The Young and the Restless Spoilers: Tucker Finds Out Who His Son Is!

Tucker/Katherine:  The grand dame tries to work things out with the rebel billionaire, but he's not feeling Mommy Dearest these days. Tucker breaks Kay's heart by saying he will never have a relationship with her. Well chicks and chickadees, seems like Katherine takes his words to heart. She learns who Tucker's son is (like I told ya months ago) and decides to keep that info to herself. Katherine believes her grandson would be better off not dealing with Tucker's cutthroat attitude. Sucks to be Katherine, Tucker learns who his son is.

Devon: He goes to Tucker for a job, but the two get into a heated argument.

Jack/Genevieve/Jill/Katherine: Damn that ho, Old Smilin' Jack. He gives Genaura  Genevieve a gig at Jabot just as Kay does the same for Jill. Both of the women go head-to-head for the job. Katherine goes to Jill and asks her to be her mole inside of Jabot. Later, Jill and Gen share office space.

Malcolm/Sofia/Neil: Both of the Winters brothers head to Sofia's sonogram exam. Falcolm Malcolm and Neil have a showdown as they wait to get word on Sofia's baby. Olivia tells the two men and Sofia all about the test results.

Victor/Ronan: The Black Knight is pissed top cop Malloy keeps finding evidence against his family in connection with Diane's death. Ronan is not scared of Victor's blustering and keeps on the course of his investigation. A twist in the case occurs.

Avery: She gets down and dirty in the mud to free Sharon. Nick is not cool with her tricks.

Adam/Sharon/Sam: Sorry Shadam fans, the good country vet's residence in Genoa City only fuels Adam's disgust and venom for Sharon. Adam drives up his revenge against Sharon further by testifying about her being a bad mother! Sharon finally sees (about damn time!) how vile Adam can be and how much he hates her and decides to fight back. Later, Adam must answer for the stunts he's pulled.

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    Let’s see….anything on here that will make me put this show back on my DVR….Tucker and Devon…maybe. I would like to see how that plays out.

    Sharon’s simple self is just now seeing the light? She’s been a dumbass for so long that people stopped giving a damn. I’ve stopped hoping that she would grow a brain and that she would be written with some sense of strength.

    Don’t care about the retread with the Winters brothers. They should have known better. I mean, seriously. I’m watching this and I’m just shaking my head. You can’t watch this story and not think, even if it’s just a little bit, that this is Neil getting back at Falcolm for Drucilla.

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    Jill and Katherine involved in scheme together and Jill at Jabot sound great. I hope Jill’s return to the business world is permanent. She should be side by side with Kay at CI, Lauren doesn’t need her, and Tucker does not belong at CI.

    Everything Chancellor, the home, the company, offspring,and the man,has been Jill’s & Kay’s concern since 1973. How can Jill forget what was important to her for 38 years of the show? CI doesn’t have anything to do with Tucker, why is he still there? How about a Jill scheme to get him out of the company that should go to P3 and Chance? Since when wouldn’t Jill do what it takes to do that?

    I’m not interested in Ronan without Chance.

    What a surprise that Tucker gets in a heated argument with someone. Not. When doesn’t Tucker get in a heated argument?

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    Shadam? Shouldn’t that now be ShaSam? (Spoken with the same emphasis that Gomer Pyle used when he said the word shazam.)

    Sorry, but both of these pairings put me to sleep. AlexB, agree with you on the WinterBro triangle. If Dru ain’t in it–it’s not worth revisiting. Still waiting for Avery to jerk Big Red’s chain.

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    It pisses me off to see these idiotic writers trying to paint SyPhyllis as a victim. Haven’t they read the history “Bible” for this show? Clearly not!!! She’s no victim, she’s a vindictive, spiteful bitch who likes to take things that don’t belong to her. she’s been doing that since day one, and she doesn’t give a damn who she hurts in the process. Up until recently, I always adored the character, in spite of her character flaws, but she has become such a disgusting piece of trash that I often wish the writers would just cut their losses and write her off.

    But since that seems unlikely, I’d love to see Avery wipe the floor with her sister.

