Besties Eva La Rue and Sarah Michelle Gellar Reunite on All My Children Set

Former All My Children star Eva La Rue tweeted this behind-the-scenes picture of herself with Sarah Michelle Gellar “getting ready for our cheesy scene!!” Cheesy or not, we can’t wait to see these two AMC grads together! 

Photo Credit: Eva La Rue

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    a bit more info about SMG’s cameo:

    On her official Twitter feed, LaRue describes the scenes with Gellar that she affectionately refers to as cheesy.

    Paying homage to Gellar’s run on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” and possibly to ”AMC’s” current bizarre umbrella story that has several characters returning from certain death thanks to a miracle drug regime.

    Sarah will be playing Dr. Maria Santos psychiatric patient. Her patient insists she’s surrounded by … vampires!

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    LMAO. She’s really gonna be about the vamps??? I wonder if it will be a rip off of the Buffy episode when Buffy was in the psych ward and only THOUGHT she was a vampire slayer. I guess if they start sparkling in front of her, she’ll be completely SOL. :P

    The women look beautiful in the photo, though, LOVE SMG and ELR!!!!

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    AMC had a good couple of weeks but its’ now in scifi land with this Project Orpheus crap. Broderick a major disappointment at this point. Why not give SMG a couple of scenes with Lucci and Minshew. Oh well. It will be nice to see the real Kendall if only for a scene or two.

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    I was initially miffed by the “cheesy” comment as another way to put down soaps, but now that I read your comments jphelps I have to agree this has gone sci fi kooky and has been disappointing after the Oak Haven best of. I’m enjoying it more than I was, but this is taking much too long and is beyond repetitive.

    This was ELR tweeted; jesus, I hope they were successful:

    Getting a good belly laugh outta doing what we used to affectionately call “making Sh*t Sing”!

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    Sure some of the AMC’s storylines are a bit crazy these days, but even the WORST of Broderick’s writing is TONNES better than anything happening on DAYS under Dena Higley’s CRAP.

    I could REALLY live without the pairing of Ryan & Greenlee. I wish they’d stop shoving that pairing down our throats. Separately, I like Greenlee. She can stay. I love her scenes with Kendall. And I squee’d in the scenes with Leo. Rebecca and Josh still have AMAZING chemistry.

    I also love Tad & Dixie, Kendall & Zach, Bianca & Marissa, Jake & Amanda, Jack & Erica. I want to know how Babe’s and Jamie’s return will affect JR and his sham of a custody fight will turn out. I’d love Babe to side with her sister and Bianca once she sees again what a manipulative bastard JR is being.

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    It is be far better then Days\Higley but I’m not feeling Zach (should of kept Zach dead) this time around. Him involved with David and acting like Kendall betrayed him and the attitude. I was really enjoying Kendall & Grif SOOOOOOOOOOOO much more as Cara & Tad more so then Tad & Dixie this time around

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