All ‘Talked’ Out: How Behind-the-Scenes Implosion at The Talk Proves Replacing Soaps is Harder Than Networks Think


There's more scandal and chaos going on behind-the-scenes at CBS Daytime's struggling chatfest The Talk than at a deacon board meeting at a megachurch in the South. Deadline is reporting co-hosts Leah Remini and Holly Robinson Peete's options for Season 2 likely won't be picked up.

The Peete news should come as no surprise to readers of and/or this blog, as Peete herself revealed her option hadn't been picked up last week to HipHollywood's vloggers. Additionally, I reported that only Julie Chen and co-host/executive producer Sara Gilbert attended The Talk's TCA panel.

"Several of the women can't stand each other," says a setside source. "It's been a nightmare to work on The Talk. They yell at the producers and blame them for things and constantly tell them what a terrible job they're doing."

While the Deadline report touts The Talk's ratings "success", my sources tell me the show's numbers are not at all what CBS expected, which resulted in a mass blame game during the first season.

"The Talk is doing slighly better than the soap it replaced [As The World Turns], but it's losing its timeslot," says an insider.

According to the Deadline report, The Talk posted its highest viewer numbers since last February in the month of July—2.21 million—however, that number is significantly lower than the almost 3 million viewers who watched ABC Daytime's cancelled soap opera One Life to Live the week of Aug 1-5.

"Talk shows may be cheaper to produce than soaps, but they still have to be able to be competitive in their timeslots in order to attract advertisers and The Talk has struggled in that vein," says an industry analyst. "They wouldn't be getting rid of two co-hosts at once if things were as peachy as is being reported."

I've been hearing since almost the beginning that things have never been "peachy" behind-the-scenes at The Talk, originally conceived by Roseanne alum Gilbert as a "The View for Moms." I broke the news last January that then CBS Daytime Chief Barbara Bloom was fired after reportedly clashing with co-host Julie Chen—who is also the wife of CBS boss Les Moonves—over the show's direction. This claim was vehemently denied to other websites. 

Shortly after I broke the news last month that co-host Sharon Osbourne was about to quit the series amid allegations of onset tension, it was announced she is "talking a little break" from The Talk, reportedly to spend time with her husband rocker Ozzy Osborne this fall. Now, according to Deadline, Osbourne's option has been picked up, while Remini and Peete are likely out.

"It's very strange for a show to start its second season with only two original players firmly onboard," says one mole. "If The Talk doesn't pull it together in Season 2, I doubt there will be third season."

Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops.

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  1. Profile photo of soapfan616

    My gut reaction is to say “who cares?” but this is kind of nice to know behind the scenes is just as crappy as what is shown on the camera. I can’t believe 2 million people watch this!

  2. Profile photo of Chelley62

    Getting rid of Leah just turned me off from the show for good. She and Sharon were the only reasons I even bothered to watch and not regularly. Forget it now, I won’t watch at all. I loathe Chen, can’t stand to watch her on TV period- I’m sure the animosity is mostly around and about HER. Now if they would just dump Let’s make a Dud! “Dud” is the goofiest, most idiotic show on tv! I can’t get through one show without turning it off. The networks made a colossal mistake putting these awful shows on in place of soaps. I suspect The Chew will suffer the same fate. We are sick of talkfests, dancing with losers, songfests (way over exposed) gameshows and reality programing! Give us good, scripted dramatic shows with a little comedy thrown in now and then, character driven stories and people who CAN act.

  3. Profile photo of dang90210

    LMAO that what you get for cancel ATWT GL Les you better getting together well this got to be good news for Y&R and B&B if they cant keep a talk show under control what can they do

  4. Profile photo of jphelps

    I have no love for the Talk and I know people love to rag on anything that might touch their beloved soaps but does anyone know the history of THe View. Do people know that that show went on for years until ROsie came on and her conflict with Elizabeth H is what drove the ratings up. Are we going to call The View a flop? DO people forget they rotated hosts for years until they found the right combination?

    I could care less about what happens to this show and if it gets cancelled so what but the fact is they aren’t doing any worse than the show it replaced was. Could ATWT have been improved and better most certainly but at least Moonves didn’t treat those shows with contempt like Frons did and gave them their due to an extent. ANd am I supposed to feel sorry for Barbara Bloom who was just as bad to the CBS soaps as Frons was to ABC?

  5. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    I can’t say I’m surprised at the turn of events that has occured. I can say I’m a bit satisfied that it may fall apart…not that any of these women will be hurting “in the pocketbook”, so to speak…karma coming back to take a bite…beware soap fans scorned… 0:)

  6. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    This crapstick show needs to be canceled….ASAP!! I like all of these women personally, but together this is just a mismatched mess. None of them have any real chemistry with each other and it’ just a disaster. I know it can’t bring back my beloved ATWT or GL, but canceling this show will be doing a huge favor to society in general, who I believe is tried of these generic “talk shows.”

