Carolyn Hennesy Falls For Swiffer Wet Jet

Carolyn Hennesy keeps fans cracking up in daytime on General Hospital and primetime on ABC’s Cougar Town. Now, we can add her new Swiffer commercial to the list of roles that keeps us chuckling. Watch Carolyn Hennesy’s Swiffer commercial after the jump!

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    I love Carolyn Hennesy. Her dynamic with NLG and MB/SB on GH is wonderful as well. It’s so silly but I love the stupid swiffer commercials.

    Good for you Carolyn. Perfect casting. LOL

  2. Profile photo of sassysdreams

    Congratulations Carolyn!!! The commercial is a hoot and I know she is currently filming a guest spot on a new scripted drama to air in the fall. She brings a sassy energy to everything she does and I look forward to seeing even more of her on GH and everywhere else!!

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