SOAPnet Plans Two-Day All My Children Marathon

Just before ABC turns the lights off on All My Children and they ride off into the Prospect Park sunset, SOAPNet will air a 48 hour marathon of your favorite romances and Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) moments.  Starting Sept. 17 at 7, the network will kick things off with "I Love Lucci" a five-episode marathon of some of Erica's most memorable storylines.

On Sept. 18 at 5 pm EST, tune in to see All My Children: Last Chance for Romance which will feature seven episodes with some of Pine Valley's epic supercouples. Relieve your favorite love stories with love birds Jesse and Angie, Greg and Jenny, Tad and Dixie, Ryan and Gillian, Leo and Greenlee, and Zach and Kendall.

Grab your hankies kids.

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    I LOVED the last “I Love Lucci” marathon that SoapNet showed years ago, specifically the episode where Dorothy Lyman’s Opal called Liza a DOG and said: “I don’t think there’s not a beauty parlor in this town that can help you, girl.” It’s on YouTube, by the way, in case anyone wants to watch it. It reminded me of the GOOD old days, before hacks like Chuck Pratt and Killer Kreizman got their incompetent hands on this show and dragged it into the dirt.

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    I have never had SOAPNet, but it’s marathons like that (and the description of one of the episodes) that make me wistful for what it could have been, aside from z-list reality. I certainly might have gotten it if they aired “A Daytime To Remember”-esque episodes. I will have to Youtube that just for that quote.

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