    And Jphelps, the difference between “The View” and “The Talk” is that NO soaps had to be sacrificed in order for “The View” to exist, and I honestly believe that “The View” is TEN times more entertaining than most of the other copycats out there, although I am sure I am in the minority there.

    “The View” is like the Oprah Winfrey standard of group host talk shows—due to their tenure and longevity— and not everyone can be Oprah Winfrey. 90% of those who try fail dismally, as will these ladies………..EVENTUALLY. I am going to start my countdown now! :D

  7. Profile photo of bnt83

    I actually like The Talk. I never watched ATWT or GL and I didnt know until recently that The Talk is what replaced shows that people loved and watched for decades. If they cancelled Y&R and replaced it with a talk show I would probably feel the same toward it as others do about the talk. Coming from a person who had no loyalties to the shows that were cancelled, I think its a good show (way better than the view). I do agree with the people who dont care for Julie Chen. The other day Leah was about to make a comment about Les and Julie literally warned her before she even finished her sentence. Give me a break! Everyone knows shes only on the show because shes the boss’ wife.

    @Chelley62 I agree with everything you said. Great post.

  8. Profile photo of pumpkin

    I lost my post. Here we go again. In the meantime a prior post contained some of what I was going to say. The View had Meredith control which made it a Mommie show which I was not interested in. Rosie raised it ratings bigtime which is why Oprah probably grabbed her. The result of Elisabeth and Rosie conflicts is that Elisabeth learned how to debate, not attack.She can thank Rosie for that. Elisabeth now researches and is a better debater. Joy has her own show so enough said. Whoopie is wise because she thinks out what she is saying and also comments on age makes one wiser. She is honest and says do what I say, not what I did. Joy, Whoopie, Elisabeth are all very versed and debate with respect. Not so years ago. Rosie rocked the boat but all learned. There were others that I don’t think had the impact and never drew me to see what they were thinking every day. Sheree also adds by sometimes giving the more practical pov. Sheree’s experiences mimic many experiences of the fans. She also has self educated herself on many subjects which I find credible. That iswhat the show does every day. Still agree Rosie put the show on the map. Barbara adds also but I am glad she comes only for certain interviews and/or shows.

    The Talk was dumb. Sharon O does not impress me and I do not think she is thereason the talent show works. Leah is obnoxious. Not sure why Holly is not coming back because I thought she was the best. Julie comes off with silly stuff and it is so fake when she tries to be one of the girls. Melissa G is totally uncomfortable. That show has no chance. I just can’t stand the mommie issues. I am in the 50 range for goodness sakes.

    By the way the baby boomers are retiring and they are not interested in mommie dribble.

  9. Profile photo of Ceridwyn2

    Can’t say as I’m that surprised. Same as I won’t be surprised when The Chew and The Revolution air that both will die sooner than they expected.

    Jamey, I think this sentence needs to be adjusted: “Several of the women can stand each other,” says a setside source. ‘ Shouldn’t that be several of the women *can’t* stand each other,”?

  10. Profile photo of jphelps

    [quote=alstonboy4315]And Jphelps, the difference between “The View” and “The Talk” is that NO soaps had to be sacrificed in order for “The View” to exist, and I honestly believe that “The View” is TEN times more entertaining than most of the other copycats out there, although I am sure I am in the minority there.

    “The View” is like the Oprah Winfrey standard of group host talk shows—due to their tenure and longevity— and not everyone can be Oprah Winfrey. 90% of those who try fail dismally, as will these ladies………..EVENTUALLY. I am going to start my countdown now! :D[/quote]

    I think The View is shitastic and plays into all the stupid stereotypes about how superficial and stupid women are. BUt because they catfight on the air its “good” talk show? GMAB. I give Oprah her due. Her show made a difference and never made women look like stupid morons. Oprahs show started out as trash talk but grew into something compelling.

    And people keep insisting The Talk replaced ATWT. P&G wanted out of soaps same as ABC wants out. We can keep blaming the replacement shows for this but it has nothing to do with The Talk, THe Chew The Spit The Pew or whatever shows get aired. Blame the craptastic showrunners like MAB who writes women as desperate needy victims or shrews all needing a worthless man to survive or the networks who maybe could have showed some creativity and shifted the timeslots.

  11. Profile photo of SoapGuyFlorida

    Ironically, The Talk still looks 100 times better than the promos for The Chew.

    And as someone else said, I am completely sick of seeing Julie Chen on my TV…and I dont even watch the Talk or Big Brother!!!!

