Is The Trick on DAYS’ Chloe?

Salem’s happy hookers are being attacked and this week on Days of Our Lives Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) becomes the latest victim.  Will Brady (Eric Martsolf) find her in time? Watch this week’s NBC and SOAPnet promo after the jump!

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    Who did Nadia Bjorlin piss off before they gave her her street walking papers, WHO??? Tricking is the only way to go??? Really??? In 2011, THIS is her only option?? Where is Craig??? Isnt he a Dr., what is wrong with asking daddy to spare a dime??? They say she has no other options as they’re sitting in what looks like the Brady Pub??? WTH is wrong with working as a waitress to pay the bills??? Have I missed something??? Are they trying to say she’s too proud to serve coffee but not too proud to beg on the streets??? Her only option is prostitution??? I’m sorry to rant like this, but this is just puke worthy… I’ve actually loved Chloe since her Goul Girl days, even when she pissed me off and I‘ve wanted to smack the taste out of her mouth over the years. I don’t think Nadia is a full blown thespian, but I do like her and Chloe and this is just dumb. This is not some Karen Wolek type of prostitution storyline that would give Emmy worthy material. This is trash.

    They could’ve easily, EASILY revived the Phloe/Broe triangle last year, it was always hella popular. I was on both teams, never knew who to root for at one time since I loved both pairings so much. Alas, we get her turning in her singing voice in favor of turning tricks near the docks. Everything happens near the docks in Salem. Atrocious. She would’ve been better off dumpster diving. The new writing cannot come soon enough!

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    Dena Higley I don’t know seemed to hate the beautiful women on this show aside from Ari Zucker. Yet she favored that god awful Melanie. I think she wrote all the good looking women terribly. Maybe she was jealous. She also seems to hate heroines as proven by how she wrote Jennifer and Hope. And look how she trashed carly. That woman had some very serious issues with women. Actually Nicole looks pathetic running to 2 men who only continue to use her.

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    Really Dena- her reasoning is because she has to pay her rent? Really? Why is there no character driven reasoning for her desperation? My rent is due and I’m in slutting it up by a pier! Bad Bad Bad

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    what would be wrong with working at Salem U in the music dept. giving individual voice lessons. Last time I checked those went for about 50 dollars a half hour. I am sure the price has gone up since I was in school. Surely she could make a living giving voice lessons. Or singing in a night club. Or calling her agent and having him book her some gigs. Or say go to New York or Philidelphia or some other major metro area and staring in an opera. Getting on dancing with the stars. Selling a new reality tv show about following an drop dead gorgeous opera diva around trying to get custody of her son away from her mafia ex while she looks for employment. If I am not mistaken Chloe was very smart in school. So she could also be a secretary or file clerk. There are about a million jobs the woman could have gotten. Many if not all of them pay better than hooker. But none of them are as slutty. So maybe that was the draw.

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    So basically, everyone else here can come up with different, interesting, much more intelligent and logical, even soapy, but not beyond redonk ways Chloe could pay her rent and earn a living, EXCEPT for Dena Higley… that’s what I’m getting, here!

    Anyone want to tell me how these folks get these jobs writing for the networks??? Anyone??? A sistah could use a lil chump change. :bigsmile:

    [quote] That woman had some very serious issues with women. [/quote]

    ^^^ THIS! I agree with, 100%. It always both amazes and frightens me when women either A) Don’t write for other women AT ALL, B) Write them as props for men, C) Write them as desperate and stupid for a man who clearly doesn’t love them, or D) Write them as sluts with no brains, just T&A to offer … I’m sure there is plenty to add to that list. I’m truly amazed that Dreck Hackley has been allowed to sink her fangs into both OLTL and DOOL over the years … truly amazed.

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    For those who haven’t been watching the show, Chloe isn’t doing this by choice. She’s being blackmailed into it by Vivian’s son, Quinn (spurred on by ex-monster-in-law Kate). He videotaped their one-night stznd and threatened to put it on the Internet and cause her to lose the custody case to see her son. She’s been trying to re-establish a singing career, in between being forced to entertain Quinn’s customers.

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    Camp is not a sustainable model

    This bitch is turning tricks? What the hell! It’s a good thing Dena is gone. This is as bad when JERK had Jessica turning tricks on Passions. I mean if you are going to tell a storyline about a woman driven to this life it would at least have to be a character with no connections to anyone on the show. Chloe if push came to pull could go to Brady or call her parents for the money. Shit it would have been better for her to make a deal with Victor or Stefano. But turning tricks on the street?

    It always gets me that female writers often equal or surpass the males when it comes to writing sexist and misogynist stories.

    Then again… What is Chloe’s street name? What are her specialties? And what is the going rate in Salem? I’m sure the No-Tell Motel gets a lot of business.

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    This is sad!

    Nadia Bjorlin is not exactly a heavy-hitter in the acting department, that’s hardly an exception on Days; but she does great when given lighter material. And the mother of a baby with blood ties to a core family should not be out selling herself on the streets. Dena misused her badly.

    By soap standards Chloe was never exactly a slut. She’s a whore now, but never a slut. :)

    I just realized that one of the few bright spots on post Higley, pre-end-of-September Days has been Melissa Reeves. Even with Higley’s crap, this woman’s natural style of acting still shines through. She’s even selling this make-shift relationship with Dr. Dan. All I can say is that they better have big plans for my Jennifer Rose.

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    Nadia Bjorlin has always been a dreadful actress in my opinion, so I am glad to see that they have cut their losses on this character. Besides, without Phillip, her mother or father on the canvas, what use is the character anymore? I prefer actresses who can handle ALL sorts of material from light comedy to heavy drama, and I have only seen ONE performance of hers where she seemed to give a HALFWAY compelling performance. The other 99.999999% of the time, all I have witnessed is a very beautiful woman eating up screentime with acting that has run the gamut from BLEH to BLAH.

    I don’t know all the character’s history since I haven’t watched DAYS consistently since the late 90s, but she’s never tickled my fancy. This show has written off FAR more important characters in the past and the show has managed to keep trucking on. This will be no different…..

    Life goes on…………

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