Jacob Young Picks The Bold and the Beautiful!

So much for my poll! It looks like Jacob Young has made his decision and will be reprising the role of fashion scion Rick Forrester on The Bold and the Beautiful! The actor, who has been doing the work of his career of late as another dynastic heir, JR Chandler on All My Children, gave the scoopage to TV Guide's Michael Logan. Peep the touching moment Young shared with Logan about when AMC creator Agnes Nixon learned he was leaving:

TV Guide Magazine: First Debbi Morgan. Now you. How'd they take the news down at AMC that you're not continuing?

Young: [Laughs] The other day [AMC creator] Agnes Nixon was doing an appearance on our show and [exec producer] Julie Carruthers said, "Agnes is looking for you. She wants to say hello. She says she also wants to give you a spanking!" But Agnes, in addition to being a genius, is a lovely lady. She understood. When I found her she was getting her makeup done. I said, "Agnes, how are you?" She said, "Well, I'd be a lot better if you [weren't leaving]. Nah, it's okay. I just had to put that dig in there! You've been so great on the show and we've been lucky to have you." I think everybody understands. To let opportunity pass by during this time of uncertainty is just kind of silly. I couldn't wait around. I spoke to some of my cast members and advised them all to get out there in the business and see what's crackin'. Anybody with common sense would do that. I've talked to a lot of the AMC production staff and they're saying that if these deals with Prospect Park aren't put in place by September so that the production and the writing can get back up and rolling, it's going to be very difficult logistically. That January launch date would be very optimistic, to say the least.

I feel you, Mama Agnes. This news is definitely bittersweeet, as Young's portrayal of JR has been one of AMC's strongest selling points of late. On the other hand, I loved his naughty, teen sex-with-the-babysitter storyline with Amber (Adrienne Frantz) all those years ago on B&B and can't wait to see them pick up where they left off! For more from Young click here.

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    And another indication that the internet versions of “All My Children” and “One Life to Live” will be completely comprised of talentless, ex-Abercrombie & Fitch models.

    Sigh. This is going to be bad.

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    I can’t blame him for wanting to get rejoin a WINNING team instead of “testing the waters” at Prospect Park. Just hope Brad can write a decent story for him that’s not a lather/rinse/repeat version of something he wrote back in the early 2000s, which is essentially what he did with Adrienne Frantz. Time will tell.

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    Damn. He has really been bringing it lately with JR’s story. I mean he always has but lately I haven’t been able to keep my eyes off him.

    It worries me too about what Online AMC will look like.
    Just how many characters will be living offscreen in Pine Valley?

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    so happy for him loved his Rick.At least B&B treats him better than AMC.

    the online version of AMC is going to be bad i do not think any of the actors on canvas are going to sign onto PP this deal looks bad.

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    [quote=Karissa]Sorry but I don’t hold much hope for him on B&B look at Sarah Brown and others[/quote]
    He’s actually coming back to play a character already connected to the canvas in a major way. Yeah they wasted KL but I am hoping they actually give him a story. I wasn’t very hopeful when Scott Clifton made the move but that turned out to be better than I expected(not great). And as much as I love Sarah, the character did not work and was boring and didn’t fit her. Just because someone is great and iconic doesn’t mean everything is made for them and works. Genie Francis on Y&R prime example.

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    Preferred him as Rick. I remember Amber/Rick back in the day. Looking forward to those two. That is if amber is there. I lose track of that. She bounces around. She is entertaining though.

    I would think that the actors/staff would qualify to collect for a period of time in between the startup of PP. Why would the actors be any different than a general worker? Of course if opportunity presents go for it. But, can’t they collect in between?????I don’t see why they don’t qualify for unemployment? Otherwise, they are living on savings, etc.

    There probably are some on oltl who want to stay in NY because they do the live shows and prefer to live there. If I were them, I would look at this as challenge. I think the future is going to combine all mediums, which include online and tv. Just a matter of time for them to be combined. Sadly the computer/tv industry want to make the most money they can and I swear that is why a lot of changes come in steps. Same with all electronic advancements. Of course, it does take the population time to change also. (I am amazed at really elderly(70’s 80’s) talking on cell phones and shopping, etc. That still amazes me.

