RUMOR REPORT: Is Jennifer Aniston Doing a Cameo on Days of Our Lives?!

Is struggling NBC soap opera Days of Our Lives asking for a little help from one of its famous Friends? U.K. tabloid The Express is reporting Jennifer Aniston is set to appear in several episodes of the sudser in order to help "save her father's job." Said father is of course John Aniston who plays Greek shipping tycoon Victor Kiriakis on the serial.

According to The Express, Aniston's rumored appearance could help DAYS stay on the air, as the soap's ratings are in the toilet and network execs are planning to cancel it. I'm taking all of this with so much salt I might give myself a stroke, considering NBC Entertainment Chief Robert Greenblatt just stated the channel was happy with DAYS; plus the show has a contract through Sept. 2013.  That isn't stopping the Aniston rumor from picking up steam online, however.

In one alleged scenario, the A-list movie star would take SAG scale to play the harried wedding planner for Victor's upcoming wedding to someone named Maggie Norton. Oh wait, I think The Express means Maggie Horton (Suzanne Rogers)…

While I would absolutely love to see one of my fav-or-ite stars ever on DAYS, I think I'm gonna wait until this is confirmed by a U.S. publication before I start playing with my Rachel Green doll. Or maybe not (starts assembling my homemade Central Perk playset).


 Photo of Jennifer Aniston by PR Photos

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  1. Profile photo of appleridge

    Wouldnt Jen make at least 931.00 an episode which is AFTRA’s Per epiode minimum for hour long daily serials

    SAG doesnt cover Daytime

    Plus Given that according to Molly Burnett & Casey Diedrick that they just shot Halloween at the end of July wouldnt this be filming SOON

  2. Profile photo of Smallboy

    A big star isn’t enough to save a show. Look at GH with James Franco, have they better ratings? No, because to improve the ratings you need a good storyline, well written characters, full of feeling and with soul and no a wooden characters slaves of stupid storylines. People is bored of non sense changes…

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