GH’s Steve Burton: “Liz’s Fantasy is Going to Drive The Fans Crazy!”

As Jason goes under the knife on General Hospital, TV Guide’s Michael Logan caught up with Steve Burton.  In the interview they discuss the fantasy sequences, specifically Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst), and Jason’s engagement to Sam (Kelly Monaco).

TV Guide Magazine: These fantasy sequences sound like real fan-pleasers, especially for the Liz and Jason nuts who have never given up — or shut up — about a "Liason" reunion.

Burton: They have a real passion for seeing Elizabeth and Jason together and this is only going to make it worse! But that's a good thing. [Laughs] Liz's fantasy is going to drive the fans crazy! I think this idea has always been in the viewers' minds. What if Jason got in another accident? How would he wake up? Would he return to his old self? So we're doing some cool stuff with that. With the exception of Sam, who doesn't want Jason to change at all, everyone wants him to be somebody else. Monica wants her son back. Carly still has that little glimmer of hope that it might work out romantically for her and Jason. Their fantasies were a chance for me, after many, many years, to lighten up and loosen up and have fun playing a few different Jasons.

When asked about Jason’s relationship with Sam, Burton responded.

TV Guide Magazine: Uh, yeah, considering Sam doesn't give a hoot what Jason does for a living. He might wanna grab this one.

Burton: Exactly! Who else but Sam wants to be with a serial killer? That's why this relationship works and needs to move forward. Will we hit a few hurdles on the way to the marriage? Sure. Will we have a kid?

Read the entire interview at TV Guide.

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  1. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    “Who else but Sam wants to be with a serial killer?” LOL That sounds so sick.

    Great interview. I think it would be wise for GH have a Liz/Jason/Sam triangle. It would be good for ratings and for the show. But I guess in the end Frons won’t let anything happen that goes past that fantasy, which I am really excited for.

    Big question reminds what a Jason we will get out of this accident. It would be nice to see a Jason that’s more like a Q again, even though SB won’t wear a sweater nor smile all day. A healthy combination out of Jason Quartermaine and Jason Morgan would be nice. And some more scenes between Jason and his actual family would be great too.

    Also LOVED the comment about The Chew. LOLz

  2. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Michael Logan is a Guza and Frons brown noser too I don’t give a flying fruit loop about his opinion. I think they want viewers to watch the show.

    I’m sure the Liason part will be written lousy…they are never given the writing so I’m not rushing to see this…. I hope Wolf proves me wrong but I doubt it…I’ve already read spoilers and its another dump on Liasons if it plays out. Its suppose to be funny so I’ll see it when I see it.

  3. Profile photo of GlitterGlamDiva

    I doubt I’ll watch Liz or Carly’s fantasies just not interested. As for a triangle I’ll pass on that because I’m still burned as a fan from Summer of Sleaze 06. Being a fan of Sam and Lucky two people who were destroyed writing wise made me stop watching for at least a year. If that were to happen again I wouldn’t bother coming back. If you have to destroy people to make another couple work then you shouldn’t be doing it.

  4. Profile photo of bishbay

    The only scene I want from Liz and Sam:

    Setting: Sam’s penthouse of low self-esteem, six months after JaSam’s demonspawn bastard, Allan, is born.

    Sam: Look, bitch…I need to know if you’re going to start any more shit around my baby boy Alan.

    Liz: You can relax for now. I’m not going to murder you in front of Allan, okay?

    Sam: That’s being more rational than Lucky led me to believe you were capable of.

    Liz: It’s mercy, compassion and forgiveness I lack. Not rationality.

    Sam: Look. I know I **screwed** you over. I **screwed** you over bad. I wish to God I hadn’t, but I did. You have every right to want to get even. Look, if I could go back in a machine, I would. But I can’t. All can tell you is that I’m a different person now.

    Liz: Oh great. I don’t care.

    Sam: Be that as it may, I know I don’t deserve your mercy or your forgiveness. However, I beseech you for both on behalf of my [demonspawn bastard].

