General Hospital: Perkie’s Observations

Liz stands frozen as Lucky yells at her to get a doctor.  Lucky doesn’t understand what happened, since Liz told him Siobhan was fine.  When Steve gets there, he tells Liz to leave and starts CPR.  Liz tries to stop Lucky from watching.  Lucky blames himself for making Siobhan stay in the country, but Liz says it’s all her fault.

Liz questions Steve about what happened. She says Siobhan seemed fine the last time they spoke.  Steve points out that Liz was the last person to see Siobhan alive. Liz angrily wonders why it’s so easy to point the finger at her.  Steve says Siobhan can’t accuse her anymore. Liz tells him to go to hell before storming off.  Steve apologizes to Lucky and tells him to take his time saying his goodbyes.

Spinelli wonders why they’re at Georgie’s graveside? Maxie says her sister was very special to her and she hopes Georgie can help Spin.  Spinelli accuses Maxie of using Georgie to get to him, but Maxie says Georgie was her anchor and sometimes she feels like she’ll just drift away.  Maxie tells Spin that she’s here for him to hold onto should he need to reach out.  Maxie gets more and more upset that she didn’t do anything for Georgie and that Spin can’t remember or feel.  Spinelli tells her to calm down, because of her bad heart.

Skye steals money from Edward’s safe in Michael’s office as Mabby finally return to their jobs.  Skye brings Michael up to speed about the car accident and Jason’s medical issues.  Michael and Abby head over to the hospital.

As she standing on the docks, Carly remembers when Jax gave her the boat.  Shawn interrupts and the two discuss Jax, as Jax listens.  Shawn swears Jax will be found, that he’s a survivor, and wonders if Carly meant what she said to Sonny about keeping him away.  Carly wishes things hadn’t gotten so ugly with Jax and would have wanted a compromise.  Carly swears she’s going to cut Sonny out of the kids’ lives, because Sonny will never change.  Carly wonders what she’ll tell Josslyn, about Jax but Shawn tells her not to give up hope, so Carly decides she won’t, for Josslyn’s sake.

Sonny sits in the chapel and prays for Jason, the people he hurt, namely Robin, Carly and Josslyn.  He’s not asking forgiveness, but thought he had permission to do what he wanted.  He thought he’d be a better man and not hurt his kids, but it’s always the kids who suffer. 

As he’s leaving the chapel, Sonny runs into Mabby. He lets Michael know about Jason’s tests and that no one is keeping him in the loop because they’re angry at him.  He explains to Michael that all he was doing was trying to stop Jax, who subsequently crashed the plane.  Sonny complains about Dante and Carly thinking it’s his fault. Michael swears he understands why his father did what he did.  Abby overhears and storms off.

When Michael catches up with Abby, she’s upset that Sonny basically admitted to killing Jax, but that it didn’t faze Michael at all.  Michael accuses her of hating Sonny and assuming he’s guilty. Not everything is black and white.  Abby feels he’s got an irresponsible attitude.

Skye brings Jax the money, clothes and apologizes for the delay because of minor complications.  Jax points out that she and Carly are very similar, but to be careful dealing with Anthony.  Skye swears she’s doing everything for her daughter.  Skye wonders where he’s going, but Jax figures the less people who know, the better.  Skye wonders about Josslyn, but Jax says she’ll be fine.  Skye tells him that her biggest regret is that they didn’t work out. He’s the one that got away.  She warns him to be careful.

Back at home, Carly watches Josslyn asleep in her crib while she and Shawn discuss Jax again.  She says she needs to believe that he survived.    Later on, when she’s alone, she promises to keep Josslyn safe.

Lucky sits by Siobhan’s side and relistens to the last message she left him. He’s sad that they were her last words.  He feels he should have let her go, but was too selfish and he wanted to see what they could have.  He’s sorry she walked into his messed up life.  He pulls out the bottle of pills, asks her not to hate him more than she does. He takes a pill, then cries over his dead wife’s body.

Steve apologizes to Liz for jumping down her throat.  She’s still angry that she’s automatically, the prime suspect and swears she didn’t do anything to Siobhan.  Steve says he ordered an autopsy, which should clear her.

