Prospect Park to All My Children and One Life to Live Actors: “We Want to See You on All Our Shows!”


The mysterious peeps behind Prospect Park are starting to make their presence known on the sets of All My Children and most recently One Life to Live. While my sources tell me the execs couldn't get into too many specifics—on the advice of their attorneys—until they completed negotiations with the respective unions representing the sudsers, one thing that was clearly communicated was PP's desire to see their soap actors appear on their small stable of cable series!

"They told the actors that if they become a part of the Prospect Park family, they'd want to help grow their careers by assisting them in getting parts on their other shows like Royal Pains and Wilfred," says a setsider.

Hopefully this will entice a few current Pine Valley and Llanview dwellers to make the jump with the shows online, as several big name stars have already announced plans to move on. As I previously reported, my sources tell me PP also has a pact in place giving them first dibs to license General Hospital when and if that series is cancelled by ABC.

"They aren't going to go on the record about General Hospital, because ABC doesn't want to panic people, but there is a deal," assures the mole. 'This wouldn't be confirmed until the point in time that ABC decides to end General Hospital's network run."

As for AMC and OLTL, Soap Opera Network is reporting the soaps will premiere online Jan. 16, 2012. ABC Soaps In Depth adds they are hearing an official announcement about the soap's online premieres could come from the PP peeps as early as this Wednesday.


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    Jlafftery – I read Jacob Young’s interview the same way. But you know from what I read these PP people arent really worried about the time span between shows. And it could very well be that there is a sign on contract for them worth money that will hold them off. It all depends on PP budget and how desparate they are to make this work, and from what I have been reading, they have no intention of making it fail, so Im thinking its going to be good.

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    They have to make it worth these actors time, that’s the bottom line. Also, I bet most actors are waiting to see how things start off. A wise move considering that this is a wholly new venture.

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    Sigh. I really hope this works out, but the way Jacob Young has spoken in interviews has me scared because I have a feeling alot of the actors feel the same way he does. They are going to look at the other soaps that are still on network TV before they look to prospect Park, but that’s just my opinion.

    Jamey, what do you think?

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    I think JY’s deal with B&B has been in the works since April when deadline reported SONY was interested In JY and DM. I think this deal was almost done when PP came into the picture & JY had no intent of staying on anyways

    im super excited about this PP deal

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    I’m encouraged that PP seems to have been anticipating/laying the groundwork even before the deals were announced to move AMC and OLTL(and possibly GH), onto the web. Until they had particular “must haves” in place, they probably could not “leak” anything to actors/directors/agents/crew etc. Everyone has to do what’s best for his/her life situation, whether that means booking/signing with an existing show or seriously giving PP a chance to make their case for taking a chance with them. In any event I’m praying for the best possible outcome for this part of the industry… 0:)

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    Look when we first heard about this it sounded seriously flawed. We thought it would be some low quality internet thing. I dont know what everyone else thought, i am only speaking for myself, but I felt it could possibly be a huge demotion and a bad step down in careers. Maybe not. Maybe this will be just as rich in quality and the stars will be paid what they are supposed to be paid. I never heard of it being low budget. Jamey said, and I read somewhere else we will hear something Wednesday. When we start hearing more, than we will really know what to expect. And right now in with SWANQUEEN – Im praying for the best posssible outcome.

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    the fact is, the internet is going to be the medium for ALL shows in the next 10-15 years. The majority of viewers simply will demand that they see their shows when they want to see them and on what device they want to see them. the fact that the soap opera medium is moving with the times is a really good thing for soap opera fans. And think of how many potential viewers can catch up on their shows while riding the subway, waiting in line at the grocery store, sneaking a peak on their iPhone at work…While the AMC and OLTL that many people knew and loved may not be the same, the move is nothing but good for the genre. If ABC and other networks think that reality/self-help/cooking show garbage is what will keep them alive, then let them have that nonsense. But it is ABC who is behind the times. The big dominating national network is a relic of the past; the soap opera medium is moving forward.

