Hunky Soap Actor Twins-Turned-Country Crooners Celebrate 35th B-Day

Twin soap studs Bruce Michael Hall (ex-Joey, One Life To Live) and Seth Hall (Reese, Passions) want fans to join in on celebrating their 35th birthday. According to ABC Soaps In Depth the brothers will be performing with their band Borderline Country on Sept. 10 in Saint Joseph, MO at the Buffalo Bar. Anyone interested in attending call: (816)-390-9797.

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    I know I’m in the minority here, but I loved, loved, loved Michael Hall when he was playing Joey on “One Life to Live” about eight years ago.

    You all can keep your Nathan Fillion (who is aging something horribly) and I’ll keep my precious memories of Michael Hall and the many shirtless scenes he was in … and my hot copy of XY magazine which features him in semi-homoerotic images with his twin bro. Hot. =)~

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    Nat Guy

    BMH was the worst Joey. He was too young, couldn’t act, and didn’t fit in with the rest of the Lord/Buchanan family. It didn’t help that they made him a priest. Nathan Fillion IS Joey (Don Jeffcoat and Tom Degnan were ok too). And he’s aging quite nicely IMO lol. But happy birthday to Bruce and Seth.

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    Don Jeffcoat was a very good “Joey” IMO. That’s when I was taping OLTL and he was gorgeous, he had big shoes to fill being right after NF and did a damn good job and keeping Joey intact. Gina & Jeff had excellent chemistry on screen which made it believable for fans.

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    BMH was a terrible Joey but the writing for the character was abysmal. I think Tom Degnan’s Joey was as bad. Austin Peck would have been a perfect Joey but he was wasted as Rick The Porn Guy instead.

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    Nat Guy

    After watching today’s OLTL I wish they would have put Tom Degnan in more scenes with Erika Slezak and Jerry Ver Dorn this past year. He seemed more like the Joey I knew when he was around them versus his scenes with Kelly. There was a lot of the same sweetness that NF brought to the role.

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    Hard to keep track of the Joey’s. I only know one Joey and it is the current one. I am watching the show five years. Joey must be like the Tom on atwts. There were several Tom’s also with everyone having different favorites.

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    Nathan Fillion is aging horribly? In what universe?

    And while I consider NF my Joey, BMH was unfortunately subjected to some strange choices in writing for Joey. It wasn’t even the priest stuff (which I think could have added some soapy potential to Joey’s story). But the “hooking him up with his own cousin/niece” thing was mind boggling

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    Both the Hall twins are gorgeous but I think they work better as models IMHO. As for Degnan, I think he’s a lot more talented than he’s given credit for and thought overall he did a good job as Joey; he was great in the beginning, then went through the Aubrey mess where he was written as the dumbest guy(next to Charlie) on the show, then seemed to redevelop a backbone once he dumped the gold digging whore. However, I think the character of Joey has been wasted and underwritten since Fillion and Jeffcoat played him and at this point I don’t anybody’s had a chance in that role with the memory of Fillion apparently still in everyone’s mind.

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    I always thought that Bruce Michael Hall would have been perfect as a recast Billy Abbott on Y&R after David Tom vacated the role. The two actors after him were not good. BUT, Billy Miller has now made the role his own.

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    No offense (and I knew there’d be an uproar) but I personally feel Nathan Fillion has been looking very tired, hagard and older than what he really is over the past few years. Me and him are both the same age, too so I know it’s possible to be 40 and look 29.

    Still, I’ve heard he’s a terribly nice guy but to me about as sexually enticing as back-to-back episodes of “The Golden Girls.” =(

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