    Liz: Bitch, you can stop right there. Just because I have no wish to murder
    your [bastard demonspawn] doesn’t mean that parading it around in front of me will inspire sympathy. You and I have unfinished business. And not a goddamned thing you’ve done in the subsequent years, including getting knocked up is going to change that.

    Sam: So when do we do this?

    Liz: It all depends. When do you want to die? Tomorrow? The day after tomorrow?

    Sam: How about tonight, bitch?

    Liz: Splendid. Where?

    Sam: There’s a park set–you know, the one with the fake trees? We meet there around : in the morning dressed all in black. Your [mousy, limp] hair in a black stocking. And we have us a knife fight. We won’t be bothered.

    [Sam, pretending to iron Jason’s underwear, at this point pulls a gun. Liz sees the double cross and pulls her own gun, and they fire simultaneously. Both are hit. As they bleed out, a stunned Jason walks in and finds them.]

    Jason: FREE! FREE AT LAST I THANK GOD! [He gets on his phone.] Baby?? Baby, it’s me. Come over, Sonny, come over–we’re finally free! I can’t wait to kiss you!

    And SCENE!

  5. Profile photo of got2luvmel

    I don’t care about this either way, but I admit I laughed at the interview and the comments. I’d much rather see a threesome dream (now that would be something to see, three sexy people in a sandwich…YUM!) than another triangle, in any fashion, with Elizabeth/Jason/Sam. But, hey, that’s just me *shrugs* LMAO

  6. Profile photo of Marezi


    ***sigh*** Hope my little guy eating popcorn shows up. This is the worse site EVER for posting smilies or quoting (IMO of course) **sigh**

    I’m looking forward to every one of them. I want to see Liz’s and Carly’s and really anxious to see Monica’s and then Sam’s.

    Good times.

    I am loving this show.

  7. Profile photo of No Daisy
    No Daisy

    SB thinks Jason should marry Sam because she wants to be with a serial killer? Who does he think he is, Franco?

    I can’t say I cared for the mocking tone of much of this interview by either ML or SB, but I guess after 20 years he needs to amuse himself somehow.

    Maybe a new brain injury will give Jason back a personality. I’m not picky, an personality would do at this point.

  8. Profile photo of GHdoolFan

    Michael Logan is the MAN when it comes to soap interviews. He doesn’t kiss anyone’s ass and if you actually go back and read most of his interviews he has a subtle way of trashing things that he doesn’t agree with, while talking to the actor or writer. Its great. Go read his interview with VMG. He doesn’t play around, says what he feels. His interviews are by far the most interesting to read that you will find anywhere online.

    With that said I’m excited to see all of the scenarios play out with Jason Morgan/Quartermaine. I’m excited mostly for Monica’s because of getting Stuart Damon back for an episode. Too excited for that. Carly’s will probably make me puke. I’m neutral between JaSam and Liason so it will be fun to see something different thrown around and I’m won’t be crying that its a dream.

  9. Profile photo of soapfan616

    Unfortunately in his interview with Mr. Logan, Mr. Burton states that Jason will never be able to get out of “the business”. Uhhhhhhgggg…not that I want the return of Mr. Preppy but I don’t know how much longer I can stay interested in a show where women fall in love with hit men and killers. And Mr. Burton is right—jason’s a serial killer. This ain’t Dexter, Mr. Wolf…this is soap opera! This ain’t the Sopranos either. It’s soap opera. Can the Scorpios and Anna Devane clean up the city once and for all so we can go back to romance, intrigue, drama and heartbreak?

  10. Profile photo of soapjunkie88

    Frons likes GH as a dark mob centered show, so I doubt even if Wolf would want something else that it would happen.
    Wolf’s version of Port Chuck seems to be a dark place, but he’s able to get real emotions out of the characters.
    But you’re right soapfan. It’s tragic to see all those women fall for killers and criminals. I don’t think we get rid of the mob … but at least get this show balanced and bring on strong females like this show used to have.

    In the end, I do think that Sam will become more like Brenda and I believe that she will be victimized too, if JaSam are getting a child.

