Just Call Her 'Katie': Talk Show That Will Likely Cost Fans Final ABC Daytime Soap Gets a Name


Media and entertainment sites are all abuzz following Monday's reveal by TV Newser of the first art work promoting Katie Couric's upcoming, syndicated talk show. The chatfest, which will be simply called Katie, will air largely on ABC stations and resulted in the network having to cede an hour back to affiliates, meaning come fall of 2012 there won't be enough room at the ABC Daytime inn for The Chew, The Revolution, Katie and General Hospital. Here's what executive producer Jeff Zucker had to say about the vehicle:

“I think Katie is a unique brand in television,” Zucker said at the time. “The mere fact that you can just say Katie and know who we are talking about is evidence of that.”

He also thought The Jay Leno Show was a good idea.

While I was a big fan of Couric during her many years on Today and in no way hold her responsible for Disney's decision to ditch their soaps, I have never wanted to see a project fail more. Will you guys be watching Katie? Sound off in the comments!


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Katie Couric is overrated and I refuse to watch ANY show that spotlights her. Seriously, I will never understand why she's remained so highly paid and "in demand" over the years.........(eye roll!)

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why are they giving a FLOP has-been her own show???

she RUINED/DESTROYED the reputation of CBS News!!

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BlancheD wrote:
I'm not understanding this double negative: "none of the soaps are doing squat in the demo category" - I take it you mean soaps are not doing well in the demographics ABC wants, which is totally untrue. General Hospital is #2 behind the View in ABC daytime, and Katie, who bombed on CBS, is not going to attract enough 18-49s to make her #2. Neither is The Chew or that other thing. And OLTL has been soaring in the ratings lately.

Rankings dont matter. Because Y&R is number 1 does that mean the fact they continue to lose viewers 18-49 every year mean they are in great shape? THat means if Y&R gets a .1 in the 19-49 demo and are still first they are in good shape. Placement is for bragging rights it means squat to advertisers. That doesn't mean a lame talk show will do better but the soaps have been dropping younger female viewers for years.

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Oh please, Couric has been a ratings disaster wherever she goes. I can't stand her - she screams big fat phoney who earns far too much money as it is. I think some of the overpaid morons should start getting a regular job and a lot less pay.

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I don't hate katie, but am not a fan either. When I think talk show, I think "Ellen"...interviewing celebs, hearing great music, laughing...and she's the only one I watch (I never even watched Oprah!)

Just because her name is "recognizable" does not mean she'll be popular or entertaining. I know who the Kardashians are, as well as the Jersey Shore gang and I would never watch either of their shows...not my thing.

Praying the PP deal is extremely successful for 2 reason...so we can keep our soaps in some way, shape or form, and so ABC Daytime looks like the huge friggin' fools we all know them to be!!

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I have no intention of watching The Chewie, The Revolting or kissass Katie!!! As far as I'm concerned all three shows are DOA!!!!! Angry Angry

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Um, bitch you ain't Oprah! You don't get to try to go by just your first name on a show & think that ppl are going to know who the hell you are.
I predict it now: Epic Failure.

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What a disappointment it is for us loyal fans of General Hospital to have this "loser Katie Couric" move into our most loved soap GH time slot. What a shame the networks have such little respect for us Loyal Fans!

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Ehm... Mr. Zucker...

Nice to meet you! Wink

I'm italian. In my country, EVERYONE knows what AMC, OLTL and GH are (even if they're not aired here anymore - they used to be years ago).

I watch them, as many other soaps-addicted do, everyday on YouTube. We all know that American soaps are the best written, directed and acted daytime shows in the world.

Sorry, in Europe NO ONE knows who Katie Couric is Smile

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I have always been a diehard ABC fan. From 1st thing in the morning till the end of the day, if I was watching television, a good majority of it was ABC. I am truly sad to say, that is no longer the case. Their programming is getting more and more embarrasing to watch it is so pathetic. Is this the same network who showcased the works of Herman Wouk and Alex Haley? Unforgivable.

I have worked in a "grown-up" job for many years and I used to be really embarrassed by the fact that I preferred daytime television to any other type of television programming...who has time for TV much less soap operas?!? I finally just thought to heck with it...it is what it is and people can take it or leave it.

After I "came out" I would have people, in all sincerity, ask me what appealed to me about soaps. I had to think about it and here's what I concluded, bottom line...they never leave you. You can turn them on, even if you've taken a leave of absence from them, and they are still there. It's the warmest feeling in the world to know that at the end of a long day, I can curl up with an afghan, a warm vanilla latte and the remote and just relax and catch up with old friends.

I will never forgive ABC for taking that away from me. Since I was 8 years old, soaps have been my escape, my comfort and a constant presence in my life. I will stick this out for GH's sake, but if they cancel this show, I will block ABC from every television in my house. This is not an idle threat, it is a promise.

I will admit, however, that it wouldn't matter what time-slot, what network or what name they call it, it is no hardship for me to tune out Katie Couric. I have never liked her, she's a pretentious hypocrite on a good day and just plain boring the other 364 days of the year. I hope they lose so much money on "The Replacements" that ABC/Disney finally does the right thing and fires Sweeney, Frons and whoever else is paving this network's Highway to Hell.

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I could not handle her on the news, let alone for an hour. Please pass the remote...I need to fast forward through this crud!

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I will be saying NO to Katie AND to ABC Daytime. The only way I might possibly watch it is if GH remained on at ABC and Katie's show followed it. Otherwise, I would have no reason to turn ABC on at all during the day.