No Room at the Pine Valley Inn For All My Children Alum Michelle Trachtenberg?

Cameo appearances for All My Children alums prior to the show ending its ABC run are apparently becoming standing room only. Sources close to Michelle Trachtenberg reveal the primetime princess (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Gossip Girl, Weeds) reached out to the soap's brass about returning ala her onetime Buffy big sis Sarah Michelle Gellar however, due to AMC's two-hour TV finale being scrapped in favor of a one-hour send off, Trachtenberg was reportedly turned down!

"Michelle would love to come back for the fans, but now that the finale is one hour they don't know how to fit her in," says the source.

Trachtenberg portrayed Jack Montgomery's (Walt Willey) autistic daughter Lily from 93-96. As previously reported, the most recent Lily, Leven Rambin, will be reprising the role before AMC jumps to the web. Even still, since Gellar, the original Kendall Hart, is coming back as a different character, surely AMC could find something for the mega popular Trachtenberg to do?



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    I have always preferred Leven Rambin as Lily. I certainly enjoyed Michelle on Gossip Girl as Georgina, but I find her to be vastly overrated. I will take my Sarah Michelle Gellar and Josh Duhamel. I don’t think they should try to shove too many people into the mix right now at the 11th hour.

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    Girl, I can’t even tell you how many times I turned my TV set off anytime that Levin Rambin was on and she went into one of her hysterical fits.

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    Ryan Scott, you said it. Without bothering to read the article, I had to google “Michelle Trachtenberg – All My Children” because I had no idea who she played or any recollection of having ever seen her on the show.

    There isn’t really anyone else now that I want to see back on the show one last time. If they could do an Oprah and bring back all of Erica’s ex-husbands in one week that would be interesting.

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    TV Gord

    The reason many of you don’t remember when Michelle played Lily, it’s because she never said anything. Lily was non-communicative at the time. I feel for Michelle and I think it’s great that she reached out, but Leven is Lily for most of us, and Leven is who I want to see.

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