Bollywood Ending: Fired DAYS Vet Louise Sorel Blasts Soap Over Way Character Exits

I bet Louise Sorel wishes she had just told then Days of Our Lives executive producer Gary Tomlin to kick rocks when he asked her to return as Vivian Alamain back in December of 2009. The actress is speaking out again to Michael Logan in this week's print edition of TV Guide; this time about the insipid manner in which the beloved, comic villain she portrays is being written out of town. Auntie Viv's going Bollywood!

"This turns my character into an idiot, a cartoon," says the actress. "It's embarassing and pathetic for a woman of Vivian's age to suddenly announce she's going to be in Bollywood movies! I expressed my opinion to one of the producers much more crassly than I had intended because I was just so full of sadness and rage."

Apparently Vivian's manservant-turned-lover Ivan (Ivan G'Vera) is now a wealthy Bollywood producer and has plans to turn his beloved Madame into a film phenomenon in India. Okay, I see why Sorel is pissed. For more from the acting legend, pick up the Aug. 15-28 issue of TV Guide.

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    What did Louise Sorel expect? Dena Higley is a moron. She had to know that she wasn’t capable of writing a decent story for her character, much less a decent exit. As much as I love Louise, I hope she will get over this soon and move on with her career. But I still can’t help but wonder if perhaps the NEW writers could have found a way to restore Vivian to her former glory? I guess we will never know now.

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    Wow. What a kick in the face! It makes you wonder if it was intentional because of her speaking out about her firing.

    It’s a shame that I will never see Vivian Alamain back in her former glory – I’m sure Louise Sorel would rather move to India to star in Bollywood movies than return to Days ever again!

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    Well I wouldn’t blame Higley for this turn of events. Sorel was a result of the firings post-Higley to turn the show around if I’m not mistaken. This totally sucks–I’m sure she’ll make the best of the material despite the behind the scenes drama. She’s been turing sh** into sugar for years and always made it seem to work. I’ll miss her talent.

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    I Think the new Producers & Writers are the ones that decided Viv wasnt needed and I believe they are right. Since Maggie got outta that crypt, Viv has just been drinking wine with Gus or her new found son, Quinn

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    poor Louise Sorel i feel really bad being her number one fan i was going to quit days when deidre hall left but was sucked back in with Vivian’s return….i hope one day she will return.

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    Maybe Vivian isn’t needed, but the character deserves a better send off than this. Hope this ridiculous idea wasn’t the first thing the new writers are responsible for.

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    I absolutely see why she’s pissed. Bollywood movies, really??? With Dena Higely still in charge I should have seen this coming. My dog would have probably written a better exit for Vivian. I guess I should expect Carly’s exit to be an even bigger load of shit.

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    I’m pretty sure the new writers wrote this exit for her…sadly. I have a lot of faith in the new writers and show-runners. I’ve liked a lot of what I’ve seen and heard. I think Carly’s exit is going to be very well written. That’s all the new writers. I believed that Vivian’s would be great considering they actually brought Ivan back to escort her off the show. I was hoping it would be just like her last exit, but I guess they got goofy with it. I’m clueless on why they would do that, but maybe they are trying to make a point about her and her constant hating on the show’s way of handling things.

    While I do agree with her on almost everything she says because I think she’s a legend and should have been retained…I can see why that might piss off some people in charge. There had to be one person they could have gotten rid of to keep Viv around. She can’t make that much. I think the writers thought Vivian was useless without Carly. I think that’s a big mistake. There is Quinn, Victor, Kate, Stefano, not to mention JOHN BLACK! She loves John and they have great history together that they could have done a lot with. Oh well…what could have been..

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    This does suck for Vivian. I’m all for her getting the last laugh (though I could’ve dealt with a grizzly ending punishing her for her homicidal and sociopathic ways), but this is truly stupid. And this is ALL the new writers–Higley was outta Salem when Vivian, Carly, Chloe, and Taylor’s exits were written.

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    I agree with DynamiteKiddo. I wish they would have punished her for her crimes. She should end up in jail, not getting off scot-free for what she’s done. Her character is off her rocker more than ever before. Today’s lines really took the cake. She referred to Maggie as her “enemy” while Maggie was close to death. Her character sickens me. She shouldn’t get a goofy send-off. If anything, she should be sent to the same dungeon as Kristen!

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    The new writers did the exit. Everyone was hopeful when they cast Ivan. Now it seems she is getting almost the same exit as before. This could be retaliation for spoiling the John and Marlena return. They get some things right, bringing back Ivan, but then something so ridiculous. I suppose the fact she is getting an exit at all is an improvement over Higley.

    I say they are slapping shit together on the fly at Days. Must have been chaos backstage rewriting 17 scrips plus new scrips to keep moving.

    I hope this won’t be a pattern with these writers -good idea (Ivan) badly executed.

    This was Vivian’s last hurrah at Days. They didn’t ask her back 9-10 years, Days doesn’t have another 10 years. I can see how Sorel would let the truth of how she feels out with Michael Logan. I think she’s entitled to. She’s 70 and was retired, has nothing to lose. But I’m still sad it all ended up this way and we know she felt bad about the exit.

    Jamie, can you come up with an exit worthy of Madam on the fly? How would you have her exit Salem?

