Rebecca Budig Gives A Taste Of Josh Duhamel’s AMC Return


Reunited and it feels so good
Reunited 'cause we understood

Peaches and Herb- "Reunited."

TVLine's Megan Masters got the 411 from All My Children's Rebecca Budig on Josh Duhamel slipping right back into the saddle at his old stomping grounds.

TVLINE | How was it jumping back into shooting scenes with him after nearly 10 years? Was it like riding a bike? Or were there some initial jitters?

Oh gosh, we were both nervous. We didn’t know if we’d still have chemistry — I mean, I thought we would, but we had to pick off where we left off, only not really because his character had been “dead.” We wanted to recapture instantly what it was that we’d had before, and the minute we started rehearsing lines in the dressing room it was like, forget it! [Laughs] The floodgates opened for me and it was as if no time had passed.

Budig also opens up about what Leo's return means for Greenlee's current man,  and Leo's BFF, Ryan (Cameron Mathison)

TVLINE | We’ve seen in a few promos that the two share a kiss. How does all of this impact Greens’ relationship with her current husband, Ryan?

I think that ultimately this whole experience brings them closer. Not only was Leo the love of Greenlee’s life, but Gillian (Esta TerBlanche) was Ryan’s, so he understands. Greenlee and Ryan have a love that’s unique. It’s on a different level.

There you have it Fronsie! Budig said it herself, Greens one and only man is LEO and Ryan's greatest love is GILLIAN! To find out how Leo and Greenlee are reunited click here!

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  1. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    damn skippy Leo was/IS/will ALWAYS be the love of Greenlee’s life. why they try to tell us otherwise on the show, IDK, lol…. but i squealed seeing him at the end of the show today. i mean i was jumping up and down like an idiot and started crying. hate when that happens. anyway, it was literally in the last few seconds, but just seeing him, laying there, looking all nice and tan and buff for my Green’s… damn. if he’s in her mind only (i’m sure we won’t know the truth until tomorrow), hey, the mind gets kinky… ryan should be a distant memory after another dish of LEO, served up HOT on a platter… :love: … sigh, GreenLeo…

    [quote] Greenlee & Ryan are not unique. they’re horrible together. [/quote]

    ^^ THIS! I say they’re uniquely BAD, lmao. Rylee is a total abomination… just horrible…

  2. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    GHfan4now-I posted on an earlier article(the one with SMG) I did the same thing-squealed like a middle school ‘tween…I’m so looking forward to tomorrow…Wheee!!! :bigsmile: Happy-Happy-Happy!!!

  3. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    OMG, Swan! I couldn’t believe how excited I was when I saw him! He’s already everywhere with being in the films, but when the camera panned up and showed his face as he lay there, I couldnt contain myself. It was LEOOOOOO! mania all over again and my GreenLeo heart swelled so hard inside my chest, I thought it would burst :LOL: ! I’m glad someone else was the same way! I’m SO excited to finally see them back together again!

  4. Profile photo of lfad

    [quote]Greenlee and Ryan have a love that’s unique. It’s on a different level.[/quote]

    I can’t believe they’re still trying to sell Ryan and Greenlee. Cameron Mathison runs around saying Greenlee is the love of Ryan’s life. Whenever the show puts Ryan or Greenlee in another pairing that works, they put Rylee back together anyway. At least Rebecca Budig is now saying that Leo and Gillian were the loves of Greenlee’s and Ryan’s lives, so that’s progress.

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