Agnes Nixon and Carol Burnett Return to Pine Valley!

This week there are can’t miss episodes as Pine Valley creator Agnes Nixon and television icon Carol Burnett each return to All My Children one last time before it leaves ABC. Meanwhile, JR’s (Jacob Young) custody battle with Marissa (Sarah Glendening) heats up as Angie (Debbi Morgan) does the right thing. Watch this week’s AMC promo after the jump!

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    This is going to be fun. Carol Burnett & Jill Larson is what I’m looking forward to watch. I didn’t watch AMC then and went back was watching clips of Verla and how she fit into Pine Valley. I loved it, especially with Murtle, Langford, Phoebe, Opal and then I ran into this excellent little video of AMC’s 20th Anniversary episode and helped to know the early AMC. I would of absolutely love “Aunt Phoebe”. The chemistry between “Erica & Mona” is priceless, I cried. Enjoy the clip AMC fans.

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    The show is still enjoyable, but it’s been all over the place for the past two or three weeks. Damn Prospect Park for derailing the nice ending we were getting for AMC.

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