  11. Profile photo of Forever21

    Yes ML called Liason fans nuts but I don’t see anything being said about SB who didn’t disagree or correct ML. I dont care about the Liz/Sam battles over Jason if I had my way he would be dead or paired with Carly. But insulting fans whose obsession has kept you front burner and at the top of couples lists for years is unprofessional. He could have said “ML they are not nuts. Jason and Liz have passionate fans……” but he just goes ahead and says the craziness is going to get worse. This shows what he really thinks about those Jason fans who support a Liz pairing. I know some soap fans are obsessive nutjobs but SB has benefited from that passion that drives those endless Jason wars so he should show some professional courtesy despite his personal feelings on the matter.

  12. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    [quote=giogio]Cyberologist- Really? I didnt know that about ML – I thought he hung the moon as far as soap info. Will keep that in mind.[/quote]
    Well its my opinion based on his writing and listening to his podcasts…I disagree with a lot of what Michael Logan says but then I don’t work for TV Guide and make the big bucks I only have watched the genre for over thirty years so what the hell do I know LoL

  13. Profile photo of giogio

    Cyberologist- Than you earned that right to doubt- Ive watched over 30 years also, and get irritated at people who want to pounce me after being on board for a short time, but what the hell. What do we know?? This was good for a laugh, thanks.

  14. Profile photo of liason4real

    I am a Liason fan who will NOT drink the “Frons” Kool-aid and have loved my couple since JJ’s Lucky introduced them at the old box car! Viva Liason! Besides, aren’t these actors coached on what to say to the press?

  15. Profile photo of jphelps



    The only part that interests me is the Alan/Monica stuff. Sam, Liz Jason, CArly whatever is beyond played out.

    Why doesn’t GH do a really compelling long term storyline like what OLTL is doing with the 2 Todd story or like Days did a couple of years back with the baby switch? Bring AJ back. Who cares about another Jason centric series of epsisodes that will change absolutely nothing.

  16. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    all i want to know is what music we’re getting in the background for these fantasies… lemme know if i need to light candles and turn the lights down… lmao :bigsmile:

  17. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    Exactly I don’t give a damn if he’s the man or not its a lot of things he says; I don’t agree with and I don’t have to go back and read diddly …

    I believe he is a Guza Frons ass kisser but I expect him to be if he wants an interview with the Head of daytime..or a headwriter…he gets paid.

    But still if that is my belief its “one person’s opinion” just like everybody has their own and if this makes me a nut then so be it.

  18. Profile photo of marknsprmo

    Hell I want to see Jason wake up a different man and I don’t even watch General Hospital. But I would if they would stop all the mafia BS. Even if he woke up someone completely new, I think it would be great. Or if he woke up and had all of his history in tact and chose his family over Sonny and the mob, I would be great with that. I tried to watch GH the other night but Sonny running around like a maniac turned me off. Also that stuff with Lucky was a little unnecessary. I did love Diane and Alexis going out for drinks though. That was stuff of good soap. More please. Also the hospital scenes with the Qs and Carly and Sam was good too. GH needs to stop being schizophrenic and just go with the human element. It is obvious that the audience is over the mob. GH is in the toilet with the audience along with the other show that does the mob stuff Days. Hmmmm is there a connection here? Me thinks so!

  19. Profile photo of GHFan777

    I am looking forward to the Liason dream. The show obviously knows just how popular this couple is…or they would not be giving us… from what I hear… is the best fantasy dream of all four.

  20. Profile photo of Teach19

    I think I am the only one who did not take offense to the “nuts” comment. I am nuts over Liason. I am bored to tears with Jasam!!! Being nuts over Liz and Jason doesn’t mean I am crazy, stupid, etc it just means I have good taste and would love for GW to see the ratings bonanza GH would have if he wrote about a relationship that doesn’t always make sense. A relationship that takes a lot to keep, sacrifices from both people and one that has a lot of history to play off of.
    Go Liason –from one nutty fan!!!

  21. Profile photo of bishbay

    Also re: ironing, Jason has asked Sam not to iron his underwear because she is terrible at it but she insists because she’s his wifey (even though he’ll never marry her tramp ass).