    As long as Julie Pace Mitchell is stiffer than a board and has NO chemistry at all with Eddie Winslow, I will continue to shake my head in utter dismay at what usually seems like a VERY VERY VERY VERY bad “chitlin circuit” play with amateur actors who have only been performing for a few WEEKS. Julie Pace Mitchell supposedly has a MASTER’S degree in Drama? Well, perhaps she should go back for her Ph.D???? And the black storyline in Genoa City has been one hot mess after the next since my beloved Drucilla left, and it will CONTINUE to be that until she returns. If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times.

    Sharon has been ruined for me, so seeing Avery or anyone fighting to get her freed from jail simply doesn’t resonate with me. Sharon is another character who I feel needs to be written off until—-hopefully—-they boot Hackarena Bell. Once a DECENT writer comes onboard, bring her back and restore her to her former “glory.”

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    RealityCheck 33

    Thanks MAB for destroying a great couple (Shadam), who made the show worth watching. Sharon & Sam are about as fun to watch as paint dry on a barn. If I was Michael Muhney I’d tell you to shove your crappy show and leave for greener pastures. FUCK YOU MAB.

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    What a horrible and disgusting piece that show has become. MAB destroyed Shadam forever and some characters along with this once great couple. It’s a real shame what has happened to this show.

    I don’t want to turn in anymore. I’m not interested in Devon being Tucker’s biological son … because MAB will find her way to fuck that up. This woman is a housewife, who was put in charge of a daytime drama by mistake. She doesn’t know what she’s doing. But she clearly is ruining her father-in-law’s legacy.

    FIRE Maria Arena Bell. Please. Don’t let this show get canceled. Give us back the vets we used to love. Get rid of MAB and bring back Kay Alden & Ed Scott. Maybe even bring on Brad Bell and let him head both shows. Put us out of this misery.


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    The trials and tribulations of the Winters Clan is indeed a sad and tired ass story, especially when half the people involved lack any onscreen charisma or observable talent. Poor Kristoff St.John; between Neil being involved in a retread of one of his own storylines and interacting with that dried up prune Katherine–in which his sole purpose is to stare, rinse, and repeat everything the old bag said just thirty seconds prior–it’s no wonder he allegedly got a DUI. I’d be drinking a lot too if this is the crap they were giving me to say.

    Speaking of Katherine, can she PLEASE GET THE HELL ON! She’s never been a favorite of mine, but of late she’s become beyond insufferable. I wish they’d ship her and Chloe off to Survivor Island with the caveat being you can’t get voted off i.e. your ass is stuck there FOREVER!

    As for Tucker, I just can’t seem to bring myself to really care anything about that or the fact that Devon may be his kid. Too little, too late.

    Finally, I’m liking Avery and hoping she’s the one that can finally knock Phyllis flat of her ass. I’m usually a diehard Phyllis fan, but she(along with many on this show, including her arch-nemesis Sharon) has been written completely into the ground in the last three or four months. I’d actually like to see her with some semblance of humanity, or hell, even a pulse to verify she’s actual a human being.

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    I cannot take it. Shadam was the only reason why I came back yo young and restless. They were hot and unconventional. I have never seen SC so smoking with a castmate like MM. Now we are back to boring stories. No way do I believe Adam would have gone this far. Look for the ratings to drop even further.

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    What I dread or fear most right now is that with Avery’s arrival and that revelation, is Phyllis being now made out to be a wronged and sympathetic character. That was her past. She did not learn and still turned out bad causing grief to most all around her; deeds she must pay for.

    Katherine … I wish she would mind her own business, keep to herself, quit interfering and fade more off into the background.

    Tucker does not need a son but since he will then let’s hope that son causes much interest for us viewers.

    Victor … I am so fed up with his hypocritical attitude and treatment of all around him. His disdain for all matters legal (criminal or otherwise) have gotten annoying to the extreme. He also needs his comeuppance. Please let it happen in some form.

    And yes, we need more Jill, more Nina and more Nikki (but only if she returns as a renewed and stronger person who no longer needs Victor).

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    …. and another thing about Avery’s appearance; are we really going to have to put up with even more and more Phyllis screen minutes???

