Holly Robinson Peete Thanks Fans For Support, Says She Hopes to Return to The Talk

Holly Robinson Peete let it be known via Twitter she is holding out hope of being asked back for Season 2 of The Talk. The talented actress, who is one of the few enjoyable co-hosts on the panel (the other being a soon-to-be taking a "break" Sharon Osbourne), tweeted this to her followers:

Hey… THANKS for all the lovely supportive comments All I know is I love The Talk and hope to be back next season xoxo #realtalk

Personally, I think Robinson Peete is much too good to be sweating out an invite to return to The Talk. She should be anchoring her own BET dramedy and/or appearing as one of the hottie moms on an ABC Family series.

Maybe Robinson Peete could develop a series about a high-powered LA couple, raising twin teenagers, one of whom happens to be autistic, like her real life son RJ with former NFL star Rodney Peete? Morris Chestnut or Boris Kodjoe could play her hubby! A series like that would be a perfect companion to ABC Family's Switched at Birth, which features a hearing impaired teen, and would provide Robinson Peete with a larger platform for her autism awareness efforts.

Whatever she does next, I know Robinson Peete will continue to entertain us like she's been doing ever since she was solving crimes with Johnny Depp on 21 Jump Street. We got ya back, Holly!

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    This annoying, awkward, unfunny, forced clusterfreak of a show needs to be canceled–YESTERDAY! It simply isn’t entertaining and I don’t see why anyone in his or her right mind would watch it, other than the celebrity interviews, but you can watch those on primetime entertainment magazine shows like “Entertainment Tonight” or “The Insider”.

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    I’ve watched the show a few times and it is not that bad. It is not as good as my soap was for sure, but it is tolerable on most days. Why TPTB on that show did not reup Holly’s contract first thing is beyond me.

    I can do without Sharon Osbourn, she really does not add much to the show, and I can definitely do without Leah Remini. She may be a good actress, but just as they described, she is a disruptive force on the show. They may have been talking behind the scenes, but I am talking in front of the camera.

    Julie Chen has loosened up some compared to the way she was when she was first on TV. Her upbringing played a large part in how reserved she has been, hence her nickname Chenbot, but as long as Julie is married to Les, like her or not, she is going to be right where she is as long as this show is on the air.

    I know some put this show down, comparing it to the View, and while I think it is kind of a take off on the View as far as it being a panel of women doing a talk show format, there is where the similarities end. The women on the Talk are not a panel of political wannabes who think their opinions are the only opinions that should matter like the ranting and raving fishwives on the View. Now there is a show I cannot tolerate at all!!!

    I watch the Talk because it is strictly entertainment, and not a daily Obama Pep Rally.

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