Deidre Hall Chats About DAYS Comeback

Deidre Hall’s onscreen return to Days of Our Lives can’t come soon enough. In an interview with We Love Soaps, Hall discusses her return to Salem, her book Deidre Hall’s Kitchen Close-Up and the return to family values at DAYS.

WE LOVE SOAPS TV: When you mention the core value of the old DAYS, which DAYS are you referring to?  The show has gone through so many creative transformations from reality based storytelling to supernatural fantasies.  Which do you think viewers want to see?

Deidre Hall: It’s family at its core.  It’s Alice’s kitchen.  It’s multigenerational stories.  It’s sitting your kids down and wagging your finger at them.  It’s listening to your grandchildren.  It’s standing by your husband when he can’t stand for himself.  It’s the loyalty, the dedication, and the comfort we are longing for right now.  It’s those kinds of values.  

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    The more she talks, the less excited I get. For the past 30 years, Days has been pretty wild and out there. I don’t want to see realistic, slice of life stories, especially not with John and Marlena. I will tune in for their return but I may not stick around.

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    Think that’s what the role will be a Alice’s takeover type Just Happy Ken Did not Ask Mary Beth to come back in play it Sounds boring its face does anybody want to see Marlena play the victim the show has Sami for that

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    I hope what she means is that family is at the core of these shows and IA with her. BUt I don’t need Days to turn into the old AMC with social values and storylines. Days has always been lots of OTT campiness and about great couples. I think they did a magnificent job with the baby switch story, even with Parkers paternity reveal story, but they also need some larger than life escapism. I am not sure realism is what people are searching for. Stronger complex feminine women(no not bitches),romance, mysteries and a little humor. I think this is where most soaps fail today. Everything is so so depressing, women are either weak or man crazed bimbos, and in a country mired with 10 percent unemployment , who wants to watch this stuff day in and day out. NOw Higley’s days for the most part is just boring so I think anything will be an improvement.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @Everyone: This is what she meant, by going back. This is what drew people to the soap in the first place. Remember Bill Bell set the tone and rose the show’s ratings when he put it on the path to tell traditional stories. she (Hall) says:

    “He said we are going back to the traditional family core values of the old DAYS OF OUR LIVES. We are family based, so we are returning to the old DAYS of the fabulous love stories, the real life drama, the human drama that we see every day in our newspapers. Not the ones that are made up and far fetched.”

    What I did I say Bill and Agnes always did to keep their soaps on top and in the news. They read those newspapers and drew their stories from reality. And that made actors stars not just storylines.

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    Days of our lives in the 70s was family with a twisted twist. We had a mother and daughter fighting over the same man. We had two brothers at war over the possession of a woman. We had adultry, lying, embezzlement, incest. We also had interacial romance, the beginings of homosexuality talk, and other more progressive ideas of what is ok and not ok in the modern era. Then we had these two very nice people (Tom and Alice) who tried to hold the family together while they stumbled upon these progressive mores that came along in the 1960s and 70s. In its own way, the show was wild and out there. It was tasteful but Jerry Springer had nothing on it. People did not get goody two shoes until the 1980s when there was this deep chasm between who was good and who was bad. The badder the bad guy, the gooder the good guy. Marlena for instance went from this somewhat reserved almost cold woman to this super victum. Every bad man wanted a piece of her. Every superhero wanted to save her. That set forth a series of romantic characters that were too good to believe. Skipping forward to today, we have seen a recent worship of the bad ones. It seems the worse they are, the more the audience sympathizes with that character. The good guys are boring the bad boys are sexy. I personally would like to see characters be less one demensional and more like they were in the 70s. They weren’t good or bad, they were just flawed people who needed to figure out what was right for them.

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    Only a handful of people remember Days in the 70s. Dee and Drake and the writers have said Days is going to be more like it was in the 90s, which is why 90s faves like Carrie and Austin are back. If I wanted to watch boring, social issue, character-driven crap I’d watch GL/ATWT clips on Youtube.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    Well what’s more interesting is that most people who tuned in during the 90’s just for the Demon Possession storyline and then left en-mass remember nothing else about the show. That does not say much when that is for those who tuned in for “The Event” all they remember of the show. That’s not what legacies are built on.