  22. Profile photo of tealita

    Bishbay–I cannot tell a lie. I honestly didn’t catch the referrence to Kill Bill I at first. And then, I had to sit there and really comb my memory. I remembered it in bits and pieces, but needed help from a transcript I found on Google. As soon as I saw it, I said, “Damn it, how could I forget?” I wonder if anybody else picked that up. I loved how you changed up the ending to keep it fair.

  23. Profile photo of jjfan93

    Liz and Jason are awkward and uncomfortable. This strange brother/sister vibe I get from them creeps me out. Steve has said on more then one occasion that it’s weird for him to kiss Becky and it shows.

    I don’t see the appeal on a friendship that occured between a teenage girl with an almost 9 year older brain damaged mobster that had a one night stand because they both couldn’t have who they really loved.

    Not to mention the fact that Liz doesn’t accept Jason for who he is. And I don’t like Jasam either I am just a longtime viewer who doesn’t get the liason fans point of view AT ALL.

    I mean, did you even watch the show before 2000 when the writing went sour? when REAL couples with chemistry were on?

    Because you couldn’t have if you think Jason and Elizabeth shared anything more then a roll in a already dead hay

    Anyways, that’s my spiel

  24. Profile photo of Angie Lucy
    Angie Lucy

    I watched before 2000, and I do think Jason and Elizabeth shared more than a roll in the hay. Faulty syllogism. Still, I understand if they don’t do it for some people.

    I found it interesting that SB said he no longer fights for change anymore; he just reads the script one night and films the scene the next day. I wonder if there was a single incident that made him stop or if it was just a change in perspective/priorities.

  25. Profile photo of Trisket

    I am far from a Liason fan (so I chuckled when ML called them nuts). Haven’t been one since their first go around ended. I am also no longer a Liz & Lucky fan. I would be much happier if Liz found a new man. No more obsessing over the past men that didn’t work out. So this fantasy where Liz will wonder what if seems really dumb to me, especially since she’s obsessing over Lucky right now.

    I will be excited about Monica’s fantasy, because I’m ready to watch the Q’s all together. How awesome will that be. I barely remember the whole family from before Jason Morgan was born. But the fond memories of what I do remember have me really excited.

  26. Profile photo of stefanstavros

    JPhelps I totally agree with your comments…Jason/Carly/Sam/Sonny are SO played out and BORING…I don’t know what the pull of these characters are…I’ve been saying for years Jason should revert back to his Quartermaine history…He needs a CHANGE for the love of God..LOLOLOL
    I agree the only thing I’m excited about is seeing the wonderful and compelling Stuart Damon as Alan Q.

  27. Profile photo of GH LOVER

    Love the interview…

    Im so happy they are exploring the fact that Jason is a Q!!! Guza loved to forget that..

    Can’t wait for the dream episode especially the Q’s scenes w.Jason monica Tracy Edward&Alan.. it should be fun seeing all these characters together..

    I really hope when Jason wakes up we will see real change w/Him&the Q’s it will be wonderful SL to see him rebuilding his relationship w/his Q’s family…and its about time lol

  28. Profile photo of soapfan616

    I don’t think the problem is who Jason is paired romantically with. It’s the character of Jason. A man who has the emotional range of peeling wallpaper is difficult to pair with anyone. There’s simply no chemistry when falling in love with a robot. His romance with Robin was perhaps the best use of Jason. It was sweet, sort of like two young people trying to find themselves. Liz, at first, was acceptable because she was young and naive. By the time Sam came around she was just too old to be chasing after a brain damaged hit man. And while LIz may be too old to be chasing after Lucky at this point, it would certainly kill any of her character’s credibility (if there’s any left after Looza Guza) to go back to Jason’s mob life and endanger her ever growing stable of kids (for a nurse, the woman certainly doesn’t know how to use birth control, especially when sleeping with multiple men at the same time).

    This point is the very reason I hope for some character development to come from the accident. I hope the writers see it that way. I could get into Jason/Sam pairing a whole lot more if she did not have to sublimate her needs to always fit around his killer lifestyle. It would also help if Jason could show any emotion other than the occasional teary eye.

