Lisa LoCicero Lands Role on TNT's Rizzoli & Isles

You love Lisa LoCicero on General Hospital as Dante’s (Dominic Zamprogna) mother and Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) ex Olivia Falconeri. Now you’ll be able to see her in primetime! According to TVLine, LoCicero has been cast as a “dance mom” and suspect Yvonne Smith.

LoCicero will play Yvonne Smith, a woman whose own daughter is involved in a heated dance competition. When the aforementioned offing occurs just beyond the curtains, Yvonne lands squarely in Rizzoli’s crosshairs.

Reportedly, the episode "Don't Stop Dancing, Girl" will air in December.


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I have read posts sayig the writing for her is atrocious. I have to admit I ff all her stuff. Liked her when she first came on but it got ridiculous with the Dante stuff. Same story as Kate's. Little bit obvious I would say. If I were her, I would move on. She is not an important character in my opinion.

All the actors should be looking elsewhere for the acting jobs at this point.

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I disagree. Lisa LoCicero is one of GH's most interesting and dynamic actresses. Lisa can make even the most MEDIOCRE of scenes come alive. She's an asset to GH and daytime television, and Garin Wolf and Jill "Family Killer" Phelps are both lucky to have her.

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I agree with alstonboy. LL is a great actress. It isn't her fault she is linked to Sonny and the mob. GH needs to change direction. The mob is played out. They have run out of fresh ideas. They just need to write for her. She is good in all of her scenes.

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Never cared for the character. She came on and then they got rid of Megan Ward. In my opinion, bad choice. Loved Kate and her history and chemistry with Sonny.

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14 June 2011
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I think the writers missed a great opportunity to contrast the choices that the characters of Kate and Olivia presented. I always found it odd that they didn't pen a scene or two for Dante meeting up with Kate as she was the one who seemed adamant that D should know who his father was. (Un less I somehow missed it.)
I love LLo as an actress as much as I love MW. It comes back to the writing for these two and after their initial entrances, it became (and for Olivia currently still is), stereotypical and apologetic towards the Corinthos bully. I'll look forward to LLo's appearance on "Rizzoli and Iles" as I also enjoy watching Angie Harmon... Innocent

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All she is is just another mob *itch. Not needed and only hired as the 15 Brendabot except with her boobs hanging out of her shirt. I find her character insulting especally when they dumped the fabulous Megan Ward and KAte Howard for the same type of mobbet this show has had for years. Another bad example of JFP's faves getting contracts when vets get the ax.

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I will be watching with interest. I have loved Angie Harmon in Law & Order and the short-lived Women's Murder Club. (It bombed, but it was not Angie's fault.)

I would love to see Lisa in another setting that shows she is not a one-note actress. Olivia seems to perpetuate the loud, I'm-from-Bensonhurst-ain't-gonna-change stereotype. (I know it is the writers.)

Also, it seems like TPTB alternate days putting Olivia's boobs on display one day and Sam's the next. Those who saw Sam's fantasy sequence on Friday--you know what I am talking about.

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I would love for LLC to be so successful in prime time that she would leave GH for good!

I can't stand that trash Olivia who can have a drink and laugh with Steve while Jax, who has ALWAYS supported her and protected her from Carly's wrath who wanted to fire her, is being framed by Sonny and she has the proof that could clean Jax up!!! And defending Sonny to Dante on the docks? you must be kidding me...

Olivia is a knows-it-all woman never minding her own business and seeing herself as much more important as she really is. I hate the way she walks and how LLC always puts her hand in front of her mouth when Olivia is supposed to be upset... The sooner she leaves PC the better!