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    I agree about Mike and Carrie! They were so much better than Carrie and Austin. Carrie and Austin never really did anything. They were only popular because of Sami and Lucas, then because of Mike. When they were happy it was Hell for everyone watching.

    marknsprmo — I like what you’re saying about the way the characters are written. I don’t think you were saying you want people from the 70s back and things like that. You were saying you want the stories written that way. So people don’t need to remember DAYS from the 70s to enjoy it.

    Drake has even said in one of his millions of interviews over the last few days that “even though they (the new writers) worked under JER that they know how to tell good realistic family stories.” So don’t get too excited about thinking we are going to be getting levitation or brain chips.

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    As far as complaints about Deidre’s quotes sounding boring…Deidre Hall could sit on tv and read me a book from 1-2 PM and I would still tune into DAYS to see her. I’m just happy that she’s back.

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    [quote=GHdoolFan]Drake has even said in one of his millions of interviews over the last few days that “even though they (the new writers) worked under JER that they know how to tell good realistic family stories.” So don’t get too excited about thinking we are going to be getting levitation or brain chips.[/quote]

    Get your facts straight. JER didn’t write any microchips. What you like in a soap is NOT what I want to see, and I will tune out if Days doesn’t deliver what I want. And then it will get cancelled and I will rejoice! :D

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    Ken Corday once said a real gem: people will watch your show because they liked what they saw YESTERDAY.

    And it is true. I hope the new team in place with the returning actors can make it happen.

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    I don’t think a loss of one viewer will lead to cancellation. Go on EBay and bid on a grip cuz you need to get one.[/quote]

    In the words of Llanview76, golf clap!

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    I am excited either way and I have high hopes for great stories. I have watched the show since Bo and Hopes first wedding in England. I love all the romance and love stories. I hope they have big events and parties like they used to similar to this big event they are having on Sept 26th. Remember the Cruise of Deception? Those were the Days that I loved!

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    [quote=AlistairCrane]And if Days isn’t turning out the stories I want to see, it deserves to go off the air.[/quote]

    Need I say anything else. I know there’s rational people who enjoy the stories, but this quote exemplifies the mindset out there. And w/that I am done here.

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    It does! Why should a show stay on the air when it’s pumping out shit instead of quality? If Days starts telling “realistic” stories, it’ll be pumping out shit and should be put of its misery. If you want to watch that garbage, go watch CBS.

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    I am indeed a fan of the greatest era in the history of Days of Our Lives. You are NOT a fan because you don’t respect that!!! If a television show becomes crappy, like Days will under these writers, it OUGHT to be cancelled and not wasting anyone’s time or money anymore.

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    @A-Crane, not bashing you, but I read plenty of your posts both positive and negative, but you do have a way of getting the forum talking and some of your comments could be be thought of nasty and somewhat mean spirited. When reading the posts about Days and going back to “realistic stories” I can read your disappointment about the direction of the show, but I can also see your deep love for DOOL!!! You know the history, characters and burning Passion ;) for DOOL, I can’t believe you would be (in your soul) happy about “your soap” being cancelled??? Hasn’t one already died? I have a life long friend that grew up on NBC’s soaps in its heyday of ’70s & ’80s and he’s opposite of you, he stopped watching in the ’90s. Don’t take this personally, because I respect what you like in your DOOL, your era seems ’90s, we all have our eras which got us “hooked” to our favorite show. YES, I am one that love my soaps based more of “reality based stories” and after reading all the articles, my days buddy is pumped up about this direction, as he would say “coming home again” to be a viewer and its been 15 years for him. I’m tuning in to see for myself, this will draw that element of viewers over from CBS….Ken is smart. Stop bashing CBS’s fans please about our “reality driven” stories, this why soap fans are diverse. CBS had been “the Tiffany network” of soaps and set the standard of the all the other networks when soaps started in ’50s and CBS knew how to do good soap opera. It was NBC that gave CBS the hardest fight for top dog through out ’70s and early ’80s because of their line up, and it was from DOOL, AW being powerhouses. Question? IF your favorite couple at Days was in a GOOD meaty story, using their history, front burner…you wouldn’t enjoy the characters? Myself, I HATED “Dolly” (clone) story on GL, but enjoyed KZ performance. Be thankful your soap is still alive!!! :) :) :)

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    It’s way too early to bitch and moan about what this vague statement might mean. The producers pitch things to the actors how they ‘envision’ what the show will be and the actors come out with general statements. How this will pan out may be different from what they are saying right now.