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    I for one am excited about this! I think this PP deal is a good thing. And I’m glad that OLTL & AMC are getting in on the front end of cutting edge online entertainment. If this is done right, which I feel it will be cause I personally like the other shows that PP produce, then the remaining soaps may be looking to them in the future (looking to OLTL & AMC). It also seems like the people at PP are wanting to do what Jamey has said hundreds of times until he’s blue in the face, which is intermingle the “soap” stars with the other shows that PP has. It seems like PP is understanding all of this 100 times BETTER from the get go, than ABC ever did. I for one applaud them for it cause it’s about dang time network execs “got it”.
    I tweet with a good OLTL “source” & she said from their fan weekend this weekend that a lot of the OLTL stars are excited about the things the PP people have told them. So, with that in mind I’m totally looking forward to this. Do I think the shows will “look” the same? I doubt every little thing will look the same, but I’m excited & looking forward to fresh ideas.

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    WHy does anyone think someone would stay with PP and the uncertainly of that venture versus looking for something more stable? Don’t get me wrong, I think its kind of exciting, but these people have homes and mortgages to pay too.

    I don’t get soap fans. These actors are damned if they do or don’t. I expect people to soon start lambasting those who might choose to do something else with their futures. Jacob Young is right. Tell me how many people here would stop looking for other work for months at the chance of joining some new risky venture or company especially if you had a family to support. It might be different for the older actors whose options are likely more limited but any of the younger ones like JY I don’t blame at all. And if Susan Lucci is offered a gig on a new PT show, would she be labeled a traitor for not staying with PP.

    I have nothing against PP, I think this is all fantastic and great news for soaps but please don’t start attacking some of the actors who may choose for their own best interests that they need to do something else.

    I think the idea of trying to sell this as more than a contract gig but enticing the actors with some other work is intriguing and is a smart move

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    I applaud PP. This is excatly what ABC should have done: foster the careers of their stars and seed other shows on one of the many networks they have. I miss the days of the Sunday / Monday night movies. I loved when they would have a Danielle Steel novel starring soap actors. I don’t know DS, but I would watch because it was Eva La Rue or Erika Slezak.

    As far as Jacob and others, the daytime pool is so small now it’s not as if all the actors can make the leap to other shows and if they had other prospects then they would have left by now. I don’t watch the CBS shows, but it seems that you can wind up face down in a puddle of water in a couple of months, so maybe some folks who make the jump will be free later on down the line.

    I hope someone on DC is documenting all these goings on. I would love to read a behind the scenes book of what has gone down these past few years. A book with an eye to the reader that wants to know about the business of daytime. Fascinating. As was reported in an earlier post about Eileen Davidson, it’s all about self publishing.

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    Like I said in a previous post i do not think the core cast is going to sign. JY is prob going to be the first list of many stars that are going to move on to other soaps or primetime. TV is more money than online

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    I have my favorite soap actors just like everyone else. But the supply and demand aspect of show business is on the side of the producers. Some actors may go to PP while others chose to do their own thing. But there will not be a limited pool of actors for these shows.

  13. Profile photo of east.west

    Not gonna front, this is amazing news. So much, that I am pretty much converted to being positive about PP.

    I know if I was an actor on one of these soaps, I would sign the dotted line. Sure it wouldn’t be the cash $$$ like I was accustomed to, but paying side gigs in addition via my new company would definitely make it worth it.

  14. Profile photo of Jamestx

    I keep wondering where some of these long term soap actors are going to find work? Sure, a lot are talented, but honestly the supply and demand for quality actors for primetime shows (or the dwindling soaps) is also high. Although some will leave in the short-term, when the work ain’t coming there way-they will be baaaack!

  15. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    I agree Jamestx. There are so many actors from recently cancelled soaps that we haven’t seen pop up anywhere. The acting jobs are not as plentiful on tv anymore. Too much reality crap.

  16. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    These last weeks in August are the last tape days for AMC as it airs on ABC.
    My thoughts are really with the cast and crew as all this uncertainty hangs over them and when they film the finale for how many will it be the end? Are they saying “goodbye” or “see you when we start filming for PP”?

