Marc Cherry: “I Just Had Lunch With Susan Lucci”

Will Susan Lucci head to Wisteria Lane or somewhere else? The good folks over at ABC Soaps In Depth got the tea from Desperate Housewives' creator Marc Cherry on if La Lucci will pack her bags to head for his fictious street as rumors insist. Cherry stated:

I just had lunch with Susan Lucci," Cherry exclusively tells In Depth. "And I don't know that she'll be on DESPERATE, but hopefully maybe something in the future."

Wonder if Cherry has Lucci in mind for his pilot Hallelujah? The show is centered around the town of Hallelujah, TN, where the residents are being divided by good vs. evil but things change when a stranger arrives who restores some harmony. Sounds like when Lorraine Broderick restored harmony to All My Children after several writing team Pratt-astrophes.

Photo of Mark Cherry by PR Photos.

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    I guess SUSAN LUCCI will NOt be on the AMC online…without Lucci there is no AMC…Susan Lucci is AMC, like no Eriika Slezak without OLTL or Victor & Nikki without Y&R or the Queen B Stephanie Forrester without B&B .but it would be like AMC the next generation on the web.

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    Doesn’t mean Susan won’t have a part on AMC. It might not be as often or not but Susan has proven she is loyal to AMC and wants AMC to thrive. Assuming she’s not going to AMC is putting the cart before the horse. Marc could possibly have a new series in works with ABC to include Lucci. I have tremendous respect for Susan for dedication to this genre. Susan over the years has always done other projects and hey PP might give Susan a excellent deal and it could be PP’s priority to clinch Susan and might have Erica in front burner story to kick the series off on the web and be front in center to drive story and drive the audience online. Erica fans would love that if the big story is going to be surrounding Erica…I know I certainly would love a meaty, juicy story to kick off the web series with Erica. ;) Leaving it open Erica being diagnosis with breast cancer or ovarian cancer ….a social issue Agnes’s soap.

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    Yes its last season is this coming season. I love DH and will tune in to my beloved housewives. Wouldn’t it be a kick if PP and Cherry would team up to put a new version “Wisteria Lane” along with OLTL & AMC… ;) it’s a soap and just have a different set of neighbors on Wisteria Lane but keep the same element and humor of DH.

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