Sonny runs into a crying Abby in the hall and asks where Michael is so he can get information on Jason.  Abby bitterly says she’s sure Michael will do anything for his father.  Sonny asks what has upset her and Abby says she was hoping that Michael didn’t have to bend over backwards to prove his worth to his father.  Sonny says he respects his son.  Abby feels it will destroy Michael.

Jax remembers a night with Carly, than takes one last look around the pier and walks away.

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    I really hope this is the nail in the Mabby coffin. She sees Michael for the little daddy’s boy that he is and calls him on it, for about the hundred time, so she’s better not recant this time.

    Sonny is such a tool. Walks up to his son’s girlfriend, who is clearly crying and doesn’t ask how she is, but instead, where’s Michael so he can run and find out info for me because I’m such a big tool that no one will talk to me. Only after she says something nasty does he finally clue in and say, gee is something wrong. Well duh, she’s crying you dumbass.

    Good Liz/Steve scenes. Lots of venom from Liz. Well played from RH.

    I love JJ, but I’m tired of the tears. Can we have a lighter story for him soon.

    Does Shawn follow Carly into the bathroom too? Does he wipe her butt and tell her how wonderful it is? Geez, get off her butt already.

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    You pretty much just said everything I wanted to say Perkie!

    Michael is getting on my nerves. He does nothing but make excuses for his dad instead of making him take responsibility for his actions. He didn’t even seem that upset with the news about Jax possibly being dead. Time to get your head out of your arse and see your father for who he really is Michael! I loved that Michael blamed Abby’s feeling abut the situation on Sonny being in the mob. Really? What my dad’s in the mob so he’s automatically bad? Well YES, that is how it usually goes. Mobsters=bad citizens that you don’t want to mess with or else you end up swimming with da fishes.

    I am not much of an Abby fan, but I love that she talked to Michael about how he was wrong for making excuses for Sonny.

    Sonny is just so irritating. For the love of all things holy, step up, be a man and take responsibility!

    I thought RH did a great job today again. The shock on her face and in her lack of action was believable. Although, that being said, I still hate that they have her stand around instead of making some sort of move.

    I thought Steve was such an ass for turning on her the way he did (in the hallway). Assuming she was somehow to blame- not very brotherly of him. But the scenes between the two were great and i’m glad Liz didn’t just accent his apology without getting a word in about how his comments were hurtful.

    Holy crap, Shawn pops up EVERYWHERE. Carly can’t go two minutes without him showing up. I like the guy, but how about a little breathing room!

    I am not usually a maxie fan (I don’t hate her but she isn’t a fav) but I thought she showed great emotion today while trying to get spinelli to remember. Kudos Kirsten Storms. On another note- can this ridiculous Spinelli storyline be done???

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    Oh my goodness. Could Abby be any more annoying? There are few words but “bitch slap” comes to mind.

    Is it wrong that I was cheering Anthony Zacchara on yesterday and had a difficult time suppressing laughter during the whole posthumous farewell by unLucky? It sounded contrived…pillow falls to the floor, Lucky hysterical, chest compressions, pacing in the hallway, damn! we just lost another patient, Liz’s fault, grief stricken Lucky, *insert eulogizing here*. And CUT! Whew! Another day at the office! *RME* Disjointed, disconnected, disinterested.

    I was oddly touched by Jax today. I’m glad he got to hear good things before he went away. I hope his absence is temporary.

    Sonny… :~

    Thanks for the recaps Perkie!

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    I love Jonathon Jackson and I think the writers and showrunners are going out of their way to give him material that is Emmy bait. The thing is though that I wish and I think they should give him lighter material. We all know he is talented and can bring on the tears and angst. It would showcase the talent more if we also got to see laughter and happiness. Let them showcase his full range. Let him lay off the visine for a few days.

    Steve is a jerk. He is guilty of something. He is also newly added on my list of hated characters that includes Sam, Sonny, and Michael. He is taking Carly’s place. Flashbacks made me hate her less.

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    Thanks, Perkie!

    What a difference two writers make!

    Jax is being redeemed from his crazy antics and behavior over the custody of Joss, and everyone is on the “I Hate Sonny” bandwagon, except of course for poor, brain damaged, and deluded Michael.

    I am loving that Abby doesn’t want to be a mob moll suddenly. I, too, hope this is a nail in the Mabby coffin.

