Will Bravo’s Millionaire Matchmaker Hit on Days of Our Lives’ EJ DiMera?


NBCUniversal is working the synergy thing! Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger is guest starring on three episodes of Days of Our Lives starting Sept. 26, sharing scenes with EJ (James Scott) and Nicole (Arianne Zucker). Stanger will again appear on the sudser this October.

 The fast-talking relationship expert dished her Salem, U.S.A. cameo recently on Access Hollywood Live, where she praised the DAYS cast, saying they don't get nearly the credit they deserve for tackling 200 page scripts and working 14 hour days.  Watch the video here!


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    Patti Stanger is nothing but your typical, run-of-the-mill reality TV opportunist, out for her 15 seconds of fame. And anyone who would pay this woman a DIME to help them find love deserves to get swindled. How the hell can a woman who can’t keep a man herself teach OTHERS how to find and maintain love?

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    Divorced??? Has she ever been married??? Honestly, I’m curious. I knew she was engaged to some guy she had been dating for eons, but then they split up, so… hmm, interesting.

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    maybe its a case of those who can do, and those who can’t teach…..
    I don’t think she has a particularly good track record on her show. she seems to like to berate men and women are sorted into grades of cattle. Pretty but stupid, smart and sassy, etc. But God forbid ya don’t look good in a cocktail dress….. The guys on the show always go back to the type of girl they like. why she even offers the choice to them is beyond me. If she thinks that the type of girl they like is wrong for them, why offer them the choice? why not only offer them girls she thinks is good for them?
    I think the whole matchmaking thing is a scam for her. In the old days, a matchmaker was part of a community. They knew everyone from the butcher to the pianist at the church. Alot of the work a matchmaker would do is broker a financial situation but I am sure that they also worked with people looking for love as well when all things were equal. This woman barely knows the people she is brokering for. And a cattle call of girls is hardly the way to make a deep and meaningful relationship for someone.
    you are just as well off on a matchmaking site on line!

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    LoL, I love her!
    I like what she has to tell those guys on that show b/c it is something that they need to hear & are not used to hearing. She is a truth-teller & I like that. And just b/c her relationship didn’t work out it doesn’t mean she doesn’t know what she is talking about, it just means that her relationship didn’t work out! LoL. And yes, Mark, those guys always go back to type (& I hate it!) but I think that she offers them their type as a test for them b/c most seem to come back & realize that these women aren’t for them, that they aren’t compatible… and then I assume that when she fixes them up again (off camera) that they are more willing to listen to her & take her advice b/c they “learned their lesson”. And plus, if she doesn’t make them see that they will regret “their type” I am sure that these guys will just go behind her back & pick up their type outside of the milli-club while she is matching them. I see it like a preemptive strike, lol.

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