    She sounds like she is saying the usual ‘family values’, back to basic stuff that goes well with Soap Opera Digest general audiences at the supermarket check out. How I interpret it as John & Marlena will come back a loving couple and will interact with family & friends. Obviously, she can’t give away story yet so it’s basic themes she is talking about.

    I’m taking a wait and see attitude. But it is encouraging that the new writers took the time to write exits for Vivian, Chloe and Carly when the last time they had a shake up Patch & Kayla just disappeared, and John & Marlena got a one day hasty reunion/marriage, and Tony fell and impaled himself on a broken board! Also liking that there is an umbrella storyline that involved 5 couples.

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    I agree with those who said Carrie and Mike were better together. I never saw any great chemistry between Carrie and Austin. They were a young innocent couple that JER insisted were “soulmates” because Sami and Lucas were trying to tear them apart. JER was wonderful about that, pushing his own agenda and his own pairings by having some evildoer trying to keep the endgame couple apart. But when Carrie and Mike fell for each other, the actors had actual chemistry. Even when they both returned last year for Alice’s funeral, I still saw the spark between them.

    I will have to reserve judgement for Carrie and Austin this time around, since it’s been so long since Patrick Muldoon has portrayed Austin that I truly can barely even remember him. I do know that I preferred his Austin to Austin Peck’s. But I’m still convinced that Carrie truly belongs with Mike.

    AlistairCrane, I know that you feel that JER’s era of DOOL was the greatest thing ever, but there are many many people who preferred the more realistic Days, the Days of family and supercouples. I enjoyed some of JER’s camp, but some of it was atrocious. And I’m assuming the reason many young people tuned into JER’s Days was because Sci-Fi and Supernatural stories weren’t as mainstream at the time. Why would anyone today want to watch JER’s Days when they could watch such a superb story as LOST? Primetime television is now filled to the brim with supernatural and fantasy storytelling. You want campy horror stories? The SyFy channel airs their original movies constantly. None of this was really available at the time, just as cable has overtaken daytime TV in general due to its diverseness. And as for the DHs saying DOOL will be more like the 90s, there were some years that were NOT JER, during the 90s you know. Perhaps they’re referring to the early early 90s, who even knows? At this point what we do know is that there will NOT be supernatural storytelling, unless they are all just plain lying.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    @ConqueringBlue: As my grandma would say “Right on the money honey!”

    The fact is and you can quote me on this is that when soaps get away from the traditional storytelling the OUT THERE story telling will only take you so far. Because you see you have too keep upping the outrageous plots just to try and keep people interested. Along the way you have moved squarely away from character-driven story to plot-driven madness. So you end up writing to the next “event.” It may get you a few more eye-balls in the short-term and has in the past, but in the long run those viewers become bored with the show when as you say they can today get better in primetime with less commitment. That means those viewers mostly are not the ones who fell in love with the show and its families and characters, but just tuned in to see the craziness and the outrageous plots. And when they are done with that or have seen enough they go away.

    But the long-term fans the ones who care about the characters and know their histories are the ones left trying to put the pieces back together of a broken soap that has lost its way just for the sake of ratings. Which has often destoryed characters and has decimated history.

    But all one needs to do is look at the greats and when a soap was ailing, what did they do? Return it to the model that got the genre popular in the first place and the fans enjoyed that.

    If anyone needs any further education here the gods can tell you for themselves.

    Bill Bell:
    Agnes Nixon:

    And for whom it may concern! I only quote the greats not the second rates!

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    ghdoolfan you hit the nail on the head. I am not interested in turning back the clock on days and suddenly it is 1973. What I want is for the show to be more character driven and that the characters are written in a realistic less black and white way. Have Bo or Roman have to make a tough moral decision and be wrong. Have Stephano give EJ’s heart to save Brady. Have Carrie and Austin and Sami redux where Carrie does something to Sami this time. Give Austin a real choice this time. Maybe he would like the strong independent Sami instead of the goody goody Carrie. (That happened one time when Steve and Alice returned to Another World and that time he chose Rachel.) John has to choose to save Marlena or Brady. Will figures out he is gay and is torn between his new love and feelings he has had for Chad all along. Chad rejects Will out of hand and continues dating Abbey but secretly returns Will’s feelings. Things like this. Those things can be just as exciting for the viewer but also be worth thinking and talking about.

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