d be interested in a Victoria/Ronan pairing.

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    Man, I would have loved JT Hellstrom to have been Nina’s son. I liked that character after he evolved into a nicer person, but he had no ties to the show really, so I didn’t care if he stayed.

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    Just keep the stud Ronan away from that dud Heather and maybe I can get back to loving Ronan on Y&R. Pair him with anyone else. Put him in scenes with anyone else. Don’t bring Jeff Branson back to just try once again to prop that flop Eden Riegel. He was already wasted on her in late 10/early 11 just to get her back on the frontburner. She may have been big hit on AMC but she is a huge miss on Y&R and it’s time MAB pull the plug on the worst recast in decades.

    The only recast that was bad as this one was Scott Seymour (Billy #3) in the year of 2006. LML saw that wasn’t working and got rid of SS, too bad MAB can’t admit her mistake and get rid of ER. It makes zero sense that Maura West was fired for being miscast as Diane, but yet MAB keeps ER around who was miscast far worse as Heather. MAB pays zero attention to viewer/critic reaction or ER would be long gone.

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    He was good with Gina T on GL. Popular couple. He also did a good job with main character. I can’t stand Heather/Chloe either. Yuck. I just don’t get the character of Chloe. ff for me. She is whiner. There is no one on the canvas that I see except like someone else said Victoria.

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    As A-Crane said, Ronan and Victoria would be EPIC, considering the fact that Nina and Victoria used to be rivals back in the 90s, seeing her son with a woman she used to despise would be a GREAT story for Tricia Cast to sink her teeth into. But Amelia Heinle is a dreadful actress, so I really have no desire to see Amelia’s Victoria go up against Tricia Cast. It simply wouldn’t be interesting, nor would it be fair to saddle Tricia with such a subpar actress.

    I would put Ronan with someone like SyPhyllis. That way Tricia and Michelle Stafford could share scenes. I have never really seen Nina and SyPhyllis interact onscreen before. They might have a good chemistry. At least they are on somewhat even plains, in terms of talents and skills.

    Chloe is a bitter hag who I believe deserves to end up alone. And Heather? UGH! I get nauseous even thinking about that character since Eden took over. It honestly shocks me that Maria hasn’t given Eden her pink slip just as she did Maura West. I just KNOW that most people out there find her portrayal of Heather to be as dreadful as I do, so there’s no way she’s got that huge of a fanbase! So there’s no real justification for the undoubtedly large salary that Eden Riegel is pulling in. If they insist on keeping Ronan around, put him with a decent actress and a character who doesn’t encourage narcolepsy.

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    Of course they have to call in the FBI. The idiots in GC were allowing people to tramp through the crime scene before they even gathered their evidence. Geez,I know it’s not CSI, but could they at least PRETEND to know what they’re doing? I don’t give a rat’s behind if it IS Mrs. Chancellor. She doesn’t belong at a crime scene!

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    Agree with all who’ve said Jeff Branson needs to be paired with a “firebrand” of an actress. As sweet as Eden Riegel is, that’s the challenge for her that gets in the way of her reading of this character-she’s too sweet. There’s not enough “variation” to make Heather (and by extension this pairing) worth while to invest in. As for Amelia Heinle-nah…just don’t see or feel that there would be anything there… 0:)

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    Jeff Branson is a terribly overrated actor. With such a large cast, Y&R doesn’t need to work with folks not currently on the canvas and if anything, decrease the size of their cast.

    My question: what is Ronan able to do that Paul or even the detective played by the woman from FAME can’t do?

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    Ronan is Nina’s son, soapbaby, so there is plenty of stuff that he can bring to the table that Detective Fame can’t.

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    RebeccaJ … again I completely agree with your comments about the crime scene. What I also found odd was that it seemed to take ages for the “authorities” to arrive on scene … and what was that old hag KC staggering around so close for?

    I also don’t get why Ronan needs to be brought in for this.

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    PLEASE focus on Nina and Ronan this time. They are off to a bad start, though. So far his only scenes have been with Paul and the murder suspects.

    I don’t want Ronan wasted on Chloe and Heather like last time. Let’s explore his relationship with Nina and why he’s afraid to get close to her. Is it because he somehow fears she’ll replace the mother who raised him? Is he worried he’ll grow to hate the parents who raised him since they essentially stole him from Nina? How could he steal his own brother’s liver? Can Ronan and Nina have a happy relationship like her relationship with Chance? THIS is what I want to see with Nina’s long-lost son, not him hooking up with the stupidest bitches in town.

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    ^^ Detective FAME can do any thing she puts her mind to, like “live forever” and “learn how to fly!” I am sorry. I have been watching reruns of FAME on the Ovation Channel and I loved that show!

    Seriously, never liked Ronan or Chance for that matter. Both actors really grate. I love Nina. I wish Nina got real story and not just propping her poorly-defined sons.

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    I agree about Heather. If they really want to keep the character, they should cast Annie from AMC to play Heather, and then they can evolve back into a bitch with an agenda again. She has the raspy voice, at least somewhat, of the last actress, and has the thick lips and dark hair that Eden Riegel has. Oh well, either way, I want Eden Riegel gone.
    And I agree, Alston. I can’t stand Chloe. She’s an annoying b*tch!

