Greg Vaughan and Wife Expecting Delivery From The Stork

Former General Hospital star Greg Vaughan and wife Touriya are expecting a third bundle joy. The actor tweeted a picture of a positive pregnancy test announcing, “Surprise!! Newest addition!!” As for the baby’s gender, Vaughan had this to say:

“Boy? Girl? I've done my part, I'll leave it up to the good man upstairs on sex of the child! ;)”

Congratulations to the couple!

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    LOL I feel the same way about GV.

    They are a gorgeous couple and Greg is such a sweetheart. I am sure this child will be just as adorable as the other 2.

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    [quote] LOL I feel the same way about GV. [/quote]

    LOL! The man is just too good looking for words! have you ever seen him in person? I met him at a GHFCW, literally could not remember my own name… no joke, LOL!

    [quote] And I agree, GHfan, I’d be having sex with him as much as humanly possible too if I had the opportunity. [/quote]

    LMAO! Alston!!!! I certainly cannot blame you, cannot BLAME YOU! I’d be all OVER that every chance I had!!! :bigsmile:

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