The Bold and The Beautiful Spoilers: Liam Proposes to Hope!

Liam/Hope: The Spencer heir pops the question to his lady love at a fashion show. Instead of giving him an answer, Hope bolts from the scene. Thorne and Marcus step in to smooth things over with the press. Later, the two attempt to consummate their relationship, but things don't go according to plan.

Ridge: The chiseled one grills Liam about where he stands with Hope and Steffy.

Steffy/Hope: The Forrester hellcat spots an opening to snag Liam all for herself. Meanwhile, Hope talks to Brooke about sex. Steffy tries to seduce Liam.

Hope: Ms. Logan puts the blame on Brooke's shoulders for the cause of her relationship issues with Liam. Seems Hope thinks if Brooke wasn't so footloose and fancy free with sex, she wouldn't be in the mess she's in.

Amber/Marcus/Dayzee: Marcus and Dayzee decide to give their relationship another go, but Amber wants him for herself. Ms. Moore steps to Dayzee and tells her to bow out so she and Rosie can have a family with Marcus.

Oliver: Mr. Jones takes is comforted at Bikini Bar by Madison and her friend.

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    Ive never watched B&B, but Ive caught a few episodes here and there over the past few months. I find Hope and her virginity storyline boring. Im not really a fan of her and Liam either.

    I have discovered that I am in the minority of people who liked Steffy and Bill! They are actually the reason that I started to DVR the show. That being said, I dont know the history of any of the characters of this show and if I did maybe my opinion would be different. Ive also only seen Katie in a few episodes so I dont know anything about her character or her relationship with Bill. Thats probably another reason why I liked Bill and Steffy together.

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    Hope is boring, but I admire her wholesomeness and goodness. I personally don’t understand how she could resist the urge to jump Scott Clifton’s adorably dorky-chic bones ;) , but clearly Brad Bell is trying to turn her into a positive role model for teenage girls, who are subjected to the likes of tramps like Lindsay Hohan on a regular basis and need to realize that its okay to wait.

    I tend to root for the bad girls, but I can’t root for that harlot, Steffy. She’s a scheming little tramp—-and not in a good way. I don’t love to hate her, I just HATE her. I want her to crash and burn. But I do wish Brad would inject Hope with just a litttttlllee bit more personality. She’s about 10 different shades of BLEH.

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    BNT I think we are alone in preferring bill with steffy over katie – maybe because Ive only been watching a little more than a year (so like you relatively new). Or at least I should say that I did up until Bill announced his intention to destroy steffy’s birthright – as if breaking his word to her and triggering all of HER abandonment issues wasnt enough. I was hoping his parting gift to her was his shares of Forrester – I think he owed her that much. I also was practically choking on my lunch hearing the 3 loosest women in town extolling the horrors of some women approaching a married man. In general I do think thats horrible, but hearing it come from brooke to ho from the valley logan, honeybear Donna and Katie let me come on to my neices husband logan made me want to hurl

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    Uggggh…Hope just Shut up please…

    …you led him to the water…you are inspiring and overcame so much this is 80% of her screen time…

    all she does is pimp Toxic Bridge she spends scene after scene waxing poetically how they are good role models and how in love they are. I can’t wait for Steffy to take Liam to the killing floor.

    I for one liked Steffy and Bill…but I knew the Logans would win so it didn’t offer me much drama….and poor Taylor has to be the stupidest bint on TV in love and continuing to pine for a man that dumped you not once but twice at the alter.

    IA DayZee and Amber sparring over Marcus didn’t make a lick of sense. I missed that DahZee and Marcus got back together …when did that happen???

    I don’t see he has chemistry with either of these ladies. Since Rick is coming back it’ll be interesting LoL

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    YR Southern Observer

    I like Steffy and Bill….can’t stand Katie….I still remember when she ran Forrester and lorded it over Eric…..Steffy and Bill have chemistry…hope they put them back together. The would be a dynamic couple.

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    I would like to say the bold and the beautiful is mine and my moms show we watch every day we love the show but steffy needs to be taken off the show she is a big problem to hope and all her anger towards the logans is crazy she acts worse then my 5 yr old when she doest get her way.. Steffy needs to be killed off the show and hope and liam need to get married hope needs to suck up her issuse and marry him he is the best thing to happen to her and if she really loves him like he does her considering he proposed to her on the run way in front of everybody she needs to say YES….. steffy is a big slut on the show and as for taylor she needs to move on and get over the fact that she lost again to brooke and she needs to take her bratty hooker daughter with her… steffy uses her body to get what she wants its nasty and it proves the girl has no self respect!!!! hope is trying to do whats right for her and not putting out to liam is not act of holding out its an act of respect and teach girls that they dont have to have sex to make a man love them so please get rid of steffy and taylor they are dumb bitchs if steffy ends up with liam im done watching the show shes a whore……..

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    I don’t think that they need to kill Steffy off the show. They need a manipulating psychopath, and she’s it. Instead of her whinny and crying like a child about wanting her mother and father together, I would rather watch Taylor and Ridge fight to keep their daughter sane, while driving her insane because Daddy can’t choose, and mommy won’t make him. Add that to the fact that every guy that she has a wink and a smile for has had a hard on for a Logan woman.

    I say, give Hope a hell of a lot more backbone and some brains. I don’t like Steffy, and I’m not supposed to, but even I was like “Girl, why do you keep taking your self over to that shipwreck’s abode. You want her to blow up on you.” If they’re going to constantly have the two of them girls in each other’s faces, Hope needs to step it up. I get that she doesn’t want to be like her mother. Totally get it. If I was Brooke Logan’s kid, I would have some issues with sex, but at the same time, she’s gotta be her.

    That’s the one thing that Steffy, as much as I don’t like her, has over Hope. She knows who she is and the rest of the world had better either take notice, or get the hell out of her way. Weak ass mother and spoiled ass father be damned.

    That should be B&B’s new story. Give Hope some personality and backbone, and let it be Hope v Steffy. I would watch that.

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    Actually what Im hoping for is that steffy snatches liam away from Hope and bill starts sniffing around again. I would love to see steffy tell him he made her choice and then watch the confrontation between liam and bill. Bill to me is by far the best actor on the show and featuring him is smart. Liam vs. Bill IMHO would be far more compelling than hope vs. steffy. If thats the direction they are going, I wish they had waited on bill buying in to Jackie O because they way they wrote it, he is going after the birth right of this woman he claims he shared deep feelings with – it would have been better to see him buying the company as revenge on her for bedding his son and on her father.

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    I see viablility in both rivarlies.

    If Ridge v Dolla Bill happens behing Steffy sleeping with Liam, it should be for revenge. Ridge is not a Forrester and neither are his children. They keep glossing over that, and the only way that they could play the birthright angle would be to change Ridge’s paternity…again. If they don’t, then that will be a glaring beat missed intentionally and, to me, that would just water down the story because people will be stuck on “this guy is not a Forrester!”

    Oh man…it’s only a half hour show, but I would be salavating over the explosion on the inside of the Forrester family behind the children being cut out. Then you have Dollar Bill waiting on the outside for his chance to take it all. Then you have Steffy and Hope. I like that idea of Hope being stronger than her mother. I like the thought of her being a woman without being a tramp. I also like Steffy being stronger than her mother when it comes to not being the other woman…I would watch this business…I wouldn’t take it off my DVR. Lol.

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