    I guess I am assuming they will film in NY which is some of the unknowns. I can see why many are skeptic.

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    I know I am greedy when it comes to AMC people, but I really wish him well and hope he is happy. On that note, reading the entire article scared me because he mentioned the gap between Sept-Jan. How will they advertise this to get people back? Oh I dont know about this. He made a real good point. But on another site, I read about the OLTL meeting with PP and its really looking good for them. I believe with OLTL we will just go from one form of watching it to another. Jerry VerDorn said fans wont see a difference in production. I just need Llanview to be Llanview. Oh Lord. I hate abc and the chewers and revolutionary.

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    Honestly, I don’t blame anyone from an ABC soap for not migrating over. After years and years of being d*cked around by that network, they have to go where they are likely to get more of a fair shake. These actors have mortgages, families, and lives. They can’t afford this d*ckery and douchery by ABC[and now Prospect Park]anymore. Either you get paid well, or you get paid poorly but treated with respect, or both. The time you waste as an actor on projects that don’t enrich or advance your life can be devastating to your career and life. The old days where soap actors were respected and compensated for their craft are long gone sadly, so actors can’t just sit by and hoping that they will be taken care of for their work…they gotta go there the opportunity is.

    If you work for an ABC soap, you get neither most of the time, so it’s probably best to get out while the getting is good. Jacob Young is one talented actor, and I can’t wait to see him on B&B. I am not a B&B watcher, but now you can bet your Mother’s beard that I will start watching.

    The good news about AMC stars not going over is that now they will have to be creative and start digging back in PV history to bring other families back to the forefront. I am definitely going to support the new AMC 2.0 but I am so curious to see who’s on it. I hope it’s not all Ashers, Randis, and Colbys.

    WISHFUL CASTING: Jr. Chandler is not being played by Bryan Datillo. Assuming he doesn’t return to DAYS. They can dye his hair blonde, and he would be the perfect Jr. Recast.

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    AMC could get Jonathan Bennett back as JR and Yes OLTL will still film NYC

    reports from the OLTL Luncheon say that the actors are jazzed. PP are pros and that AFTRA, WGA & DGA have all signed on to this. The deal is said to be in lawyers hands. So now its actor contract time for both shows

    AMC will continue to film in LA where they do now. PP will keep OLTL in NYC and is looking at three studios there. One in Queens, and two In Brooklyn. One of which is JC studios where ATWT was filmed.

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    appleridge – I also heard there were 2 in Manhattan and the JC studios. Im thinking that if actors from AMC dont want to wait around for AMC or stay in LA, they may want to come back here and cross over to OLTL. I think the first thing PP should do is make David Canary and offer he cant refuse to go to OLTL as Adam Chandler. That would be so fun. Also, bring Dorian back. Could you imagine Adam, Clint and Dorian giving each other the run around. I hope Robin is better so she can come back.

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    Restless Vixen

    I think this is great news, a real win-win. The Rick character is needed back on B&B and I can’t wait to see JY reprise the role. I really thought he and Adrienne Franz had chemistry. It will be really interesting to see them back on screen together. I never liked JT’s Rick and KL’s Rick was just a-ight.

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    Thank God! I am glad that Rick Forrestor is coming back to B&B. He is desperately needed. Now if they’ll bring back Bridget and Kristen and utilize Thorne and Felicia then all will be well.

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    I wish he would have stayed as JR but I understand his decision. I hope they recast JR. Pine Valley is already lacking in Chandlers. If they do recast I hope they find an actor who can act.

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    [quote=appleridge]AMC could get Jonathan Bennett back as JR[/quote]I like Jonathan Bennett as an actor, but I feel like he was too goofy to play Jr. He could do the comedic stuff, but not the serious stuff and definitely not the “Town Drunk” stuff, lol.

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    Ain’t nothing Going on but the R E N T. You got to have a J _ O _B , if you want to be with me…….