  29. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    Liz – too old??? HUH!?!?! What the hell does that make Lucky a baby?? Or what about Sam I’m guessing she’s still young enough to run after a brain dead mobster. WHATEVAH :~

    At first I was thrown off by the comment “nuts” but listening to some Liason fans it doesn’t bother me. That and the fact that if the roles where reversed and the story focused on JaSam fans it would have said the same thing. The fanbases are passionate and both have their crazies.

    I for one am just thrilled that Liz is being included in the montage…it may be a bone but I never got that with Guza. I really wish this show did a triangle/quadragle romance it is what’s missing.

  30. Profile photo of rebecca

    It made my day to see the Liason fan base get slammed in a main stream publication!LOL! I mean i am not a Jasam fan either but i have noticed (on other M.B)that the Liason fans are the most hateful ones out there.So yea they deserved to be slammed.

  31. Profile photo of josser

    People have no sense of humor or understanding for the ironic. Jason Morgan is a killer; he’s sonny’s hitman. Jason has no problem killing someone who’s done him or Sonny wrong. Right?

    I find it hilarious that people romanticize Jason and Sonny. They’re murderers.

    Of course, on the flip side, Jax, the corporate shark/raider, has probably destroyed more lives than Sonny and Jason have taken. But, since Jax is a “businessman,” his ruthlessness is acceptable. Michael Corinthos Jr. made this point.

  32. Profile photo of soapfan616

    @ Ravenite—To clarify my point about Liz being too old to go running after a killer/mobster: it was in no way a remark about her chronological age but a hope that her character would be written as an adult, not the same way or worse than, she was written as a teenager. As a viewer, I hope to see some maturing over the years, some learning from past mistakes, some desire to make their futures better than their pasts. So yes, I do think Liz is too old to be chasing after anyone, much less returning to a mobster/killer. But thank you for giving me the opportunity to clarify my statements.

  33. Profile photo of rebecca

    josstheguy..I totally agree with you.But i just wish when Micheal was telling Abby that Jax was no better then Sonny she would have responded by asking ‘has Jax ever shot a unarmed cop in the chest point blank’? His answer of course would be no. Dante being shot by Sonny really shines a light on the fact that Jason & Sonny are nothing more the lowlife cop killers and their fans CANNOT justify it.It is something they can’t get out of or justify or sweep under the rug. They can no longer say that they are the bad guys with the hearts of gold or that the end justify the means.Or they only hurt the bad guys.That is ALL B.S.

  34. Profile photo of Cyberologist

    I do not think Jason and Elizabeth fans are the most hateful fanbase out here not by a longshot…I was around at the beginning of the Golden Pecker wars that started with Courtney.

    GMAB as for being slammed in the media I liked when he did they lost audience not saying any fanbase is all powerful but it just happened to roll like that…call out fans and drop to #5 how sweet is is…

    … alienating Fans of General Hospital isn’t a way to go to save this show even though rumors of cancellation for September 12 2012 is still out here…they need viewers everyone actors/writers/ex producers is asking fans to “watch the show.

    Even though Frons called fans of his show terrorist and pimps outs his favs wherever …I consider the source of all this and when it started. Bottom line just write good stories people will watch even the nuts and the terrorists.

  35. Profile photo of soapfan616

    I appreciate people being “nuts” about any aspect of a show. I used to be nuts about GH back when I was in love with writing and characters. I planned my entire day around Luke and Laura’s return in the 90’s. Call me “nuts” all you want. What is wrong when fans lash out at other fans just because they see the show differently. This forum is relatively free of the hate speech but others out there are down right hostile.

  36. Profile photo of GHfan-4now

    [quote=liason4real]Mmmm. Turn the lights down low and put on my Barry White music… ;)[/quote]

    Mmmm…. Barry White… Toss in a little Ally McBeal and a dancing baby, and we’ll have a midnight bonanza!!!!! :D

  37. Profile photo of rnbabes

    Will I didn’t know who Michael Logan was but I wear the nut statement well,
    b/c Liason fan want what they want. SB is on the talk show to pimp the couple he is in, he can’t make negative statements about Jatank that would cuz major problem. I didn’t realize Jason was a hit-man or serial killer, he has been nothing little pussy and I’m a Jason fan.

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