    Could this be a more realistic portrayal of the mob now? Drugs, murder, assault, attempted murder? And could people actually be allowed to thing that the mob is *shock* *gasp* BAD???

    I am really enjoying where this is all headed, and I am really hoping that Jason wakes up a Q!!!

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    May the road rise to meet you,
    May the wind be always at your back,
    May the rains fall soft upon your fields
    And until we meet again,
    May the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand.

    I love Jonathan Jackson so much. I don’t care if he is crying every single day. He has a heart of gold

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    My heart fluttered when Carly was saying all those great things about Jax. I think Guza himself forgot how great Carly/Jax was before he had to make Sonny ruin their relationships. I love how Jax remembered the great times. Jax and Carly was amazing. I’m glad they had Jax alive and we know Carly feels he’s still alive so when (not if) he comes back she won’t be all shocked. Love that Wolfe left Nik and Jax alive.

    Don’t care about Spinelli or Maxie. I hate that I don’t care about them talking about Georgie. THeir storyline is just that bad.

    Sick of Sonny at the chapel.

    Sick of Shawn popping up everywhere to take care of Carly. Bring back Lainey for that man!

    Did I mention how much I loved Jax/Carly memories and Jax/Skye scenes.

    Hate Michael. I too am glad Wolfe is writing the mob was they are. Not glorified.

  8. Profile photo of SwanQueen59

    Good Wednesday(early) morning…Let’s wake up and be on our way through PC…got your coffee? Tea?…off we go…

    It’s very easy to forget that KS’s Maxie has suffered her own sicknesses and losses. I know I do. Losing Georgie, I think will always be the one that hurts the most. The possible loss of Spinelli to Jackal P.I., as ridiculous as it sounds, just might take another big chunk of her “ticker”.
    And she wants him back…how she wants him back is another question to ponder…
    Seeing the soft, dreamy look from BA’s Spinelli at the mention of “Wise Georgie” was to see the slight lifting of an emotional “veil” from his clouded memory…a memory that is wrapped with his P.I. coping mechanism…
    I can’t say if I want a Spixie rematch-I still see them more as dear friends but I’m still willing to go on the journey to bring our geek back…

    I feel for Steve. He’s caught between wanting to protect his sister(and the hospital), from unwarranted accusations of negligence and his own instincts that are sharing space with real doubt about her recent actions and state of mind. Not a comfortable place to be…

    I can see why Liz would “freeze” into a state of inertia-not comprehending
    what she’s seeing, her eyes registering a distinct stare that says “This is not happening.” Annie Illonza’s Mya had the same reaction during Warren Bauer’s rampage after Kieffer’s death. Despite that quick bed check, (where she should have taken note of the monitors), why would she expect to be helping resusitate someone she spoke with not twenty minutes ago? In her defense, she isn’t the cause of her rivals’ passing, but she won’t be able to avoid the spreading tentacles that Zacarra the Elder has put in motion…Nice work to show lots of different reactions here from RH…

    “I didn’t know that what I should’ve been protecting you from this whole time was me.” So begins the guilt. Grieving the lost chance to explore what the Irish spitfire, who turned Lucky’s head, might’ve brought to his life. “…may the Lord hold you in the palm of his hand.” So goes the last sentence of the Irish Blessing. Instead of hurling those pills across the now quiet room, he swallows, with no reservation. He has stepped out of the palm and is at the start of another freefall…:(

    “The sins of the fathers.” To see the “bully” sitting in the chapel, ticking off the names of people he’s hurt, in such a perfunctory manner, was aggravating enough. But then, to hear him upon greeting his “son”, proceed to twist, manipulate, and omit information in the interest of his own self preservation was revolting. :|

    And Young Mr. Sir, living in that grey area, is only too happy and willing to drink the Corinthos Kool-Aid… :~

    Abby, you would be wise to get out while you can. Don’t walk, run…

    Could Shawn be Carly’s “24/7/Go-to” if Jason doesn’t “come back”?

