Angie FINALLY Finds Out The Truth on AMC!

Jesse (Darnell Williams) has been carrying the weight of his secret for ages, but this week on All My Children Angie (Debbi Morgan) finally learns the truth about Lucy. Meanwhile, which other former Pine Valley residents might still be alive? Watch this week’s AMC promo after the jump!

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    I wish there was more time to do this reveal, but I am confident that Debbie Morgan is going to hit the scenes out of the park! I hate David Kreizman(Chuck Pratt Jr. Jr.) and Donna Swajeski, they really should be writing for Nickelodeon or Cartoon Network.

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    this story is 4 months 2 late

    i thought that this sl would put the Hubbards in a frontburnner sl but i was wrong

    Debbie and Darnell are going to bring it no doubt but I would rather have them on everyday than David Frankestien

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    I can’t wait to see Debbi Morgan unveiled as the amnesiac Drucilla Winters on “Young and the Restless.”

    That genius Maria Arena Bell is gonna write some amazing story this upcoming fall and winter. I smell an Emmy nomination for Julia Pace Mitchell next spring.


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    Please! Debbi Morgan is Victoria Rowell’s good friend. She would never take on the role of a recast Drucilla. The two of them have been long time supporters of each other. They are the two most successful black actresses in daytime.

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    Toddy B Nyc

    Can’t see Debbie Morgan as anyone other than Angie. I feel sad she is leaving AMC, but a girl’s got to work! I heard Y&R are creating a whole new role for her. She will not play ‘Drucilla’.

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