    I also agree with donde above. It is out of character even for Adam to have made this complete turn against Sharon. He did after all (and I believe he truly did) love Sharon.

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    A good soapwriter would make this Adam turning against Sharon thing believable. It’s not believable because the current writers either don’t care or don’t have the talent to write scenes that flesh out the characters’ motives and convince the audience.

    As a soapfan I can and have bought into the most ridiculous plotlines. Some of them so outlandish (Marge/Kay on Y&R, John Black’s very existence on Days, Erica Kane as the world’s shortest supermodel on AMC) that when I attempt to describe them to my non-soapwatching friends they question my sanity and intellect. I bought into those stories because they were well-written. The writing sold them.

    Hardly anything on Y&R makes sense these days, so I’m just not buying it.

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    Nowadays when I turn Y&R on it’s not even good background noise. And this makes me very sad… :( Can we arrest MAB, Sheffer and Hamner for
    dereliction of duty-abandoning the art of good story telling? 0:)

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    Really? You don’t believe that Adam could do what he’s doing to Sharon? This is the same guy that told her that her baby was dead, caused Ashley to loose her baby, and tried to drive crazy. I believe that he is capable of doing anything, why? Because he believes that so much has been done to him, when the only thing that I can think of is….Victor not giving a damn. I would like this character more if he were about being the better man inspite of the father who never wanted to know him. But I digress.

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    Not so hot on Gen, but moving Tucker out, and replacing with Jill in Jabot between Kay and Jack is a step in the right direction. The scene where Kay was feeding Jill’s ego and Jill aspiring to head Jabot again was the best.

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    I am new to Y&R. Who is Devon’s biological mom? Do we know? I am wondering if Debbi Morgan won’t come on the show as his biological mom? Just curious..thanks to whomever can answer my question.

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    AlexB … I understand exactly what you are saying about Adam but I still tend to be on the side that SoapArmageddon is on. But then of course Adam nearly did relent until Sharon let it slip that she saw him at the fair. Even so Adam’s turning was rather jarring and probably not all that believable.

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    This show is like the 405 Freeway early morning…CROWDED! Overloaded w/junk and fluff. Jack is still a whoremongering fool, Gen bores me with her off shot whatever she’s supposed to deliver, Sam looks homeless and should be back on Criminal Minds where he made me sick,Colin should stop trying to be debonair..doesn’t fit, Sofia??? Olivia still pulling at straws and WHERE IN THE DEVIL IS NIKKI? We need her..PLEASE get rid of Tucker who looks over tucked help Ashley grow up. The way Victoria and Billy’s characters have been treated is just the Pits. Victor needs his comeuppance for lies he told on Billy. Chloe, Heather forever whining and Heather is terrible…Avery! Please! mail her back. Victoria snd Billy need a chance and Jack goes to bed with everybody! Why would he hire Genieve? She’s making his bed not the office!!! I’m sick of Jack with these crazy women and Genieve is no better than Phyllis, or any of those other idiot women.
    Bring back ERIC ROBERTS, bring some Man power to match Victor, resume this story with dignity! Abby is funny and smart. WHERE IS BILLY?! He needs to be with Victoria and drop j.t. and whats her name. GET RID OF MARIA MARIA BELL!!! Kay! Come back, Ed Scott come back!!! James Smith! Come back and close the Young and Restless Freeway to bad acting, writing and story.

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    I wish I could have written the BETTEDAVIS1 column above. I agree with everything posted there and thank you BD. So sad to see such a wonderful show going down down down week after week and now they are adding another unneeded actor from some defunct show.

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    Jeanne Cooper’s Katherine reminds me of the old lady from “Throw Momma From the Train.”

    Sorry but she has to go!

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    The Katherine Chancellor character really is confusing these days. It is starting to seem to me that she is a loggerheads with her own self over what she has been up to these days.

    Regarding her keeping Tucker’s son’s identity from him. I don’t like that at all but understand why a compassionate Katherine might do that. But as Jillian’s spoilers pointed out, Tucker finds out anyway and I’m pretty sure he knew long before Katherine and her lackey Paul put it all together anyway.

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