    The “drawn to danger” similarity that Jax observes about Skye and Carly tells me that, yes, this would be a triangle I could get behind. I was surprised that my nose got “fuzzy” during RC’s good-bye to her “one that got away”. She has such a wide range of of emotion that carries across the screen. I’d love to see them together to see what could happen…

    And yet, I liked Carly and Jax together. The two flashbacks were so illustrative of what they could have continued to build on if they’d been allowed to grow. That was the Carly I grew to respect and admire if not completely love. And here at the docks, she finally gives Jax the only thing he really wanted: Keep the “bully” away from our daughter. The serenity that came over IR’s face when hearing those words set up what I hope will be so open ended an exit that GW will want to bring him back…and soon…

    And yes, I teared up… :(

    Smile at someone today…They’ll wonder what your up to…
    Swan! 0:)

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    While I hate Michael with a passion for just agreeing with his dad about the way Sonny handled Jax, I am going to love seeing Carly’s head explode when Michael tries to tell her how it is and she realizes that Michael has completely embraced the dark side (you know the one she’s shoved him towards his whole life all the while stating he’s not going to end up like his father). I like that Abby is not okay with Michael’s reaction. Hopefully this is the end of them.

    I’m not even going to mention the slime that mobster greaseball probably left all over that chapel, and the fact that they’re going to have to wipe the whole place down with holy water and perform blessings on it in order to get the evil stench off the place now.

    If Jax was hanging around they could definately do a triangle with Skye and Carly, especially if Carly finally realizes just what she had with Jax and how she let her fears about Brenda push him away. I don’t much happen to care for Skye, but that would definately be an interesting triangle. And I have to add, Jax looks good all tanned up. If he is leaving, then I hope somehow some documents turn up giving Skye half of the metro court, I’d love to have her mess up Carly’s orbit for a while.

    Maxie had me tearing up today when she was talking about Georgie.

    Maybe if Lucky had treated Irish more like a wife when they were married instead of a stranger while chasing after a drug case and his ex wife, I might’ve felt a little different about his scenes over her dead body. I just kind of felt like he didn’t have the right to be that upset about her passing.

  10. Profile photo of js3557

    When Liz first said to Lucky that none of this is his fault and then said it was all her fault, I rolled my eyes and said out loud that I can’t take this pathetic version of Liz any longer. Then when she stood up to Steve (who is being a total douche) I was thrilled to see feisty Liz back again. The only thing about their second conversation that I did not like was at the end when Steve said that the autopsy would clear Liz. Why does she have to be cleared? Why assume automatically that a woman just out of her second brain surgery within weeks, who was just in a car accident after a fall (that she caused herself), was murdered? And furthermore, why jump to the conclusion that Liz had something to do with it? I know that Siobhan was crazily accusing Liz of purposely giving her the wrong meds during surgery, but didn’t Steve learn anything from the Lisa mess?

    Sick of Lucky and don’t want him near Liz.

    I also understood Liz freezing up like she did. This is why doctors/nurses aren’t supposed to treat friends and family. Wished she would have snapped out of it sooner, though.

    Loved, loved Jax and I am sad that he is gone now :(

  11. Profile photo of js3557

    One more thing – why was Steve so out of breath while talking to Liz in the hallway and then while in the doorway of Siobhan’s room talking to Lucky? I can’t stand it when actors fake being out of breath to show emotion. How about a quiet sadness or confusion expressed with, oh I don’t know, your eyes, your face, your body position?

  12. Profile photo of soapfan616

    It was a slow paced Tuesday episode. As if the writers were allowing us to breathe, perhaps a little too long.

    Michael shows up back at work, just to leave work. Gotta love his job. It’s great being the confused product of corporate raiders and mobsters. And how is Abby paying HER bills?

    Someone needs to show Dr. Steve how to give CPR compressions. And what a great brother Steve is! Naturally jumping to the conclusion that his sister just killed someone. What an ass! With family like that, no wonder she has to sleep through every man in PC to find love.

    Someone needs to tell nurse Liz how to keep her mouth off the floor during an emergency. She’s the model of the professional woman on GH?

    Ugghh…Shawn and Carly. I hope the writers are watching the show because they are writing for a couple that is about as interesting as watching my cat cough up a fur ball. Way too much of them on the show lately. Can’t we find a better friend for Carly, someone that makes sense? Even having Lulu speak to her would be better than forcing this “couple” on us.

