Michelle Stafford Gets Put Through “The Ringer”

Michelle Stafford is a busy woman these days. When her alter ego Phyllis isn't spicing things up in Genoa City on The Young and The Restless, the actress will be taking a trip over to The Ringer. According to TV Guide's  Michael Logan, Stafford will mix it up with Sarah Michelle Gellar's Bridget, who has taken over her twin sister Siobhan's life. According to Stafford:

My character is really nosy and very much in your face — one of those me, me, me types who talks a mile a minute. She runs into Siobhan, who is really Bridget, and has no idea why Siobhan doesn't recognize her. They have this very fun encounter in an elevator. Then my character sees 'Siobhan' going into a meeting with a divorce attorney and can't wait to tell her husband.

Find out what Stafford has to say about working with Gellar by clicking here! Stafford's episode is slated for Sept. 27. The Ringer debuts Sept. 13 at 9 pm EST on The CW.

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    Seems like the Stafford only can play one character. Lame! I can’t deal with her acting style anymore. From times she’s playing Phyllis so over the top it’s getting really upsetting.

    Looking forward to Justin and Killer Miller … but the Stafford. Not.

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    Maybe this show will be a success and they’ll decide to KEEP her?

    Despite my personal issues with her, I do believe that Michelle is a fabulous actress most of the time, but her character, SYPHYLLIS, has become such a waste of……um, everything. I despise this character and feel that she’s been practically stripped of any rooting power.

    SyPhyllis….and Michelle….could leave tomorrow and I wouldn’t bat an eyelash.

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    Very glad to see someone as talented as Michelle Stafford getting a night time guest spot. She is without a doubt the best actress on Young and Restless, bar none and anyone that does not agree, has to have their head up their you know what.

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    The Ringer has been well-reviewed by many critics, so I’m checking it out…But why, oh why, does it have to have the only actress in daytime I dislike on it? Even one episode is too much IMO.

    And if the character is SyPhyllis, then the actress is the Staff Infection.

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    alstonboy, I agree with you wholeheartedly. In fact, when I read the headline, I was kind of hoping that it meant the red-headed heffa was on her way out of Genoa City. If she stays around, we will see how her newly revealed sister will make Phyllis’ life hell.

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    I flove the fact that Michelle Stafford is working outside of Y & R. SMG has a respect for Soap Opera actors and MS reputation of being one of the BEST in the business precedes her!

    It is apparent that some actors are wanted and have NO problem getting acting jobs while others can not get a “job” pissing on a camp fire!

    Can not wait to see MS and Billy Miller on Ringer!!!

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    I have to agree with all my fellow posters, Michelle Stafford is simply the best and can’t wait to hear her name called for her one millionth Emmy nomination next spring.

    Maybe she’ll earn her third (or is it fourth???) Emmy come next summer. I just hope they don’t put her and Julia Pace Mitchell in the Supporting Actress category. Girl, you know that will be a cat fight. I am doing a happy dance with my baby. I just love Phyllis and Sofia.


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    I love Michelle Stafford, too.

    But the stuff they have given her since she came back to the show 11 years ago this month has been weak, weAK, WEAK (!!!).

    Where did the psycho babe from hell from 1996 go???

  9. Profile photo of yojoromo4469


    Glad we are on the same page. BTW: I LOVE your new avatar. RIP, Nickolas Ashford. Gone too soon.[/quote]

    AB, thank you and that is a much better pic of Vic.

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    Restless Vixen

    Wait a second…doesn’t the article say she’s in one episode? MS is hardly going to be starring or even costarring on this show.It seems like Billy Miller’s role on this will be more substantial. Plenty of Y&R castmembers who’s work is mostly on the soap have done guest spots on other shows: Melody Thomas Scott, Thad Luckinbill (several), Michael Graziedei (several), Billy Miller, Eric Braeden, and I’m sure I’m missing some. Not to minimize MS’s acting ability, but I think it’s inaccurate to act as if she’s the only person from Y&R to get work outside of Y&R. I’m not knocking her hustle (soap actors need to diversify their resumes as much as they can), but it’s not like MS has had a whole bunch of other work besides Y&R making her somehow superior over her castmates in terms of experience. And this character sounds exactly like Phyllis. Before I start waving a “MS is an acting god” flag, I’d like to see her play a character not at all like Phyllis.

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    Michelle Stafford is definitely not the best actress on Y&R. Yes she is good but all the repetition in every aspect is very very old now. I do give that she could probably be saved in some of our books if she were allowed something different to do than to continually destroy lives in some way or another in that hypocritical way she does it.

    However I still do not want her made out to be emotionally crippled victim of a bad childhood. It would be great though to see her paired with a mother she could really work off of … something like a Gena Rowlands – Bette Davis pairing.

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