    Not to mention what a writing nightmare this must be. Creating cliffhangers for characters that might not even go to the online version and such.
    God bless Agnes, Lorraine, & Addie. It can’t be easy.

  17. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    Thanks for that, Ryan-Scott! Very well said. I’m less optimistic than others, so I believe the ends on ABC will be the end. Even if Prospect Park goes on, I think it’s only going to show what we’ve all REALLY known for years: there is no longer the audience to sustain the soaps as we want them to be. My thoughts, like yours, R-S, are for those who are giving us their all in these final days of AMC and OLTL on ABC.

  18. Profile photo of Nathang1983

    I agree, TV Gord. I’ve been thinking about how the soaps will not be as “veteran” filled online. I guess things could be worked out to have some of them on a recurring basis online, but I just don’t see how they can pay all these people without the shows being on television, much less broadcast TV. To be unabashedly honest, I’m glad I don’t watch the ABC soaps, because it would be hard to get un-attached to these shows.
    Which comes to a point about soaps in general. It is extremely frustrating that they absolutely will not get rid of a whole bunch of cast members and only employ about 10 or possibly 15. These are the last years of soaps, and saving money should be their aim. It’s really ignorant on the parts of producers and the like to not do this. If anything, DOOL should have cut some more people or put people on recurring. If they want to save the show (and aim to make money for NBC/Comcast), then why don’t save money by cutting back on cast member and going back to that core storytelling with a smaller cast. I think not only would the attention span and focus on the audience be better, but more importantly, so would the writers.’ Just my two cents though.

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    I think PP is very smart to offer to help foster the careers of the AMC/OLTL stars. Sadly, ABC, NBC, and CBS historically did very little in that regard. CBS now does a good job of helping Y&R and B&B actors get guest spots on its shows.

    It would be great if AMC/OLTL landed on one of the NBC cable networks, like USA, which airs Royal Pains. I could see a lot of soap stars appearing on USA, Bravo, or SyFy shows.

    Great job PP!

  20. Profile photo of CHRISTOPHER

    I think 85-90% of stars of AMC and 0LTL will not be back, whats the points of waiting for january? jacob young, debbie morgan (rumours Bobbi Easkes, who knows perhap susan lucci) will flee to CBS when their shows goes off the air for online which i doubt will last very long….

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    [quote=onnie]Like I said in a previous post i do not think the core cast is going to sign. JY is prob going to be the first list of many stars that are going to move on to other soaps or primetime. TV is more money than online[/quote]

    Definitely agree. You don’t hear many young actors and actresses out there saying they have dreams “OF BECOMING AN INTERNET SOAP STAR!”

    Heck, anybody can be a star on YouTube these days.

  22. Profile photo of nancylynnmarie56

    I wouldn’t want to see any of the cast leave. So far, I think we have lost two. Debbie Morgan and Jacob Young. Breaks my heart because they play the parts like no other can (IMO). They will be sadly missed. I keep telling myself that they were also new to the roles once and we grew to love them. Hoping it will be the same way with their replacements. On January 16, 2012, I plan on being there with a front row seat. I will tune into AMC wherever they go, be it cable or be it online. I mean, after 41 years of watching, it’s a very natural thing for me. I haven’t heard of which stars are planning to return. If anyone has heard please post in Silver Soapers on FB. I would love to know. Wishing Debbie and Jacob the best of luck and can only hope for their return in the future.

  23. Profile photo of Carol2

    [quote=CHRISTOPHER]I think 85-90% of stars of AMC and 0LTL will not be back, whats the points of waiting for january? jacob young, debbie morgan (rumours Bobbi Easkes, who knows perhap susan lucci) will flee to CBS when their shows goes off the air for online which i doubt will last very long….[/quote]

    Bobbie Eakes already fled from B&B once, and it wasn’t a very happy parting.

    B&B and Y&R are horrible at writing for new characters and B&B is horrible with turnover. If AMC or OLTL actors are going to want good employment elsewhere, the Bell soaps aren’t the best place for it. Just ask Maura West.

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