More Drama For The Talk: Is Holly Robinson Peete OUT? Only Julie Chen and Sara Gilbert Attended TCA Panel!

CBS Daytime's troubled chatfest The Talk could be looking a whole lot different come fall. First I reported how Sharon Osbourne was reportedly ready to walk from the show amid rumored tension on the set (Osbourne later claimed she is taking a break to spend time with her husband rocker Ozzy Osbourne), now Osbourne's co-host Holly Robinson Peete is revealing she doesn't know if she'll be on the show when it debuts for its second season, because her option hasn't been picked up! Check out Robinson Peete's bombshell revelation to after the jump.

According to sources, reporters at the Television Critics Association (TCA) event this week were surprised to see only executive producer Sara Gilbert and Julie Chen representing The Talk. I guess the other co-hosts' invitations got lost in the mail? Dra-ma!

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    Personally I happen to like The Talk a heck of a lot more than the snipping shrews on The View. They lost credibility when Meredith Viera left. But remember The View went through some transitions in casting. Unfortunately for The Talk the interesting personalities seem to be leaving why Chenbot is still on.

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    Personally I happen to like The Talk a heck of a lot more than the snipping shrews on The View. They lost credibility when Meredith Viera left. But remember The View went through some transitions in casting. Unfortunately for The Talk the interesting personalities seem to be leaving why Chenbot is still on.

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    HURRAY! I’m ABSOLUTELY loving the tumultuous hardships on “The Talk”. Regardless, how CBS will spin the reality, The Talk is complete failure. It isn’t even receiving the ratings of ATWT and its been reported on several sites. Now this is how a network undoes its loyal viewer base in the last 2.5 years. Talk might be cheaper on cost then daytime drama, this proves the talk shows can be failures and ends up costing more because of dismal ratings. :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

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    Robinson is the only one I like on the show. Osbourne gave it some flavor.

    Unfortunately, the Talk isn’t going anywhere because it’s CHEAP and brings in decent ratings. It’s not like CBS would launch a new soap.

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    Um Josstheguy, which show are you watching?! This talk show if you want to call it that is a train wreck waiting to happen! I knew that once the very first behind the scenes executive producer left and the second one left after two weeks and one of the original 6 gals hosting that show didn’t even last an entire season that this show was in serious trouble. I have a sneaking suspicion that Sharon may end up making her “temporary hiatus” into a permanent one. If Holly Robinson Peete’s option does not get picked up, this show might as well fold up the tent and close up shop. With only ChenBot, Sarah Gilbert, and Leah Remeni hosting the show, it won’t be interesting anymore. I’ve watched it maybe twice. One of those times was when Peter Bergman and Tracey Bregman (Jack and Lauren; Y&R) were on the show to promote the new Jabot cosmetics line and one other time (which I don’t remember why I watched it that day).

    This show is sinking faster than the Titanic. Bye-Bye ChenBot and The Talk!

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    Those that have left, in addition to Osbourne and now Peete are smart to exercise common sense and get off the “sinking ship”. It’s only a question of how long Ms. Gilbert and Ms. Remeni will continue to hang on as the hull slips beneath the waters of sinking ratings. 0:)

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    No offense to GL and ATWT viewers (my grandma was one), but if this fails, put The Spew here instead of ABC and leave AMC and OLTL where they are. I’m still going to follow them online, but this would be a way to get your fans back, ABC. Just sayin’. Or, P&G, step up and recycle your soaps for those fans. Not sure that would happen, though.

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    I saw my only portion of this show when they had Alfre Woodard on. Sarah and Holly were the only good ones at the table doing the interview. The rest…..please..

    Just cancel it.

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    The Talk is going nowhere. Either the ratings will have to rock bottom, where there will be no excuse to keep it on, or Julie and Mr. CBS get divorced before that show will be thrown to the trash heap.

    The Talk has greatly improved since its premiere, no way they were going to get by with only talking about mommy topics. Now if only Let’s Make a Deal could get revamped. Why the hell is there only one contestant playing the Big Deal of the Day? It’s taken all the excitement away from the best part of the old show.

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    Julie Chen is Chenbot and not suited to any talk show. Married to the boss so I don’t have to say anything else.

    I liked Lea on King of Queens but I find her personally obnoxious off camera. Like the friend who walks in and everyone groans cause they know this person is going to take over, like it or not. Yucko.

    Sara is uncomfortable, even lately.

    I do not watch the show but I have tuned in to see if it improved.
    Answer is definitely No…..

    I love the View. They talk current events, issues, etc. I am not into all that stupid mommy talk. The View did not appeal to me when Meredith was on the show. She annoys me despite all the compliments from co workers. Her talking about sex made me squeamish. Prefer the conversations now.
    Even though Rosie was controversial, I think she raised the game of the show which continued after she left. I think Barbara is smart enough to know this which is why she and Rosie are still friends. Rosie/Elisabeth never learned how to debate. I think current Elisabeth would have been better debater. Elisabeth has learned. Too bad some from the Talk don’t improve. All of them are still terrible.

    Actually the only good one is Holly. Sharon is an idiot. Goodness who would use her for words of wisdom. Yikes.

    I do think a talk show with better people would have worked. Not these idiots. I often wonder if the audience is paid. They clap at stupid stuff. Is the audience plucked off the streets. How can these people actually want to watch this trainwreck. The worst are Sharon Osborn and Lea. Since Sara G is part producer I am guessing she picked this bunch. What an odd group????? I know people are thinking “tell us what you really feel.”

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    TV Gord

    I can’t believe they would let Holly go! She’s the only one who handles herself well on the show. I’ve loved Sara since Roseanne, but she is not suited to do a talk show. Leah’s loud, she and Sharon are both obnoxious and Julie is way too politically correct to allow an original thought to escape her lips.

    I need to know which Foot Locker Holly will be working at, because I’d go there everyday and just watch HER for an hour! :-)

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    I guess it’s fitting that there would be drama on that show, but it’s not going anywhere I agree. It is getting good ratings and it’s cheaper to produce.

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    So the ‘new’ season starts in September, and it is now August 8 and Holly Robinson-Peete doesn’t know her status cuz she hasn’t heard from her bosses at CBS?

    She needs to get a clue.

    IF for some reason they do pick up her ‘option’ it will only be becuz they couldn’t get who they REALLY WANTED.


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    TV Gord

    Things like this often come down to the wire in TV, so it’s not too surprising. They haven’t done a LIVE show in weeks (not since before Jamey first broke the news about Sharon taking some “time off”), so a lot of things are going on during the hiatus. We soap fans know how those contract negotiations can be protracted, so I don’t think it means she’s not coming back…yet. And by the way, Leah wasn’t there, either. Does that mean her fate is undecided, too?

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    TV Gord

    Deadline is now reporting Holly AND Leah are out! YEAH to giving Leah the boot, but the only reason I can see for turfing Holly is because Chenbot is too threatened by her talent as a talk show host! I know Holly has a fan in Oprah…I would LOVE it if OWN would put Holly into a show opposite The Talk!

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