James Franco Back at General Hospital

The "Will he or won't he" game is over. James Franco is coming back to General Hospital once again. Soap Opera Digest is confirming what TV Guide's Michael Logan scooped last month, Franco will return to Port Charles.

The actor will resume his role as the madcap artist Franco, who's got a one-sided love jones (of sorts) for Jason (Steve Burton), on Sept. 20. Franco's visit to the fictional town is slated around the time Jason and Sam (Kelly Monaco) are to be married. All I know is, that kooky freak show best not ruin JaSam's wedding before the "man and wife" part or Jason won't be the only reaching for the desert eagle!

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    Probably because it adds absolutely nothing and no story value to the show. Just another person obsessed with dull Jason. I don’t see that as compelling story. If you get an A lister have him do somehting interesting. I thought him being a Cassadine could have been interesting and creepy.

    Now if GW had some guts they’d actually reveal that Franco was AJ Quartermaine which could explain a lot of his attacking Jason although it would not explain him having his own son raped in prison.

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    I only saw ten seconds of him on GH since I was not watching the show under Looza Gooza. But Mr. Franco does give me the good type of goosebumps as well. Let’s hope they can utilize some of his natural appeal to propel a decent storyline. I do like the idea that he is a Cassadine. We do need more of them..at least well-written ones.

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    @jphelps — I agree the Franco s/l adds no value to the PC landscape. This is yet another stunt-casting trick and will prove to be a costly mistake. Do they ever calculate the true return on investment before they pay big money for these “guest stars”? I will continue to FF through the Franco s/l. Not a fan of the actor and I detest the character.

    I can’t agree with your premise of Franco really being A.J. That is one instance where TPTB should let sleeping dogs lie or just let dead dogs stay dead.

    Having Franco be revealed as a Cassidine might explain his lunacy. The only problem there — Helena and Papa Z present more than enough lunacy. If they plan on doing another half-baked s/l (like the Loony Lisa s/l) don’t waste our time.

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    Burton says in a Michael Fairman interview James Franco did not get paid (I thought it was an actor’s guild thing or something that actors have to be paid) anyway that’s what he said and I read he Franco paid”out his own pocket w/the help of Gucci sponsoring) for the MOCA culminating scenes last time.

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    Chasin Jasin x3 same ole story I need something different here. He flopped the last two times he came there’s a reason for that. I’m a Franco fan I didn’t want to see him obsessed over a man three times its ridiculous.

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    I appeciate that people like James Franco. He’s a good actor. But honestly I would feel the same way if my beloved Meryl Streep appeared and were running around after Jason Morgan. The story is boring and not remotely interesting. And what is it obsessed with the dullest leading man on soaps. I am a women and like compelling interesting good looking male characters. Todd Manning as repulsive as he is I find the psyche interesting. EJ Dimera the rapist, good looking, and charming and repulsive but I still find him interesting. Same as Adam Newman. And I like lots of good guys too. But Ryan Lavery like Jason Morgan total zeros. ANd for the life of me why anyone would be interested or obsessed with some brainless zombie of a leading man like Jason no clue. AJ Quartermaine, expecially with Sean Kanaan, was always the more interesting of the 2 brothers anyway.

    But hey we all like what we like. I hope this return turns out to be more interesting than his last 3 visits.

    On a side note I think they have to pay Franco for his time but I think they pay him scale.

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    WHY WHY WHY? JAMES FRANCO was a disaster as the Host of the Academy Awards like the world knows it…GH doesnt need him, just bring the best storyline of the Quartermaines and Sky Chandler, James Franco brings a comic book character, GH doesnt need that S***!

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