Winsor Harmon Still "Bold and Beautiful"

Another rumor bites the dust. CBS Soaps In Depth  has shot down online allegations Winsor Harmon is being replaced on The Bold and the Beautiful. According to the magazine, internet rumors claim B&B intends to replace the actor with his predecessor, Jeff Trachta. Not the case says B&B, releasing a statement saying:

There is absolutely no truth to this. Winsor is such a big part of the B&B family, and he's actually got some really good story coming up.


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30 April 2009
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Good story?

I guess he will come out of the basement to attend Hope's wedding and say "She looks beautiful"....

Sounds about right to me. If they aren't going to use him, they should really let him go...and Leslie Kay too!

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22 August 2011
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I wish the rumor was true. I like Jeff as Thorne actually. Winsor is okay

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I love how B&B even admits he "actually" has some good story coming up. lol Windor is a great guy. He's the exact opposite type of guy you'd think would be a daytime actor. Glad he's hangin around with his southern twang haha

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I wish he would have stayed on All My Children as Dell Henry instead of that meat stick they got to replace him, lol.

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:Cool Good to hear. The show seems to only highlight Ridge and his children.

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Since Ridge-A-mortis is not a real Forrester it would have been good story for Thorne to go after the company or something instead of dumbly co-signing everything Ridge does when he is allowed up from the cutting room or whereever they keep him.

They will not write for Felicia or Thorne and haven't in years...I just spent a whole week of most characters focused on insipid Hope's sex life.. will she or won't she accept his proposal then have sex and all that crap..

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Thorne Forrester is the most underused, under-appreciated character in daytime - possibly EVER! What a colossal waste! I like Windsor, I totally agree with thecourt99 that Hack Bell won't give him any significant airtime, well except maybe a scene or two of expressing outrage over Stephanie/Thomas company shares snafu. Even if they age Allie (finally) any story will still be all about someone else besides Thorne.... Bell refuses to develop the character beyond the put upon, under appreciated, work in the basement son that is 2nd to Ridge.... maybe if Bell would actually write for other characters on this show, the ratings wouldn't be in the tank....