    The Economy is shaky at best. He has to work where he knows he’ll get a guaranteed decent six figure salary. I’m not mad at him. Make sure that contract is airtight for at least two 26 week cycles :)

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    Good for him and for not allowing Prospect Park to string him along to nowheresville. “All My Children: The Next Generation” is going to be one pathetic excuse of an online TV show with all the recasts and teeny boppers.

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    YES!!! This is GREAT news! I anxiously await his return as Eric “Rick” Forrester, Jr. But, keep him AWAY from Amber. Bring on someone new – someone with some diversity – and put them in a love-triangle with Thomas.

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    That’s great news!!!! The real Rick is back and yeah B&B needs him.

    I hope the reunite him with Amber. What an amazing chemistry those two had. I think if Young had stayed in the role back in 1999, he and Frantz would have become a supercouple. They just played so well off on each other. It was mind blowing.

    And come on for this reunion they could use all the old cheesy flashbacks. LOL

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    Maybe they can recast Kimberly Fairchild with Missy Egan or a new vixen I like Steffy but this show needs sexier vixens than her and MCE can pull that off

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    Jacob Young will go back as an A-player. He won’t be dumped onto the canvas in a B-player, supporting, role. A Rick and Amber reunion will be HOT!

    How can anyone blame him for looking after his career and family? Prospect Park needs to get its act together fast.

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    I want to be happy about this, because, B&B is the only show that has me taking to my tv in a good way, but I don’t want JY back as RFJ if he’s not going to be taking these nonForresters to task about basically stealing his family’s company. I’m so tired of everyone holding that daffy girl, and that big head boy’s hands like they’re little children.

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    from BFluellen1:
    “Thank God! I am glad that Rick Forrestor is coming back to B&B. He is desperately needed. Now if they’ll bring back Bridget and Kristen and utilize Thorne and Felicia then all will be well.”

    I agree with you – although I keep thinking it will take a cancellation notice from CBS before B&B gets its act together. I can just see that announcement from Bradley Bell now “Since we got our cancellation notice, we will be bringing back our core family members Felicia, Thorne, Bridget, Rick, etc.”

    Why does it take a cancellation notice in order for these soaps to get it together?

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    The problem of Brad Bell is that always is the same story. He loves an actor or actress, is full of illusions, but after a couple of months, he hasn’t enough airtime for all and he found another lovely actor/actress he want to promote. A bunch of exemples: Sarah Buxton, Dax Griffin, Mario López…

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    I wish he could have waited out the new deal with Prospect Park. But I definitely understand his decision.

    I, unlike many posters here, am hopeful for the move online and do NOT think that the shows will suck. I will at least, give them a fair shot like I have other shows. I hope many of you will do the same.

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    I was a viewer of “Guiding Light” and “As the World Turns” and watched both of those shows up until their 2009 and 2010 cancellations and let me tell you that if the stars from this show don’t get “out” and onto another show within two or three months of the show going out, then we’ll never see them for a long time.

    Michael Park (ATWT) for instance. The guy is freakin’ gorgeous and has two back to back Emmys but he never made a peep about doing any other show and is fading into soap oblivion sadly enough. Basically you have to strike while the iron is hot and in the soap world, there’s not a lot of heat to spare.

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    @An_Emmy: He might be fading into ‘soap oblivion’, but I think that DC reported MP’s doing plays. So, at least that’s something, esp. b/c many ppl want to stay in NYC & as we know there is only one (soon to be none, sort of) dog in that race.
    I agree with you though, the number of soaps are limited & if these actors get a role offered to them, then they would be fools not to jump at them. Even if the roles are short term (or the writer will only write for them short term) it’s better than nothing or an uncertain job.
    I do want AMC & OLTL 2.0 to have as many of their original soap actors as possible, but I certainly won’t begrudge those who choose not to ‘take the risk’.

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    It is horrific what these ABC execs have done with our soaps. So the only thing we can do is wait for the internet version and UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WATCH “THE CHEW” or any other ABC shows.

    I have stopped watching ABC except for AMC and OLTL.

    Let these idiots chew and spit their Chew.

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