UPDATE: All My Children’s Walt Willey Spills More Prospect Park Tea!

Walt Willey (Jack) shared a few more deets about the proposal Prospect Park presented to the cast of All My Children with Soap Opera Digest.

"Tuesday night, Prospect Park presented their first proposal on this. I’ve only barely scanned the thing because I’m in Chicago doing press, so I don’t fully know the content, but I know this much: Here we go! Obviously, they are going to do this thing.

For more of what Willey dished with Digest click here!

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    :) This sounds positive. Excites me for the 2nd coming of the soap genre…to lead the way for true web programming and smartly starting with what has been an addiction to Americans for 70+ yrs…..the American soap opera. We don’t want it to die. Lead way AMC & OLTL, whose says this could start a revolution…P&G is paying attention. ;)

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    Wow PP is doing what the soapnet channel refused to do I still hope this isn’t a Brian Frons front and he’s totally out of it not pulling any story strings that’s my only concern otherwise it sounds good.

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