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    I always loved Ivan and Vivian. I am disappointed in Louise Sorel. While I agree her second run as Vivian wasn’t as nearly as exciting as her first, she needs to be professional. Just because Ken Corday wasn’t professional, doesn’t mean she needs to continue to publicly bash the soap all the time. She should take the higher road. One interview about being unsatisfied would have been enough.

    The new writing team was not a fan of the story that was being told for Vivian, so I am not a bit surprised they chose to go in a completely different direction with her exit and I support their decision.

    Apparently, I am the only one who is continuing to watch DOOL these days and not taking a break until Marlena returns. There are some great things happening- I like the Kiriakis/DiMera feud and I really am enjoying the pairing of Abby/Chad. Will and Gabi made love for the first time, Maggie is fighting for her life in the hospital, and Bo & Hope are defying Roman over and over again. Yes, I think Days needs a reboot and I am excited for the end of September, but I do think there are things going on in Salem that are worth watching!!

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    I’ve never watched Days because I couldn’t stand the Marlena character. I followed Chrystal Chappelle over from Guiding Light when it was cancelled. When she leaves, I’m outta there…one less viewer for days.

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    [quote=Jamey Giddens]Jamie, can you come up with an exit worthy of Madam on the fly? How would you have her exit Salem?

    I would have had Vivian appointed U.S. ambasassador to Alamainia. ;-)[/quote]

    Ok fuck yea! Thank you. That’s how I would like to remember her going out! Politics – perfect. Imagine the havoc!

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    It’s a shame that they are writing her off in that manner. Even though the rehash of the buried alive was done, she hasn’t had the humor story line wise like she did in the past so to have her disappear in such a laughable way does not fit her character now.

    Also, I don’t see why they couldn’t fit her into the canvas. If they found a way to keep Quinn, then by extension, she should stay. That is Quinn’s link to the show. From reading the previews in this week’s Soap Opera Digest, it appears as if Quinn may be linked to Taylor somehow. But why should I care knowing that Taylor is leaving the canvas as well. I have NO interest in Quinn other than the fact that he’s Vivian’s son (although this retcon is LAME too!). So despite all this hype of the new writers returning to what works, they should also remember the rule that if you have a new character with few links to the canvas then the character won’t work. He’s in the orbit of Vivian, Carly, Chloe and Kate. 3/4 of those people are out the door. If you want me to care about the character, link him and they linked him to Vivian, someone I care about but then they are booting the character! So I have no vested interest in Quinn.

    Vivian has ties to Victor, Stefano, Kate, Lucas (if he returns), Sami and JOHN! Come ON! Of all the firings to reverse, Vivian’s is the one!

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    Last week when Louise spoke out about the shabby treatment she received I thought she was right to do so. Everyone deserves to be treated with a little respect. But now this is turning into a “poor me” campaign against the show and that’s not classy.

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    I love me some “Augusta”, but she really is just coming off as bitter. She should ask Victoria Rowell how this all turns out (no offense Alston)

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    Always the same, the same stupid endings, the same crap storylines, the same modus operandi. The writers think that the returns of veterans will save the show but after use them, the same writers put the off the canvas like you put a banana peel in the garbage.
    Two years ago Louise Sorel and Crystal Chappell were the solution of all DAYS’s problems, today they are the problem and the solution are Deidre Hall and Dake Hogestyn. But, it’s sad to say than I think that, another time, will be the same…

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    LOUISE SOREL should go to the Bold and the Beautiful…She’s over the top like the soap icon and bigger than life, Darlene Conley…I missed my Sally Spectra…..shame she passed away nearly 3 years now….
    Louise Sorel could be Bill Spencer’s Aunt as a fashion designer from Milan or Paris or Rome….She could bring a new twist of rivals with the Queen Stephanie just like the classic Sally Spectra/Stephanie Forrester rivals.

    Have Louise Sorel be Eric Spencer’s sister from New York or have Louise Sorel be Nick Marrone’s Aunt and the sister of Jackie! That would be amazing of Louise Sorel being the bitchy snob rich sister of Jackie!

    I want LOUISE SOREL to head to B&B!!!

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    Kudos to Louise for speaking out. I really wish she would write a book. She’s been in the soap industry a long time and probably has a lot to tell/ plenty of insight. I know some people feel like she throwing a pity party now but I disagree. I say good for her for not going quietly. As long as she is speaking the truth I say keep talking. Shining a light on an industry where people are constantly mistreated isn’t going to sink it, maybe it will actually help. I hope she inspires more actors to speak up or take action. Maybe if they did she wouldn’t have to so often.

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    RealityCheck 33

    DAYS is a total shit-fest. Who is surprised by TIIC of this show’s lack of class in kicking Louise Sorel to the curb? Not me. This show deserves to fail and by my turning it OFF, I hope it’s sooner than later. Flush it.

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    They should have had a jealous Gus challenge Ivan to a duel over their beloved Madame. They should have shot at eachother, but Gus misses Ivan and hits Viv. Viv is in a coma. Ivan steals Viv’s comatose body and takes her away to a country where there is a clinic that may be able to help her. This way she leaves in suspense and drama with an opening to come back some day. Maybe even have a scene on the plane where comatose Viv squeezes Ivan’s hand as he speaks of getting revenge on all those who hurt her in the past.

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