Oprah to Receive Honorary Oscar

How about them apples? TV Guide is reporting The Mighty O will receive the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award for her huge charitible contributions made over the years. The talk show maven will receive the award on Nov 12 at the third annual Governors Awards, along with actor James Earl Jones and make up artist Dick Smith who are also receiving honorary Oscars. 

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    Oprah was ROBBED of that Supporting Actress Emmy in 1986, so this Oscar is long overdue. And while I applaud her charitable efforts, I am tired of everyone kissing her NON-royal booty. Oprah Winfrey ain’t GOD, folks.

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    Transparent much AMPS? Well at least this will be a superior farewell gift than that bootleg looking second Lifetime Achievement award the Daytime Emmys gave her.

    Now all she has to do is make her stage debut and do a voice recording for a book and she’ll EGOT.

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    [quote=Llanview76]This makes me want to go watch some Debra Wilson.[/quote]

    THIS! Is it bad that I want another Whitney Houston story just for the imagery of her spot on impression?

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    East.west…golf clap…I love this particular parody because it speaks some truth. Towards the end of Oprah show’s run it really was a bunch of losers trying to score a paycheck off not only Oprah but the audience.

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