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    Soapbaby, totally agreed about Nina’s sons being poorly defined. Both kids should be on the show as part of the “next gen”, but they should be better developed and Nina should have stories outside of them (especially now that they’ve spent the better part of the past two years on Nina’s relationship with Chance).

    I remember Detective Fame from Veronica Mars. She played Wallace’s mom and I liked her, especially when she was dating Enrico Colantoni’s character Keith.

    And Heather should be OFF THE SHOW unless they can bring back the divine Vail Bloom.

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    Y&R used to write such strong stories for twenty-somethings: Paul, Lauren, Danny, Tracy in the 80s; Nick, Sharon, Grace, Victoria in the 90s.

    That is one of the things I miss most. Ronan, Chloe, Kevin, Lily just do not measure up.

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    Tedew, I agree about Amelia’s hair! And I know it’s a horrible thing to say, but she should fix that space in her teeth somehow too. I don’t know if she’s going for the Madonna thing or what, but she’s too pretty to have that space!

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    [quote=Nathang1983]Tedew, I agree about Amelia’s hair! And I know it’s a horrible thing to say, but she should fix that space in her teeth somehow too. I don’t know if she’s going for the Madonna thing or what, but she’s too pretty to have that space![/quote]

    Hey! I have a space too and I would never fix it. It looks good and adds character.

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    I honestly don’t care to watch Ronan bond with Nina. He’s only going to be on for 3 months. You can’t tell a good story in three months. And NO to the Ronan and Victoria pairing. That would be a dud. And no to Phyllis and Ronan. She’s already a damn cougar. I’ll be pissed if he is just brought back to prop Heather.

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    Nina and Ronan NEED to bond. There is no point to the character if they don’t. Ronan and Victoria would be HOT if Victoria weren’t played by Amelia Heinous.

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    I adore Eden Reigl and that’s why I hope and pray someone will offer her a can’t-miss job opportunity that will make her quit Y&R. It breaks my heart to say it but she’s just terrible as Heather and doesn’t have a lick of chemistry with anybody in the cast.

    I never really cared for Vail Bloom as Heather either. I think OLTL’s Melissa Archer could do the part justice.

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    I’ll say it. Eden Reigle is completely overrated and kind of sucks. I was never impressed with her work on AMC. I always felt she got her Emmy because of her groundbreaking character, and not her “acting”. I always found her pairings to be the superior actors.

    I don’t see how they can get Nina to bond with Ronan in three months. It will be all too rushed, IMO. And on a side note, I love Heather Tom. I think she is one of the best actresses on daytime, but I’ve never really felt any chemistry with her pairings. Kind of odd. I’ve always liked her pairings because I like Heather Tom.

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    AlistairCrane … your post #14 is right on. Let’s hope it comes to fruition because we need some interesting new story lines and resolutions involving some underused commodities that can actually act. I’m not sure yet if Jeff Branson is really all that good (he wasn’t in CSI Miami either) but maybe he just hasn’t met with the right chemical reaction here yet. And if Chance returns, let’s hope it’s a new Chance who looks and acts like he could actually have served numerous times in Iraq or Afghanistan or wherever he was.

    Ronan and Victoria? Yikes! The thing that increasingly bugs me most about Victoria (aside from how she effortlessly destroys her relationships) is how can such a good looking woman allow herself to be seen by millions with that stuff on her head she calls hair? It’s now always a mess no matter where she is.

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    It wouldn’t be rushed because they’ve already laid the groundwork for Nina and Ronan’s bonding during his last stint. Still, I hope it turns out he’s not Nina’s son after all and find a better actor, sign that guy to a three-year contract, and make him the real Aidan Lansing.

    Eden Riegel is horrible. I never saw her as Bianca, but if she were anything like Heather, I know I would hate her with a fiery passion from hell.

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    I’m glad he’s back. I love Ronan! I hope they do something exciting with the character, rather than have him be another bumbling idiot trying to solve a case.

    I hope he’s not a bad guy. I wouldn’t mind him being a good guy with a bad side.

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    Eden was WAYYY better as Bianca. Eden is more suited for heroine/good girl roles than she is as a “vixen/bitch”. She was pretty damn good on AMC from 03-04. I am sure you would have probably enjoyed her work on AMC if you’d seen it, since you seem to like tortured heroines like Passions’ Theresa and DAYS’ Carrie.

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]It wouldn’t be rushed because they’ve already laid the groundwork for Nina and Ronan’s bonding during his last stint. Still, I hope it turns out he’s not Nina’s son after all and find a better actor, sign that guy to a three-year contract, and make him the real Aidan Lansing. [/quote]

    How about Chance or should I say LEGACY character Phillip Chancellor IV?
    The one we watched growing up as a little boy. If they don’t like JD as Chance then re-cast him with a permanent actor.

    They have Newman and Abbott Heirs all over, where is the Chancellor one? Chance should be with Katherine at Chancellor Industries, his grandfather and namesakes company. Sure have a Ronan, but as a supporting character to Chance.

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