    Sonny’s back in the chapel. Now’s he praying for help? I have to admit that takes balls. I hope Jesus tells him to start wearing condoms because we don’t need any more Corinthos running around PC. Oh wait, I forgot he’s Catholic. Damn. He can gun people down but he can’t put a rain coat on his chorizo.

    Once again, Sonny picks the dumbest target for sympathy: Michael. And it works. Stupid Michael obviously lost a lot of brain cells when he was shot in the head and SORAS’ed. 12 year old Michael made more sense. We are supposed to believe that Michael doesn’t even show one ounce of feeling about Jax being dead? “you just assume because he’s in the mob he’s guilty of everything he’s accused of?” Well, yeah…that’s kind of how it works when you’re in the freaking mob! Can we bring back twelve year old Michael? I don’t think I want this dumbass romancing any woman on the show.

    I’m very torn about Georgie’s grave scene. I like that we are seeing Maxie as human. I don’t like being reminded of one of Looza Gooza and Ms. “I know I can f**k up a good show” Phelps’ worst decisions.

    JJ’s Lucky does grieving really well. But dear writers, you can also give him something else to do. Oh wait, they did. He popped a pill!

    Will alcoholic and toddler killer Luke return in time to save Lucky from his pill popping ways or will he just hand him a bottle of whiskey to wash down the pills? Does Laura give a damn about her kids? Does Aunt Bobbie?

    Will Jason EVER get his surgery?

    Will Sonny become a priest?

    Will viewers buy Carly’s new found return to loving Jax?

    Will the writers conjure up the ghosts of Georgie and BJ to bring some sort of emotional conclusion to this ludicrous Spinelli story line? Will they steal the emotional resonance from another one of Claire Labine’s stories and pass it off as their own?

    Stay tuned…

  13. Profile photo of soapbaby

    Sonny and a raincoat for his chorizo. LMAO. Hilarious soapfan.

    I hate to be the poster that pans Garin Wolf but I still ffwd most of GH. I am looking forward to Jason’s dream sequences at the end of the week. I am just through with Lucky and his pain. He didn’t even check on Siobhan when he came to GH to meet Liz about pills and he seemed like he couldn’t be bothered when Liz called about Siobhan being awake, now I am supposed to buy that he is utterly destroyed by her death?

    Also, Carly/Shawn is really, really forced. There is no romantic chemistry there. I wish Shawn were a developed, independent character but he’s just there to prop Carly, touting that she is a great mother when he doesn’t know her well enough to determine that she is even a good mother. Either way, the actors have no chemistry.

  14. Profile photo of Ravennite613

    I could not watch yesterday because of the “earthquake” so I taped it on Soapnet will watch later because even hubby was in to it.

    I have a comment about this LL2 pimping that spewed from Anthony’s mouth on Monday. Can someone explain to me why would Anthony would say Lucky & Liz were “destined” when Anthony witnessed first hand Jason climbing a parapet for Liz. You know the pimphand is strong when a hardcore villian is singing your praises.

  15. Profile photo of CarsonGH111

    Once again.. a fabulous performance made by Laura Wright.

    Let me start off my saying.. did anyone get the least bit teary eyed when Jax took one last a look at the waterfront, remembering Carly, before he headed out of town? I sure did. I’m glad Ingo Rademacher (Jax) got a proper sendoff.. but I was wrong.. it wasn’t with Skye! I’m hoping Jax comes back sooner rather than later!

    So the whole Liz/Steve/Siohban/Lucky scenes were hilarious at best. Is it bad that I’m saying I felt no remorse for Siohban’s death.. It was stupid.. she could’ve screamed! I mean, with a voice that we all hated for so long.. maybe she could’ve used it when we actually WANTED her to use it, and she didn’t. Well I’m actually glad Siohban’s gone.. bring on the vets!

    I find it so upsetting that Scott Reeves’ Steven is being used so poorly.. give the man a story….. with Gram!!

    Sonny/Mabby scenes were terrible. Sonny in the chapel.. PULEEZ. You don’t need a chapel Sonny, you need to knock on the lord’s door itself and BEG for forgiveness. He’s getting on my last nerve! I agree with Abby.. Michael needs to STOP siding with his father, the killer. Abby’s a good influence!

