Kathy Brier and Chris Stack Return to One Life to Live

ABC Soaps In Depth is confirming reports of One Life To Live alums Kathy Brier (Marcie) and Chris Stack (Michael) heading back to Llanview. Soap Opera Network originally broke the story. The two return onscreen in October. So far the show is keeping mum on how long the pair will stick around.

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    There seemed to be a backlash against these two when Marcy refused to give up her adopted son Tommy to Todd 2.0 but I still loved Kathy Brier and Chris Stack anyways. I hope they stick around until the show closes in January.


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    Love Kathy Brier and what she brought to OLTL, her pairing with Chris Stack
    (and before that Nathaniel Marston), plus she’s got that gorgeous voice. I’ve always appreciated that she was able to showcase that aspect of her talent.
    Welcome back… 0:)

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    I wasn’t a big fan and had completely forgotten about stack taking over the role. I do think it makes sense for them to return though. Hopefully they will stick around post ABC. I’ll take almost any familiar faces for the new OLTL.

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