Steve Harvey Plans to Bring The Funny to Daytime TV in 2012

Now here's some talk show development news I can get excited about! My absolute favorite, syndicated morning radio host, Steve Harvey is reportedly developing a daytime talk show with Endemol USA. According to Broadcasting & Cable, the hysterical comedian, who has transitioned into a relationship expert in recent years—thanks to his New York Times best selling books Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man and Straight Talk, No Chaser— is partnering with Endemol and NBCUniversal for a syndicated talker that will couple Harvey's comic sensibilities with his advice platform.

"Most daytime talk shows today that have a comedic undertone are celebrity driven. This show will have a comedic sensibility with Steve as a host who will actually deal with, comment on and discuss topics and issues that people bring to the show. It will always aim to be comedic, as well as poignant and inspiring," says Goldberg.

I have been a huge fan of Harvey's since his self-titled WB sitcom The Steve Harvey Show (RIP, Merlin Santana) and wake up to his nationally syndicated Steve Harvey Morning Show each and every morning. Dude even got me to turn back into Family Feud since he started hosting the gamer! I cannot wait for the fall of 2012 when Harvey's new daytime vehicle is set to premiere! What about you guys? Are you excited to see Steve Harvey get his own talk show?

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    I am not excited to see Steve Harvey get another gig and think he is already overexposed and under-talented. His current set of books sells archaic, sexist and homophobic views of how African-Americans should be in the world. I saw him on The View several months ago and he stated, “that all men need women” to which Joy asked him about the case of gay men who do not need to be in romantic relationships with women to which he answered, “I meant real men.” Whoopi and Joy seemed offended but Joy was the only one to call him on it to which he went on to make several lame jokes before Whoopi changed the subject. ABC’s message boards blew up with many, like me, who were offended. Steve Harvey was never that funny to begin with but I will not support him and his ignorance.

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    I agree. Steve Harvey represents a sector of the population that I believe is as offensive and damaging to society as liar, thieves and murderers: “Christians” who try to hide behind the Bible to justify their hatred and intolerance. Those types of people are almost as low as pond scum in my book. I was following him on Twitter, but after hearing that he said such a disgusting thing, I have officially unfollowed him. I won’t be supporting any of his ventures from this point forward.

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    Jamey Giddens

    Not all Christans are evil. I missed the whole The View situation, but in his first book he encourages all women to have gay friends. I don’t know him from Adam, but lumping all Christians in one pile is as dangerous and destructive as lumping all Muslims or people of any religion into one pile. My Grandmother was a Christian and raised me as such. I don’t subscribe to everything I was raised to believe, but a lot of Christian values are of merit and universal to all positive aspects of faith.

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    Being Christian has nothing to do with being sexist and homophobic, which Steve Harvey presented as when I saw him on The View last September. I do think Steve Harvey is conscience of his base supporters, many of whom are Christian African-Americans who hold a “second-class”-view of anyone not hetersexual. I do think it’s of the utmost irony that any person who claims to be a devout Christian (or Jew or Catholic or Muslim) can utter “anti-” sentiments about gays.

    Jamey – I have no idea in what context SH suggests that women (I assume he means heterosexual) should have gay male friends (of which I assume is of the flamboyant, “girlfriend”-variety.) I am inclined to make these assumptions based on what I viewed.

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    I agree, not all Christians are evil, but those who bemoan homosexuality one second, but use drugs, drink, fornicate, gamble and break every commandment under the sun the next minute are the ones who I am referring to. I am sure that Steve Harvey isn’t an evil man who bites the heads off of kittens or pushes old ladies into moving traffic, but his past comments turn me off. And I also agree that many biblical teachings are very useful and helpful to society as a whole.

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    Restless Vixen

    Steve Harvey the comedian = Yay!

    Steve Harvey the self-appointed guru of “Black Love and how African American women can catch a man” = BOO!

    And for what it’s worth, I equally bemoan the likes of the women who wrote “The Rules” or anyone who comes up with a laundry list of things women must do transform herself into “wifey” material. If he sticks to telling jokes, it might be alright. But if it’s a bunch of hooey about women needing to “fix” themselves – not interested.

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