  12. Profile photo of Ryan-Scott

    Alfre Woodard is a favorite actress of mine and they had her on recently so I watched it to see her. Leah and Sharon annoyed me. Sara didn’t seem to fit in but she and Holly did bring some class to the table. Holly is the most natural for this in the bunch. As for Julie, well we all know why she isn’t going anywhere.
    Just cancel it.

    As for The Few, they have always had a host or two that has annoyed me so they always get less than 5 minutes out of me.
    Current: Whoopi, Elizabeth
    Past: Rosie, Star
    Always: Joy

  13. Profile photo of jphelps

    [quote=alstonboy4315]Jphelps– I am not going to change my opinion on this and neither are you, so let’s just move on!![/quote]
    Touche my friend. I don’t always agree with you but I respect your passion and opinions. :)

  14. Profile photo of keanna

    As always great article, Jamey!!

    Gotta to say I am with Alstonboy as usual, and with Pumpkin as well. The View ladies ACTUALLY bring something to the table, that’s why they’re starting their 15th season next month, and no other talk show with multiple ladies hosting has come close.

    Hate to say it, but a part of me is getting a chuckle from this. I saw a couple of episodes, but I knew the Talk just isn’t very good. I like Leah, Sharon, and Holly, but Sara seems uncomfortable half the time, and I just don’t think Julie fits this talk show relm. I mean I’m in my late 20s with no kids,like many other women out there and like Pumpkin also said baby boomers are going to be retiring soon, (including my mom), they’re not interested in a show about mothers.
    Didn’t they do this with the Mommies and that show didn’t work.

    I don’t think networks have a clue what put on television anymore, they say the viewers want one thing, but it dosen’t come to fruition. That’s why as an ABC soap viewer, I know that the Chew and the Revolution will flop big time.

  15. Profile photo of arielade


    You think you can replace soaps with crappy chat and reality shows so easily?? It The Talk is having this much trouble, how the hell do you think The Chew and The Fat Porn Show are going to fare any better????

    IDIOTS, the entire lot of Daytime executives are IDIOTS.

    Sorry. Hormonal pregnant lady.

  16. Profile photo of TV Gord
    TV Gord

    alstonboy and jphelps, I admire the way you worked out your differences so diplomatically (especially the way you completely sidestepped the fact that one of you is right and one of you is wrong)!




  17. Profile photo of RoseVioletDaisy

    This is a non-story. The Talk sucks and I hate it but it does pull in better numbers than ATWT for half the cost and that’s all that CBS ever expected of or wanted from it. The shedding of a few unnecessary co-hosts is hardly a sign of impending doom. The View’s done it at least a dozen times and was utterly horrid it’s first few years. Alot of people thought Let’s Make a Deal would be canceled within six months but it’s still pulling in better ratings than GL did at 40% the cost. It’s not going anywhere either. The ABC replacements will probably succeed simply because, like CBS’s soap replacements, they were specifically designed to be so cheap to produce that they almost can’t fail.

  18. Profile photo of ldylkng

    I just wonder how many people have made the same mistake I have;

    In dvr’ing AMC,OLTL, & GH, and then running them right after Y&R,
    and B&B are over on CBS. Which means your TV is still tuned to CBS
    but was watching ABC.
    Y&R starts here at 12:30, and B&B at 1:30.
    The Talk starts at 2, which is when I start running my dvr of AMC,
    OLTL,&GH. I hope this makes sense . But realize how it could
    misconstue ratings. Because my tv actually is tuned to CBS the
    whole day.
    It would have been great if AMC would have led off at 2, but it starts at 1, so can’t watch them all live.

  19. Profile photo of alstonboy4315

    TV Gord,

    Please don’t be vague. Enlighten us. Who is right and who is wrong? If I am wrong, I don’t care. I have been wrong before on DC………and am usually proud of it. :D

  20. Profile photo of

    I have no idea how I feel about this or what I think until I read what Alstonboy tells me what I should feel or think about this.

  21. Profile photo of

    But you had to come to a story you’ve already read to see if someone is speaking about you. You love the attention. There isn’t a story on here you don’t comment on..and it’s always I, I, I, me, me ME!
    And you’ll be responding to this too, because you can’t help yourself.

  22. Profile photo of alstonboy4315


    You pathetic little troll doll, please stop harassing me and get a life. It’s clear you only come on DC to toy with me. I have reported you to Jamey and the administrators, so hopefully they will delete your account and I won’t have to deal with you anymore. I am putting you on notice that I won’t be responding personally to your disgusting posts in the future, so please stop referencing me and find some other way to waste your time. I don’t know who or what you are, but you truly disgust me.

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