    Final Thoughts:I know In keep repeating myself.. but not only should Alan and Kate come back..Bobbie, Lesley, Audrey.. bring ‘em all!

  16. Profile photo of wasabi

    I’d like to see Abby dump idiot Michael and turn to Edward as a mentor — and develop a romantic attraction. Wouldn’t that give Tracy even more fits than just worrying about Michael being handed a job he’s totally unqualified for?

  17. Profile photo of SoapyBitch

    One improvement the show is now doing is ending on a moment. When Skye found Jax, a few eps back, I did an OMG. And I haven’t done that in a while. For so long the episodes would end on some charachter asking a rhetorical question. There was no urgency to want to watch the next day.

  18. Profile photo of Kazy24

    [quote=Ravennite613]I could not watch yesterday because of the “earthquake” so I taped it on Soapnet will watch later because even hubby was in to it.

    I have a comment about this LL2 pimping that spewed from Anthony’s mouth on Monday. Can someone explain to me why would Anthony would say Lucky & Liz were “destined” when Anthony witnessed first hand Jason climbing a parapet for Liz. You know the pimphand is strong when a hardcore villian is singing your praises.[/quote]

    Excellent points as always Ravennite! I to was disconcerted when Anthony talked about Liz and Lucky’s destiny to be together and that it couldn’t be fulfilled with Siobhan in the way. But at the end of his hour long ‘I’m going to kill you speech’ he said he was going to kill lucky as well, slowly with one pill at a time. So the whole destiny thing was needless IMHO.

  19. Profile photo of mipeony

    I’m wondering just what Anthony is bothering with Lucky for. Does Helena have her puppet strings locked around Anthony? I think he knows none of the cops on the PCPD are going to figure out about his drug ring. We all know that St Jason is the only one allowed to figure that stuff out in PC… so why bother with Lucky? Now Helena loves to mess with any of the Spencers and Lucky’s been ripe for the pickin’ since Jakey died, and we know she loved tormenting Liz in the nuthouse and she’s probably pretty peeved that Aiden didn’t get to grow up a Cassadine/planned secret Spenser like she wanted because of Liz’s secret paternity test. Who knows? Maybe Anthony’s working it all out on his own…. but I just don’t think Lucky is bigtime enough for Anthony to be bothering with…. Jason yes…. Sonny…. yes…. Lucky? Why?

  20. Profile photo of soapfan616

    Why do we care who Anthony thinks is destined to be together? He’s a deranged psychopathic killer. If anything, his belief in a couple should make us wonder about the coupling. To me, it was just his deranged way of getting into his victim’s head before he killed her. The whole scene was as sick as it was ludicrous. It felt like Guza on his worst day. A shame because otherwise, I liked the episode. The show takes two steps forward and one step back.

  21. Profile photo of mufasa

    EXACTLY my question – why does he care unless it is about Luke/Tracy….or Helena is a good thought….I know they let Jax go, but he would never just leave and make his daughter think he died….and I don’t like Skye – they don’t explain her money situation yet she has clothes, etc…

  22. Profile photo of CarsonGH111

    [quote=mufasa]Did I miss where crazy Lisa went? They kinda dropped that storyline…..did they send her somewhere?????[/quote]

    Lisa asked Anthony Zachhara for help on making a final act of vengence trying to destroy Patrick and Robin. Lisa shot up the hospital and took Patrick, Robin, Steven, Maxie, and Spinelli hostage. She taunted each of them on how and why they ‘contributed’ to her loosing her mind. Long story short, Spinelli and Patrick were shot, Jason and Dante saved the day, and just as we thought we saw the last of CRAZy Lisa, she pulled a needle full of draincleaner on Robin, and Patrick struggled to pull the needle away from Lisa. He was less than successful when Lisa, instead, injected herself and was declared comotose. They did officially drop that story when GH fired Brianna Brown. It’s unclear whether Lisa died, or is still in a coma at the hospital, or at some clinic.

  23. Profile photo of luckygirl

    All this talk about Georgie has me hoping Helena has her hidden in some dungeon on Cassadine Island… or maybe they can bring her back from the dead w/ everyone else coming back on AMC… I’m willing to believe whatever they want me to if they’d just bring her back!!! ;)

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