Chuck Pratt Thinks All My Children’s “28, 30 Years” Was a “Good Run”

The man who arguably put the final nail in Pine Valley's coffin, former All My Children head writer Chuck Pratt was at the TCA's to promote his ABC Family soap The Lying Game. Fancast's Sara Bibel reported on Pratt's thoughts about AMC getting the axe:

There’s always a little bit of love for every daytime show. There have been others that have gone down that I haven’t worked on. You feel for the actors and certainly the writers and producers. But also I’ve worked on plenty of primetime shows that have done 13 episodes [and gotten canceled]. They’ve had 28, 30 years. I look back and go, ‘That was a good run.

Um, does Pratt even realize AMC has been on the air for 41 years? Did he even know how long it had been on when his pal Brian Frons hired him to wreck the show? Anyway, primetime is a different animal. People go into watching a primetime series knowing it has a limited life span.

After 88 episodes, all primetime shows are subject of being cut, because that's the magic number needed for syndication. Soap fans have watched daytime dramas for generations, with their parents, grandparents and sometimes great-grandparents. They. Just. Don't. Get. It.

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    TV Gord

    Maybe he’s subtracting the years when the show just sucked (which would encompass his entire time on the show, plus a few others).

    Pratt is a jerk, has always been a jerk and will always be a jerk.

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    All these people coming out this week talking stupid is really on my last nerve. First the Chewables, Then I heard Frons talk somewhere else about GH…. now Prattfell wants to put his two cents in. I wish everyone should just Shut Up!!!!!!!!! And If you notice the big mouths are the people to fried these shows themselves.

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    What an asshole!! He swoops in, yanks a few UNDESERVED millions of dollars, ignores history, ruins characters and now he wants to kick something that’s already down, something that he ALMOST completely destroyed?

    I truly have no words. :(

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    These two men(although they are not alone), are the personification of the old saying “It is better to keep one’s mouth shut and let people wonder if you are a fool than to open it and remove all doubt.” God save us from fools such as these… :|

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    I have said it before and I will say it again. The ONLY things Pratt did @ AMC that were any good in my opinion were bringing back David Hayward and introducing Brot.
    All the rest was skippable slop. He knows it. Frons knows it. We know it. The acting company of AMC knows it.

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    Looking at the headline photo, I am reminded of how Pratt tried to destroy the character of Bianca AND crap all over The Lion King at the same time. Only a special kind of EVIL can achieve such a feat!

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    You guys took the words right out of my mouth!! What a dope!! Primetime and daytime are completely different, unfortunately that’s how he wrote AMC like a primetime soap and a bad one at that.

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    So, the men really high up on the totem pole have no friggin clue about daytime or the historic show they were in charge of. SO DEPRESSING! The old Boys Club is alive and killed ABC Daytime.

    That whole Lion King moment….Bianca having Zac’s kid w/o sis knowing….Way to go to crap over so many characters at once!

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    Chuck Pratt statement clearly shows he never respected daytime nor AMC.Why anyone in the industry would want to be near a person who allowed a show to to lose its footing, audience and revenue too is beyond reason what a bad risk he is. Daytime is indeed a different animal than primetime it never gets the respect it clearly deserves.I for one will never support or watch anything this man is a part of. ABC is shooting itself in the foot with both their daytime decisions and primetime too.

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    28… 30 years… heh??? I mean… he wrote for the show, right??? I mean… he knows that, it’s like, 2011, right??? I mean… heh??? Just makes him look like even more of an ass, IMO.

    But I gotta say, I got a total kick out of Rafiki, er, Zach holding up Bink’s baby, Simba, er, Gabrielle in the picture you used… :LOL: … Good times…

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    This is the very thing that happened to soap opera. They were put into the hands that didn’t know, understand, respect, and love soaps. He may very well be a talented man, but he was very wrong for the role of head writer of a soap opera. Soaps are unlike night time shows, who have a shelf life. Soaps moved along with the times. When tastes changed, soaps changed with it. Soap opera is not like police drama, western, sit com. It is not a genre persay but rather a way of telling a story. In a long arc or open ended format. So the fact that one would last for decades on end is a tribute to the talented people who created and ran them for those decades. It was only when the people who ran them got run off by corporate greed (interference from the networks about demos.) that the shows started to decline. Blame all you want on OJ but it was Demo wars that damaged soap operas. All those young characters that were dumped onto the shows while the vets were back burned or let go. Then the writers, producers, and net work guys all got changed out and the respect and love for this style of story telling went out the window. That is when we turned the channel at home because the shows didn’t really want us unless we were female 18-35 (later amended 18-49). Only now do the networks understand that there are only so many of that particular demo willing to watch the drivel that they put out. The rest of us were pretty much told to kiss off about 16 years ago. And guess what? we did.

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    SMH. As the head writer, I’d expect you to know a thing or two about the show you’re writing for. It’s called respect for the show, the creators, the actors, and most of all the fans. If you want to head up a hit show, learn the history or better yet, be a fan.

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    “After 88 episodes, all primetime shows are subject of being cut” – This statement is as ignorant and uninformed as Pratt’s. It’s especially bad since 75% of this site has become about Prime Time shows like Glee and other crap. More on point, in reality, Pratt is right, the show probably had 25 or so good years and at least a dozen or more that should be forgotten. I’ve read the AMC boards for years, so don’t pretend that the show has been all that for a long time. (The rape of Bianca to give her a baby was the end for me. Disgusting.) I hope the show is able to thrive away from ABC.

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